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Best Three Wheel Bicycles For Seniors and Adults.

The debate on which are the best three wheel bicycles for seniors has been raging for long and it doesn’t seem as if it’s going to go away any soon.

But one thing is for sure: We don’t have as of yet a single three wheel bike that excites everyone.

And the choice boils down to your personal taste and of course how you plan to be using your precious trike.

Well, here at we are passionate about making life easier for our readers.

And so this time, we decided to demystify three wheeled bikes and show you how to find that 3 wheel bike that marries your needs perfectly.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are an avid cyclist, young or in your prime, this is for you.

And we will go right in.

Let’s first look at the various types of three wheel bikes

Types of Adult Tricycles.

Trikes vary in styling.

Here now are the most common adult tricycles

  •  Upright Riding Positioned Trike

Easier on your hands, buttocks, and back, they feature enhanced back support.

Since most have spacious rear cargo baskets, they are the kings for running errands

But they are also a fantastic choice for exercise, rehab, and pleasure.

  • Recumbent Designs

These have lower stretched out frame, and you ride in a reclined posture with your legs resting in front of the saddle.

They are the most comfortable, and easiest on your back. Recumbent trikes are also highly aerodynamic.

Overall, they are suitable for long distant bike rides.

  • Semi-Recumbent Tricycles

Featuring a pedal-forward style, Semi-recumbent trikes will allow you to position both your feet flat on their floor.

The idea is to increase your stability and balance.

Then, they also feature swept back handlebars plus a raised seat back meaning you can maintain your natural upright seating position.

Because of more balance and support, semi-recumbent trikes are loved by seniors.

  • Tandem Trikes (Double Tricycles)

These have four wheels, and two seats, at the front and back, while in others, the two seats are placed side by side.

So, you can always ride with your friend, kid, spouse, or partner.

Both of you can pedal. Alternatively, you can pedal as your partner takes a nap.

10 Most Comfortable Adult Tricycle Reviewed.

After over 72 hours of research, these were the best 3 wheel bikes for adults that remained standing.

1. Schwinn Meridian 26- Inch 3 Wheel Bike For Adult.

The Schwinn Hampton 3 wheel bike for adult is quite literary a mini pickup.

And it offers you a luxurious ride as you haul your cargo.

It comes with swept back handlebars, which nicely fits your laid back attitude, plus a super- large and highly comfortable adjustable springer seat.

Then, it also has buoyant 26-inch alloy wheels.

Well, this tough cruiser cruises admirably whether you are riding about for fun or moving your stuff.


Best 3 Wheel Bikes For Adults | three wheel bicycles for seniorsCheck Fairest Price On Amazon.


  • Cruiser styling
  • Full wrap fenders
  • Swept back handlebars
  • Folding rear basket
  • Aluminum step-through frame
  • Super low stand
  • Alloy wheels
  • Springer cruiser seat


  • Easy access
  • Very comfortable
  • Carries looooots of stuff.
  • Very well made
  • Much safer


  • Not the Easiest to assemble


As one of the best three wheel bicycles for seniors, the Schwinn Hampton 3 wheel bike for adult is simply incredible.

It holds lots of stuff and rides elegantly whether riding to relax or hauling your cargo and works hard to maintain its reputation as the top-most 3-wheeled mini-pickup!

2.  Komodo Cycling 24″, 6-speed Adult Tricycle.

If you are a speedster, then you have a perfect match in the Komodo Cycling 24” adult tricycle.

With a total of 6-speeds, this tricycle for adults can charge through the traffic at jaw dropping speeds – of course considering that trikes are not known for being pacy.

Then, thanks to its Low, getting on and off is a breeze. And you will still find a handy basket- just in case you are to detour to the mall.

Best three wheel bikes for saleCheck Fairest Price On Amazon.


  • 6-speed
  • Fenders
  • Large wire basket
  • Strong steering system
  • Front alloy brake & rear steel brake
  • Large saddle
  • Step through design


  • Beautiful
  • Very stable
  • Super easy to get in/out
  • very sturdy
  • Easy to pedal


  • Its assembly is very involving


If you are tired of snail pace, this trike will really excite you. Thanks to its 6-speeds, this tricycle will outrun and outgun all and sundry.

And its low step through design makes mounting and un-mounting easy.

3.   Razor DXT Drift Trike For Adults.

For years, kids have dashed through driveways and parks on those menacing “big wheeled” plastic trikes. Adults have been watching the fun jealously wishing they could roll back the years.

Thankfully, somebody has heard their cry!

And today, you can recapture this playful experience with trendy drift trikes.

The razor DXT drift trike is built for an edge-of-your-seat drifting action and leaves everyone awed with its stunts especially downhill.

best three wheel bike for elderlyCheck Fairest Price On Amazon.


  • Downhill!
  • Steel frame(trike style)
  • 10-inch slick rear wheels
  • BMX style pedals
  • Alloy crank
  • Moto-style handlebars
  • Pro-style grips
  • Triple crown fork
  • Adjustable seat
  • Tow hook attachment


  • Fairly priced
  • Full of fun
  • Great grips
  • Intelligent performance in corners
  • Simple assembly


  • The plastic rear wheels may not be that durable


This is a future ready drift trike which delivers a thrilling experience regardless of the terrain. It will let you reclaim the joy of your childhood and is a perfect game when you feel like cheering up things.

It stands tall among our best 3 wheel bikes for adults.

4.   Schwinn 24″ Wheel Meridian Tricycle Bike Adults.

You need to ask yourself several questions when comparing three wheel bikes for seniors.

For example, how does it move on uneven pavements? And how smooth is it in bumps?

What of its speed?

Generally, it should be elegant even in rough pavements, smooth when maneuvering bumps and also have comfortable speeds all through.

That is exactly how the schwinn 24″ wheel meridian tricycle bike adults is.

three wheel bicycles for seniorsCheck Fairest Price On Amazon.


  • Super low standing
  • Alloy 24″ wheels
  • Adjustable Wide, upright handlebars
  • Cruiser styling
  • Springer cruiser seat
  • Fold down rear cargo basket
  • Full wrap fenders
  • Swept back handlebars


  • Easy to install
  • Good quality
  • Fair price
  • Very stable
  • Sturdy basket


  • A bit heavy


This is one of the reputable 3 wheel bikes for seniors. With a cruiser styling, it sails smoothly over all surfaces, has excellent shock absorption and is super comfortable even in bumps.

It gives you the freedom to enjoy the breeze as you ride and is full of fun!

5.  Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle For Adults.

The best of reacquainting yourself with cycling is by using a lightweight tricycle for adults

The Kent adult Westport folding tricycle is a super stable 3 wheeled bicycle designed to make learning cycling a breeze.

It is one of the best folding tricycle for adults for sale.

lightweight tricycle for adultsCheck Fairest Price On Amazon


  • Linear pull brakes
  • Adjustable upright handlebars
  • Extra-wide seat
  • Strong steel frame (step-through design)
  • Suspension fork
  • Rear cargo basket
  • 20-inch wheels
  • Folding design


  • Saves storage space
  • Super Comfortable
  • Carries more load
  • Instant brakes
  • Durable wheels


  • Great 3 wheel bike- no major fault.


This stable and super-comfortable three wheeled bike makes learning cycling so enjoyable.

You will also appreciate its efficient pull brakes and space saving folding design.

In summary, it makes you feel right at home- regardless of your expertise.

6.    Mobo Triton Pro  Three Wheeled Cruiser Trike.

Cycling has been hailed for its ability to improve rider’s general well-being. In particular, riding help your mind to relax.

The thing is, only distinguished tricycles help you unwind.

And the Mobo triton pro three wheeled cruiser is one the luxurious three wheeled bikes.

With a low rugged chassis, dual-joystick steering, ergonomic recumbent seat, and free-wheeling mechanism, it delivers a ride full of pleasure…you will always want to ride!

best adult 3 wheel bikeCheck Fairest Price On Amazon.


  • Sturdy, adjustable frame
  • Unique steering system
  • Recumbent-style design
  • Safety flag
  • Low center of gravity
  • Cushioned seating


  • Pedals easily
  • Great at corners
  • Very relaxing
  • Easy assembly
  • Excellent with rehabilitation


  • a bit small for bigger guys


The Mobo triton pro three wheeled recumbent bike is full of luxury. It’s of premium quality, very sturdy and it’s superb for anyone wanting a calm, smooth ride.

7.   Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycles For Adults.

First: This is beautiful. Simply, it looks like 50 years into the future.

Sitting inside, you will find the saddle pretty spacious.

The steering matched our expectations. It helps move it through tricky terrain without any sweat.

Onwards to acceleration now.  This gets your adrenaline up. You hit the accelerator and off it zooms like one possessed.

Overall, this made us genuinely excited.

3 wheel bikes for seniorsCheck Fairest Price On Amazon.


  • Plastic, Rubber, and Steel  hybrid
  • Electric powered
  • Push button throttle
  • Maximum speed:  9 mph ( 30 minutes of continued use)
  • Duel inclined rear wheels(caster)
  • Front, manual braking system
  • Pneumatic front wheel
  • 12V rechargeable battery and charger
  • Maximum weight limit: 120 pounds


  • Lots of fun
  • Easy to setup
  • Turns 3600 awesomely
  • Easy riding
  • comfortable


  • Not recommended for heavy adult
  • The battery may not be the best


Full of future-like features, this trike – one of the best electric tricycles for adults- easily moves to the front of the queue.

Convenience and simplicity are its second names, with its safety features outstanding.

This could be all you ever need.

8.  Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Three Wheel Bike For Adult.

Because of its versatility and the respect it commands from enthusiasts, we had to include the Mantis Tri-rad folding three wheel bike in our 3 wheel bikes for seniors review.

It guarantees a comfortable worry-free experience thanks to its low-cut frame which is the easiest to mount and dismount.

Also, the large spring seat delivers 3600 comfort whether out for a short or a long ride.

best three wheel bicycle for aldultsCheck Fairest Price On Amazon.


  • Folding steel frame
  • Steel suspension fork
  • Aluminum rim
  • White walled Kenda tires
  • Single speed
  • Front  linear pull brake
  • Parking brake
  • Large saddle
  • Front fender
  • Rear basket
  • Bell
  • Chainguard.
  • Foldable


  • Easy mounting/dismounting
  • Comfortable seat
  • Versatile enough to handle both short and long rides.
  • Easier storage
  • Low maintenance


  • May not be very durable


With its folding design Making its storage and transportation easier, the well-respected Mantis Tri-rad folding three wheel bike is one of the most functional three wheel bicycles for seniors with basket.

It passionately stays true to its calling of making cycling exciting and rewarding.

9.   Iglobalbuy Yellow 24″ 6-Speed 3 Wheel Adult Bicycle.

Combining speed, power and style is this Iglobalbuy yellow 24″ 6-speed 3 wheel adult bicycle

It comes in very handy when you feel that you want a reliable performance without sacrificing your sense of style.

Its looks and design make heads turn wherever you go.  And when riding, everything moves smoothly and freely.

Then, you will never complain of back pains again- its saddle is up there with the best.

tricycle bike adultsCheck Fairest price On Amazon.


  • Folding rear basket
  • 6-speed shift
  • Step-through frame.
  • Alloy rims
  • Stainless-steel spokes
  • Smooth-riding tires
  • padded spring cruiser style saddle
  • Upright handlebars


  • Super sturdy
  • Good looking
  • Saves storage space
  • Nice basket
  • Comfortable grip


  • Hard to understand assembly instructions


This is an intelligent combination of power, performance, and beauty.

It’s one of the bikes that you ride with confidence, knowing that it will never abandon you at the hour of need.

In our entire listing, this comes out as one of the most innovative.

10. Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike.

When you want a three wheel bike that takes you to hilly terrain as no man’s business, then you need a bike with flair.

The high intensity Northwoods rock point adult trike rocks where others shy off.

Backed by its 7 speed gear system, it revs up steep inclinations and still retains the energy and the will to serve you when running errands, or exercising or when you are out for fun.

While it’s full of goodness, we feel that this 3 wheel bike’s back support is special.

three wheeled bicycle for adultsCheck Fairest Price On Amazon.


  • High tensile steel frame
  • Authentic shimano 7 speeds
  • Revo twist shifters
  • Rear bad basket (metal mesh)
  • Front & back braking


  • Excellent strength
  • Easy pedaling
  • Gears shift smoothly
  • Assembly is easy
  • Impressive brakes


  • Not very wide as some of the others


Conquering hills and steep heights has never been easier. This high intensity 3 wheel bike comes armed with a 7 speed gear system and the requisite ambition to see you even when mountains are placed on your way.

In short, the Northwoods rock point adult trike rocks where the others won’t dare.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Three Wheel Bicycles For Seniors.

You saw earlier that we have varied styles of tricycles to choose from.

The good news is that selecting the best three wheel bikes for seniors isn’t difficult- provided you are familiar with the most important features.

Now, let’s briefly look at them here.

  • Multi Or Single-Speed

A single-speed trike has only a single gear ratio for the rider and so the pedals propel the bike at one speed.

A single-speed trike is simpler hence easier to maintain. It’s also lighter and more affordable.

It is ideal for urban riding and excellent for those seeking a reliable all-weather bike

On the other hand, a multiple-geared bicycle has a dynamic range of speeds and performs wonderfully at varying levels of incline.

Multi-speed 3 wheel bikes are faster and soar through hilly inclines.

However, they cost more, are heavier and more complex.

  • Safety

Safety is a major plus. With it, kids will learn cycling with fewer injuries. Same goes for grandparents!

Of course, safety comes from their upgraded balance, brakes, sturdiness and a stronger frame so check on these.

  • Ease Of Assembly

The best three wheel bikes for seniors should be easy to assemble, hop on, mount, un-mount, and ride.

  • Rear Basket

If you are looking into errands and activities like shopping, or you usually carry a bigger road, a bigger basket is essential.

  • Storage Space

Naturally, your trike will take up a bigger storage space unless you choose one of the best folding adult tricycles.


  • Maintenance

Ensure you pick an adult 3 wheel bike whose spare parts are readily available.

  • Your Comfort

It is important that your 3 wheel bicycle offers a comfortable ride for your body. Otherwise, your Bad backs aching hips will worsen.

Well-cushioned seat, and beefed up back support should be some of the essentials for comfort.

Final Round Up

Whichever adult tricycle your pick from our best three wheel bicycles for seniors compilation, know that adult tricycles are a much safer option compared to bike riding.

And tricycle bike adults make exercise and healing fun for those coming from an injury or surgery.

Still, riding enhances your mental, emotional, physical, and general well-being.


So, since you already know how to select, now would be the best time to put your best foot forward and get yourself the three wheel bicycle of your dreams.

And don’t forget to comment or share this.

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