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What Is The Average Age People Lose Their Virginity Today?

Everyone will have this question at some point in life: “ what is the average age people lose their virginity ?”

I know you agree with me:

The thought of finally having sex for the first time can be scary….

It brings an ocean of emotions and confusion…

You wonder:

  • Is it right?
  • What if it’s not the right time?
  • Will it be painful?
  • And what of my partner…could they be wolf pretending to be a sheep?
  • And what will they say?

Gosh….it can make you go nuts!

Why lose it?

First, men have a biological instinct to perpetuate their generations. Then, peer pressure, and of course, you hear it’s fun.

Still, others will tell you it’s a healthy exercise…

What Does It Really Mean?

Does losing virginity mean exactly what you think it means?

I like math so here is the equation: Penis + Vagina=Virginity Lost.

Try and ask an expert when to lose your virginity and you get some very interesting observations;what is the average age people lose their virginity

For example, Kris Gowen who has written an excellent read- Making Sexual Decisionsreckons that oral sex could be more intimate than vaginal/anal penetration.

To him, losing virginity is not a one-time action movie- it’s a continuous process.

You Are Not Alone

The decision on when to get the sheets dirty is has several interested parties.

Let’s meets them;

The Team:

First let’s meet your cheerleaders; your friends and your partner

Every Tom, Dick and Mary seems to be doing it..they say it’s fun, sweet, lovely, unforgettable…blah, blah. They seem hell bent on making you feel bad that you’re not in this.

They nag until you start feeling as if you are missing out on a major miracle act that will suddenly make you feel like you live in clouds. Heck!

Your partner isn’t far behind. He/she is like: “Let’s do this and see us how aromatic life becomes!”

Suddenly, for the first time, you start asking loudly “who is this dude by the way?”

The Gang:

They are somewhere, out there but you feel as if their gaze is firmly on you. Who are they?

Your parents, your pastor, your teachers, big brother and sister…heck! even God!

You are wondering “what if they think I am a slut?”

How you wish somebody could just come clean and tell you this is the average age to lose virginity! At least you would know whether it’s time to drop the pantie or hold on tight!     

So, What Is The Average Age To Lose Your Virginity?

Well, there is no single answer

Consider this:

In the USA, teens lose it at around their 18th birthday. Indians seem to be a little bit patient- they wait till their 22nd birthday. On the other hand, Brazilians love it early and raw- they are in coital by the time they are 17.

Even within the genders, you still get to notice some differences..

According to a recent study by the WHO, the average age to lose virginity for a male is 16.9 and that for females is 17.2 years.

Can you see? There is nothing like a normal age to lose virginity

I have been there, done it and I feel the million dollar answer should be WHEN YOU FEEL READY for intimacy without worrying about what’s the average age to have sex.

I am sure you know why- sexual intercourse definitely has serious consequences.

You could get pregnant, or get an STI or be ostracized by your church / family.

It can even get worse- and find yourself in jail if you don’t have consent.

Something else: your partner could drop you like a stone after the act- maybe that’s what they were after!

So, don’t ask about the average virginity loss age…rather, worry about whether you are ready to live with the after happenings!

What Can You Expect Afterwards?

According to a survey by popular consumer electronics website, the first thing most guys under 35 years do after boning is to check on their Facebook updates and tweets

Ok. Let’s get serious now:average age to lose virginity

After intercourse, there are some beautiful fruits as well as not-so-sweet fruits.

You have of course some little guilt to contend with- immediately after lovemaking. You might feel that your spiritual, moral beliefs, personal values and even family foundations have been betrayed.

But then, if you are in a genuine relationship and you need love, engaging in the act may bring you closer to your partner.

The thing is, a relationship is all about caring deeply for one another and if it gets better after intimacy, then why not?

Will you retain respect?

Well, that depends on your partner- some love the fact that you gave up your chastity for them while others do not pay much attention afterwards (sorry!).

Expect To Go Back For More…

The orgasm is a mind-blowing experience to both boys and girls. once you have it, you keep wanting more…

Did you know that the on average a female orgasm lasts around 20 seconds? This is 14 seconds more than that of males- their big O is just about 6 seconds.

Even if you don’t hit the holy grail- Mr. Big O, your first encounter opens up the floodgates. You will find yourself wanting to have another bite time and again….

So, it’s good to take your time and learn whether you are dealing with greed, pressure or true love

This Is Why Some Wait While Others Don’t:

Some countries have a ‘late’ average age of losing virginity and others a pretty early average age of virginity losswhen does the average person lose their virginity

Here are some of the issues that cause the discrepancies:

  • Sex education

A study by The Teen Vogue found that only 1 in 4 parents talk sex with their kids.

Your teacher is equally guilty- 27% of the American teenagers never learned how to say ‘no’ to sex in school

So, teens are on their own. No wonder they keep asking “ when does the average person lose their virginity ?”

  • Smoking And Drugs

The same study found that frequent female smokers lost virginity at a mean age of 15.6 years which is two years earlier than their non-smoking pals.

Though there is no direct correlation between smoking and sex, researchers believe that smoking girls have a higher risk-taking ability and are more receptive to the idea of getting laid much earlier.

Obviously, when you are on high on substances, your judgment is crowded meaning you might shout a big YEEEES next time your crush suggests it’s time to roll in hay!

  • Exposure

If you’ve grown up around guys who like dipping their hands in the jar, you will feel that the life of living like St. Peters is not going to make your life any funny so you will find even girls losing virginity before they grow breasts.

But if you have grown in a religious home or where good morals are rewarded, you won’t mind keeping the sex organ under lock and key for as long as it pays.

You can also say the TV and the internet are not holy either (pun intended!). After all, who brings porn?

  • The society

Can you believe it?

Men’s Fitness claims that a woman has sex 17 percent more frequently than your average guy. (Clap for the girls!)

So, how comes?

The beliefs, laws, social status, culture, and even peer pressure are some of the other major factors that influence average age of losing virginity in USA and indeed in every other country.

So you might see girls doing it earlier and more in your neighborhood while your cousins prefer to wait till marriage.

When Ready To Lose Your Virginity….

Sex is considered as a workout! Health experts say that 30 minutes of serious sex, will help you burn around 200 calories.

when should you lose your virginityWhat you must remember is that being intimate will obviously impact you. Prepare well, therefore- both psychologically and physically

For instance, you will require some form of birth control- unless you want to bear the pains of early motherhood/fatherhood.

In most cases, a condom would do- lest you have been using other family planning prescriptions such as pills.

You also need to enjoy it- this means, you must secure private time and a nice comfy space for the act.

Sometimes, it could hurt a little. To avoid this, engage in touching and kissing. This gets your man erect while your vagina gets well lubricated.

Here is another equation: 0 Lubrication= More Friction=More Pain.

If not, use a lube. This also helps you and your partner reach maximum arousal at the same time.

It’s always important for you both to recall that girls are slow cookers while guys are like microwaves.

Wrapping It Up:

As you can see, the question “ what is the average age people lose their virginity ”doesn’t really have one best answer.

So, asking when do people lose their virginity is neither here or there. Whatever the time, just ensure you and your partner will be 100% ready for the after-happenings.

When you are sufficiently prepared for the consequences, you will never worry about when should you lose your virginity

Also, the average age females lose their virginity and the average age to lose your virginity male differ slightly.

Men lose it slightly earlier than girls though girls seem to have more sex.

The reasons why there some discrepancy in the ages includes lack of social education, exposure, traditions and drugs.

Finally, once ready, engage in foreplay, get a condom and a comfortable, private place.

And that, friends is your long-sought answer to the question “ what is the average age people lose their virginity ?”

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