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Top Rated Electric Griddles Reviews.

Whether you are a professional chef, cook for hobby, or you are the mom in the house, your culinary skills will be tested if you haven’t armed yourself with one of the top rated electric griddles

Imagine waking up late one morning; you think I will do a pancake quickly then rush out.

Going to the kitchen, you find that your electric griddle won’t heat up. Or worse still, completely ‘burns’ your meal you can’t stand the shame of serving it to your guest waiting in the room…

Now imagine its Christmas and family is coming to visit. You are looking forward to preparing some juicy meat bites plus vegetables.

Then, in the midst of your cooking, you best griddle decides to drastically drop its heat before your meat cooks and totally refuses to scale up!

What an embarrassment!

Oops! What do you tell them now?

That is how messy the world of best griddles can be. Plain frustrating!

So, the only way you can ever be sure in your kitchen is by having nothing less than the very best of the top rated electric griddles;

Not only will you be able to play with all your recipes, you will have everyone asking for more each time you deliver a meal.

We scoured the internet for the best top rated electric griddles and indeed discovered some nice little gems;

Here they are;

1.  Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle.

If you have a big family, this extra-large griddle will delight you.

It features detaching handles for compact storage, has excellent non-stick cooking surface, automatic heat control and will store in your beloved 18-inch kitchen cabinet.

best electric griddleCHECK CURRENT PRICE.



  • Premium non-stick surface
  • Slide-out drip
  • Control master heat control
  • Warp-proof aluminium base
  • Fully immersible (remove heat control first)
  • Detachable handles
  • Fits in 18-inch cabinets


  • You can bring delight to the entire family – this has a very large cooking surface
  • Cleaning this is breeze
  • It has a low profile so you can comfortably store it in your 18-inch kitchen cabinet
  • This best rated griddle has an awesome nonstick surface- you will enjoy the best stick-free cooking
  • It automatically manages the optimum cooking temperature.
  • The aluminum base is absolutely warp-proof.


  • It has an uneven heating surface- a common problem in many electric griddles


This 22-inch griddle is larger than most, has a magnificent non-stick surface, and an easy to store low profile making it one of the all-time favorite electric griddle  in all our electric griddle reviews

2.  Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler.

In case you like flexibility in your kitchen appliances like me, I can imagine how happy you will be to discover this Cuisinart 5-in-1 Gliddler.

It comes with a set of inter-changeable non-stick cooking plates that converts it into a papini press, full griddle, full grill, contact grill or even a half grill/griddle at once!

Add the adjustable temperature control system plus the floating cover and you have one of the best grill griddle combo!

electric griddle reviewsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Removable cum reversible nonstick plates
  • Comes with a scraping tool
  • 5-in-1 Griddler unit
  • Floating cover to adjust to thickness of food
  • Brushed stainless-steel house
  • Sturdy Panini-style handle
  • Integrated drip tray
  • Adjustable temperature system with excellent indicator lights


  • You will be happy with its multi-functionality-it’s a complete 5-in-1 griddle unit
  • Easy to use with the adjustable temperature system
  • The included cleaning tool makes cleanup piece of cake
  • It gives you a chance to get creative with your cooking
  • The cooking plates are nonstick hence drains grease leading to healthy cooking


  • It is not very easy to close it for storage


When you want something that can do it all, an electric griddle that has a set of changeable cooking plates that can it into a multi-functional griddle will surely turn your head.

So, what about adding this best rated griddle- the Cuisinart 5-in-1 griddler- to your kitchen?

3.   Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle.

If you are single or a simple couple, you surely don’t that large electric griddle selling in the neighborhood. This should do it for you.

It’s one of the most noticeable top rated electric griddles thanks to its compactness and functionality.

And make no mistake about it- it features all critical essentials for an enjoyable cooking experience such as a non-stick cooking surface for healthy cooking, automatic temperature controls and detachable handle for storage.

Top Rated Electric Griddles ReviewsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Compact griddle (8-1/2- X 10-1/2-inches)
  • Nonstick cooking
  • Resists warping
  • Evenly distributes heat
  • Cast aluminum made
  • Automatically temperatures controls
  • Built-in channels to catch dripping
  • Fully submersible(remove heat control first)


  • Very compact
  • The temperatures are easy to control regardless of what is cooking
  • Setting up and cooking is as breeze as it is faster
  • It cooks extremely even thanks to a balanced profile
  • You can store it in your small cabinet
  • It comes off as an adorable little electric griddle


  • It doesn’t have ‘walls’ so it may not be good with liquids


One of the best small griddles, it is perfect for singles and couples who don’t need larger griddles.

It is small and lightweight on top of being very easy to clean-up and store.

4.   BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle.

Back to the family, the Black+ Decker family electric griddle comes with a warming tray where you can store the ready food as you complete your cooking.

You also get quality non-stick cooking surface and a sliding out tray to make cleaning breeze. On top of this, the adjustable temperature controls will ensure that all meals come out yummier.

Be ready as everyone will keep asking for more!

best grill griddle combo CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Super-Large capacity (200 square inch)
  • Non-Stick Cooking area
  • Click and Lock Thermostat
  • Warming Tray(Inbuilt)
  • Removable Drip tray


  • Non-stick coating – no grease will stick there
  • With the adjustable temperature controller, you set the ideal heat for meal
  • Very large working area so that you can cook for the entire family
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • You can store ready food in the warming tray as you cook the rest
  • It drains grease and fat in a few seconds.
  • Cooks uniformly- you won’t have some spots hotter than others
  • Feels more durable
  • Entire unit is easy to clean
  • Super lightweight so you can safely store it on top of your existing cabinets


  • Drip tray is not that big so you have to keep on emptying it when cooking for longer


Top rated electric griddles for the family need to be spacious and capable like the Black Decker family electric griddle.

What wins it for this is the removable warming tray where you can hold the cooked food as you work on the remaining meal.

It’s a truly amazing large electric griddle to have.

5.  Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill, Stainless Steel.

After a tough day out there, is there a better way to reward you than preparing and enjoying a delicious meal at home?

You can have the best menu but you won’t get it right unless you have a good griddle.

The Cuisinart elite grill arms you with a contact grill, a full griddle, a panini press, a full grill, and a half grill/half griddle giving ultimately giving you the power to cook anything that your heart desires!

top rated electric griddlesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Six cooking options
  • Reversible nonstick plates
  • Dual zone temperature manager
  • Safe dishwasher
  • Adjustable top cover
  • Lock for storage
  • Sear function


  • It’s multi-purpose thus you will be getting yourself one of the top rated electric griddles
  • You will never overcook anything- the temperature light indicator turns green each time it hits optimum
  • Safe, healthy non-sticking grill/griddle plates
  • Enjoy fast cooking- it warms up so quickly thanks to the sear function
  • The top is designed to be ‘floating’ on the food thus it cooks the top very evenly
  • Its plates detach effortlessly
  • This has a more sturdy built-it should stand up to your daily cooking.
  • The height is adjustable thus you can set it to your perfect level for better cooking
  • You clean the whole unit without breaking a sweat
  • It has been created larger so you get more working space


  • The price may seem to be a little high


Whatever your menu, this is more than just an electric griddle pan. It will deliver! You can do fish, burgers, steak, chicken, pancakes, bacon….name it!

No wonder, it’s one of the top rated griddles

6.   Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle.

When you are running short of time, you need something that cooks your favourite meals fast.

The zojirushi sizzler electric griddle has a convenient lid to help you cook your meals within a short time.

You will also love the extra-large cooking space plus the enhanced, durable no-stick cooking surface

electric pancake griddleCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Large cooking area (19″ x 12.5″)
  • Variable temperature setting
  • Durable
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Ceramic cooking surface
  • Titanium enhanced no sticking coating
  • Fully immersible body-guard plus cooking plate
  • Spatula plus cover
  • Lid for fast cooking
  • Cooking plate is removable


  • Clean-up is absolutely easy
  • The lid helps you cook real fast
  • The depth of the grill allows you to cook a lot of pancakes at once
  • You will love the looks and the overall design
  • Its reversible (means you can shift the power either left or right)
  • The power cord is very long- 6 foot long
  • You can disassemble it easily if need arises
  • The heating is evenly spread all over the plate


  • It doesn’t have a drain


The extra-large 19×12.5-inch cooking area and fully adjustable temperatures make this ideal to prepare all your meals.

It is definitely one of the trendiest electric griddles for sale online.

7.  Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle.

Professional chefs often choose the best tools for the trade. They fully understand that to be the best, you have to work with the very best.

The broil king portable griddle is a fairly larger, efficient, light non-stick griddle that lets you excel while in the kitchen.

Its’ professional design make it heat everything evenly enabling you to shun out appetizing meals, time and again.

It works beats many an electric pancake griddle, hands down!

electric griddles for saleCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Rear legs for draining
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Ceramic nonstick coat
  • Removable steel backsplash
  • Spatter guard
  • Charcoal-grey cooking area
  • Removable grease tray
  • Removable heat control


  • Excellent non-stick Teflon coating.
  • It is exceptionally made
  • Has a better temperature control unit
  • Its big enough to allow you make giant pancakes
  • This washes easily
  • It can be dismantled easily
  • You can carry it for outdoor service
  • Greatly balanced temperature distribution


  • The spatter guard is a little lose and may move when cooking


The broil king portable griddle is much well-built than many of its peers, with a big non-stick cooking space and will help you realize your potential in the chicken.

Treat yourself and your guests with meals from this portable griddle, one of the top rated electric griddles.

8. Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Flavor/Searing Grill.

When you get a craving for some juicy, flavored meat, you should get the Hamilton indoor searing grill.

This Hamilton really knows how to grill meat. It delivers to you moist and tender- just the way meat lovers like it.

First, it quickly heats up for searing your meat in juices before cooling to finish cooking. I tell you your people will love every bite!

best rated griddle CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Perfect indoor grill
  • Preheat lights
  • High heat-searing cap
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Removable non-stick plate
  • Indicator lights
  • Extra-Large drip tray
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Many of the parts are dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned
  • It is very easy to use
  • Since it comes with a hood, so will get juicy meats all the time
  • You can use the adjustable temperature to set your perfect temperature
  • Its big enough to simultaneously hold four chicken breasts
  • Responds quickly to heat so you can quick quickly


  • It has a relatively short power cord


You will enjoy cooking your vegetables, burgers, hot dogs, meat, and everything else in the Hamilton indoor searing Grill.

The non-stick cooking grid heats up rapidly to ideal temperature and you can remove it for easy cleaning.

It’s another great option in your hunt for the best electric griddle

9.   Oster CKSTGR3007-ECO DuraCeramic Reversible Grill and Griddle.

Sharing a meal is an excellent way of strengthening your bond with people who matter. I am talking about close family and friends.

They will like it more if you can cook variety and crack some of the best recipes.

To do this, you need to get innovative; and the best way to do this is to invest in a unique electric griddle like the Dura ceramic reversible grill and griddle which performs wonderfully as either a griddle or a grill.

It is so full of terrific features you will be left regretting why you hadn’t met it earlier!

The safe and innovative ceramic non-stick cooking surface with long-lasting durability, the larger 180 square inch cooking surface, the warming in tray where you hold your food warm till everything is ready, the adjustable temperature controller……plus much more!

top rated griddlesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Exclusive Dura ceramic cooking surface
  • Large 180-inch cooking area
  • Built to last
  • Never flakes or peels
  • 2-in-1: It’s a Grill/Griddle
  • Reversible plate
  • Adjustable temperature knob
  • PFOA and PTFE free
  • Heats up 20-Percent faster
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Stainless steel panel
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Comes so strong – will never flake or peel
  • It cooks faster
  • You can cook for the family thanks to the large cooking surface
  • It’s designed to allow you accurately set ideal cooking temperature
  • The Dura ceramic is not only natural but safe
  • You get to use the warming tray to keep foods warm till all is ready
  • Its built to last 4 times longer
  • You just wipe it clean
  • It delivers an exceptional non-sticking performance


  • Unless you mention the price, we didn’t see any fault with this great griddle


This has been frequently rated 5-stars by many users and has really pushed up its score in our top rated electric griddles score chart.

The innovative design and its outstanding performance with all meals has seen it warm its way into the hearts of many!

10. Oster CKSTGRFM18MR-ECO DuraCeramic Griddle.

Our previous Griddle from Oster was a 2-in-1 meaning you can also use it as a grill.

But what happens if you just like the griddle function only? You go for this Oster Dura Ceramic Griddle.

It still has the warming tray, apart from being a handsome candy/ apple red electric griddle pan.

Coming to functioning, you are guaranteed top class results with all meals thanks to the top performing non-stick ceramic coating and accurate temperature control system.

best rated griddle CHECK CURRENT PRICE

  • Innovative Dura Ceramic
  • Electric griddle only
  • Non-stick ceramic coating
  • 4 times more durable
  • Warming Tray
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Easy to clean
  • Free of chemicals such a PTFE and PFOA
  • Cooks faster
  • Large 10″ x 18″ cooking area
  • Convenient warming tray


  • Healthy and safe
  • It is scratch resistant
  • Heats up quick for fast cooking
  • It will last 4 times more than its competitors
  • It cooks pretty well and evenly everything browns out nicely
  • It’s very light
  • The candy red add some extra beauty to your kitchen
  • Keeps food warm till you get ready to serve


  • May become harder to clean after prolonged use


The ceramic surface makes it an efficient electric griddle. You will come to appreciate that you got this before too late!

Factors To Consider When Buying The Top Rated Electric Griddles.

What makes it a top electric griddle?

Best griddles have certain exceptional features that make them stand head and shoulders above their competition.

Here are the highlights;

  • Suitability for purpose

This is the big one! Even if it’s one of the very best cast iron electric griddle, it must be equipped to cook the meals you want and bring them out succulent!

Remember, the cooking surface should be as even as possible.

Otherwise, of what use is it if it can’t help you do amazing meals?

  • Versatility

The Cuisinart family of best griddles has features to make them useful as papini press, full griddle, full grill, contact grill or even a half grill/griddle at once!

The ability to handle all cuisine can be very useful since it means you don’t need multiple top rated electric griddles to make everyone happy.

  • Durability

Needless to say, you want an electric griddle that can hold up for the long haul. In our electric griddle reviews, the griddles from Oster have come out as among the most durable.

  • Easy of cleaning

All the top rated griddles have removable, easy to clean parts. Preferably, it should also be fully immersible.

  • Non-sticky performance

Some of the best electric griddles for sale have exceptional cooking surfaces that enhance healthy and safe cooking.

Not one iota of fat or grease will get a chance to hold on anywhere

  • Size of cooking surface

If you like to bring joy to the whole family, you need a large electric griddle. This has a big enough cooking surface so that everyone is guaranteed a piece of the pie.

  • Temperature control

Many a time in our electric griddle reviews like this one, you notice how we keep talking of temperature control.

It’s because a griddle is a device that works with heat.

Whether manually adjustable or automatic, the temperature control system must be accurate and effective.

Otherwise, you will be left to curse your luck as it will keep spoiling meal after meal!

  • Ease of storage

In many homes, the kitchen is always the smallest. And this is where you want to keep all your kitchen appliances for convenience.

An electric griddle should, therefore, be either foldable to make it easy for you to store it in your 8-inch cabinet or at least, be fitting in the available space

  • Safety

A best rated griddle should be made free from toxic materials and chemicals such as PTFE and PFOA.

  • Other extras

There are some top rated electric griddles with nice little extras like the warming tray where you can keep food warm as it awaits serving.

Such can make it an awesome electric griddle to have.

Wrapping It Up

Never let a poor quality electric griddle pan mess your food. All you need is simply forget about it and pick one of the above top rated electric griddles.

You will be amazed at how good your pancakes, meat, bacon, hamburgers suddenly become.

When selecting, remember the pillar of top quality electric griddle- suitability for its purpose, temperature control, non-sticky performance and ease of cleaning.

These plus the others I have highlighted should bring you immense joy not to just yourself but to also you like sharing a meal with!




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