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Most Comfortable Flip Flops With Arch Support.


When summer sunshine kicks in, having the most comfortable flip flops with arch support that you can walk in comfortably as you stroll the beach is the best feeling ever.

To prevent an array of health issues ranging from arch problem, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, joint pain and others, you will agree with me that most traditional flip flops don’t offer the necessary padding, stability and support.

Having a pair of the best flip flops with arch support is a sure way to enjoy the summer or your walk keeping away the discomfort and arch pain

We have come up with the best flip flops for flat feet and other feet that will give you the best support ever…


1.  Orthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals.

If you have never experienced plantar fasciitis on your heel, then you can imagine having a sharp log pierce your flesh and continually step with the hurting part.

It is hell on earth you would not wish even your worst enemy.

Can you walk on a beach with a closed shoe? I doubt, but we have a solution to offer your toes a break to breathe and smash your heel with super sandals that are one of the most supportive flip flops ever.

Most Comfortable Flip Flops With Arch SupportCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

The comfort you get from this sandals makes you get occupied with unnecessary walks to and fro.

They provide your feet with a balanced footbed comfortable to walk on the beach sand, doing your evening walk, and getting some shopping across the road.


  • Use synthetic material
  • Comfortable padded upper part
  • Well-designed footbed
  • Great arch support
  • Flexible sole to move with


  • Sole – The sole makes this sandal to be one of the best flip flops with arch support and comfort when moving whichever part (Whether indoors/outdoors).
  • Cupped heel – The designed heel part is a great relieve especially if you have encountered plantar fasciitis before, but for this, you will dip your heel in a cupped shaped design to enjoy your movement, even for long distance.
  • Balanced arch support – The sandal is well structured to provide support for all the three parts of arch area a) Anterial transverse (b) Lateral longitudinal  and (c) Medial longitudinal
  • Comfortable footbed – The footbed has a great sewn material firmly laid to provide comfort when walking or standing for long hours. It helps from any slippery experience for its padded touch.


  • It takes time before your feet get used

Verdict: First, this is a great sandal that needs to be part of your wardrobe stuff.

Second, it is one of the most comfortable flip flops with arch support that keep your leg muscles relaxed.

Third, the price is great, affordable, and worth your health.

Lastly, your feet will always stay fresh from an enclosed shoe, away from painful sandals, and complete your outlook for its stylish design.

2.  OOFOS Unisex Original Thong Flip Flop.

Oofos Ooriginal flip flop arch support sandal is like a boat that you enter and lie inside comfortably letting it rock whichever side it wishes.

It has the walking spirit and the moment your feet slide onto the sandal you immediately gain appetite to walk.

The OOfoam technology used to build the sandal is excellent and one that was well thought-out.

best flip flops with arch supportCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

When you place your arch on the footbed it has a spongy softness which gives you a sense of pride as you walk bouncing a little bit from the movement massage.

The unisex choice gives men and women supportive flip flops fitting their feet and occupation.


  • It is made of long-lasting material (OOfoam)
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Strong synthetic sole
  • Soft footbed
  • Well-fitting heel design


  • 37% shock absorption – OOFOS is the kind of sandal that you run with around and not afraid of hard-hitting ground or a sudden encounter with hard surfaces because it has a great shock absorber to keep the feet intact and safe.
  • Perfect for workouts – The sandal material is a perfect choice for gym goers, runners, walking, or for normal functions which guarantees you great comfort and even if involved in a physical exercise, be assured of a pain free process all along.
  • Flexible straps – With this sandal, you totally forget sliding left or right as you walk for the straps are well designed to firmly hold your instep.
  • Easy to wash and to dry – This is the quickest material worth your time when in a hurry to wash and wear them almost immediately


Verdict: This is an impeccable deal for your feet, whether you like it indoors or outdoors.

The price range is awesome for such a comfort flip flops with arch support which allows your body to balance without any strain.

3.  Women’s Vionic TIde II Sandals.

Number one aspect why everyone is in search of sandals is to get the most comfortable flip flops with arch support.

The “arch support” feature is what determines whether the sandal is worth your money, and for this case, Vionic Tlde. Vionic is great looking in colors, and stylish employed in shaping it.

women's sandals with good arch supportCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

If you are allergic to bodily stress then consider Vionic wear which is women’s sandals with good arch support and guarantees you of staying at ease.


  • Synthetic material
  • Uses rubber sole
  • They are lightweight
  • Stretched out with neoprene and small touch of leather on the upper part
  • Great design able to carry any weight


  • Padded insole – The secret of comfort to the arch and footbed is bridging the combination of Soft material and (padding) which provides the bottom of your feet balance when in motion or standing.
  • Soft straps – The softening part makes your feet less stressful
  • Multiple colors – It gives you choice to choose what complements your skin/clothes and so on
  • Rubber sole – Even if you walk on a rocky path with stones spread all over, you don’t have to worry as your feet is well protected by a hard rubber which absorbs all pain for you.
  • Lightweight – The reason they are one of the most comfortable flip flops for walking is that the heaviness of the sandal is actually zero. It’s like walking barefoot and enjoying your moment.


  • The strap that crosses in between the toes is feared to cause blisters

Verdict: Vionic is your summer supportive flip flops that stick on your feet more than a friend. When it is hot, your feet hate the enclosed environment and Vionic offer great breathing space. Therefore, don’t think twice, just exchange the dollars with comfort.

4.   Crocs Women’s Capri IV Flip-Flop.

Women love shoes, sandals, comfort, and not just some random designs, but the one that completes their outlook and spares them any pain walking. Crocs Capri IV was designed and shaped with women in mind.

For this one, I would say it is a fashion-inclined and well cushioned on the footbed to give you comfort. For any woman, they can wear this regardless of size or weight.

It is among the most comfortable flip flops with arch support and with no stress.

womens flip flops with arch support CLICK CURRENT PRICE.


  • The upper part is made of suede
  • Great heel measurement
  • Elevated heel
  • Slender footbed
  • Offer comfort with double cushion


  • Suede upper – With this touch, you can walk any lengthy distance and feel nothing bother you down there. It actually encourages you to keep going.
  • Massage-pod – Why waste money going to massage parlor? The sandal footbed is good enough to keep your blood flowing normally, which keeps your feet bottom healthy.
  • Double cushioning – Cushion was not meant for buts to sit on alone, your feet requires this comfort, and that is why great percent would prefer and refer Capri IV even in their dream. Why? Works magic
  • Leather – The sandal is durable and remain among the best flip flops with arch support selection. Therefore, for long, it will keep loving you and giving you comfort you have always desired.


  • Not so friendly to water

Verdict: Capri IV is a great medicine to a huge number of women, and actually has won the hearts of many especially during the summer. The price is great and one of the best walking flip flops for women feet.

5.   Rainbow Sandals Women’s Single Layer, Narrow Strap, White Crystal.

Rainbow sandal for women stands out in the selection of the comfortable flip flops with arch support and classic for basking your feet on the beach.

The sandal is simple, stylish, good-looking, and made with a beautiful material. Actually, you cannot resist buying it.

The leather material makes it shiny, and the design used to structure both top and bottom, engrossed with a rainbow symbol, immediately lets you walk on them. It is single-layered and gives you great feeling walking.

mens flip flops with arch support CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Made with rubber sole
  • Top best leather
  • It is made of a single layer
  • The sandal is double stitched
  • Slender strap
  • Three-layered glued


  • Triple glued – The sandal is made with strong material in three layers which gives it the long durability to serve you and offer comfort when walking on any surface.
  • Rainbow label deeply engrossed on footbed – The label on the sandal not only display the make but also make it look great for any wear
  • Single layered arch – your bottom feet rests comfortably and if you like having fun during summer then this is a great flip flops with good support.
  • Narrow strap – The strap is thin enough to support your instep comfortably without interfering with how you walk


  • At first, may cause sore on your feet

Verdict: Verdict is a great wear that can blend well with any outfit. It is pricey and not bad if it accommodates your feet with comfort.

For soft women feet, rainbow provides arch support flip flops worth accompanying you on outdoor activities.

6.   Vionic Women’s Tide Sequins Sandals.

Anything that makes your feet uncomfortable is enough stress to deal with. This Vionic sandal is a medicine to your feet especially the heel part by providing enough shock absorbers.

Whether you walk for long distance or stand with Vionic Tide Sequins for hours, your ankles and knees remain pain-free.

The rubber sole and synthetic material make the sandal one of the best flip flops with arch support than a majority of imaginable sandals.

best arch support flip flops CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • EVA midsole
  • Made of synthetic material
  • Stress reliever for knees and ankles
  • Built with rubber
  • Padded neoprene


  • Improved traction – You can comfortably walk with this sandal anywhere without fear of sliding. The grip gives the wearer affirms your confidence
  • Padded footbed – Your bottom feet is tightly held up by the padded part which helps you from sliding side by side
  • Arch Support – This is the flip flop sandals with arch support that is balanced, and providing the bottom feet comfortably rest without any discomfort.
  • Shock absorber – Forget any shock waves even if you land from a high ground to a hard surface. Your feet are well covered by the rubber sole which absorbs all shocks for you.


Verdict: With this type, plantar fasciitis will be news to you. The heel cup does wonders to wearers and provides comfort, in that regard, you don’t want to pass this one.

It is worth your money like yesterday. The price range is a little bit high when you compare with the rest; nonetheless, your feet need it.

Sandal lovers claim this one to be a comfort flip flops with arch support that makes them complete.

7.   SOLE Men’s Sport Flip-Flop.

Not many would have imagined men having sandals specifically shaped to fit their arch comfortably.

It is imagined to be the women affair, but this Sole type has a masculine touch that not only makes men feel great walking on them but connected to their tune.

The footbed and straps are wide enough to accommodate masculine feet. From the material, design, style, and packaging of the sole make men’s flip flops with arch support that rocks you’re walking on any surface.

comfort flip flops with arch supportCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • It is made with synthetic material
  • Sole is made of rubber
  • The bottom sole side wavy
  • Well designed
  • Comfortable footbed


  • Well spread straps – Men sandal are in nature huge and wide and wearing SOLE type, prove to be comfortable enough to hold instep firmly allowing you to walk with ease.
  • Wavy bottom sole – It feels awkward to walk with sandals that are slippery everywhere you step causing you to feel imbalanced and unstable. But this one clinches the ground easily.
  • Great shaped heel – Every man is a proud one walking with a sandal that promises to keep their heel in good shape without any pain.


  • The inside of strap is unfinished

Verdict: This men sandal is one of the most comfortable flip flops with arch support and it provides answers for your feet needs.

The price is balanced for the type of the sandal, and comfort cannot be traded for anything, therefore, worth your every cent.

8.  Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal.

Vionic Unisex Wave is the comfort flips flops with arch support ever, and that is owed to the hands that packaged various materials for feet comfort.

The sandal is comfortable, light, and padded on the footbed which is a great relieve to your feet when walking or standing.

The material used provides the wearer with great comfort to walk for long distance or stand for hours.

best flip flops with arch supportCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight
  • Wavy outer sole
  • Provides stability
  • Soft padded footbed


  • Durability – This shoe is made of a lasting material like the outer sole is made of a very strong rubber that does not wear out.
  • Absorbs shock – The sandal helps your movement to be safe for your feet by absorbing any shock you may encounter along your walking surface.
  • Relieves stress – Vionic helps your ankle and knees stay in good shape and without a problem of movement.


Verdict: This is a great flip flop arch support which offers you exactly the comfort you want. More to that, the price lies within a good range which does not strain your pocket.

9.  Vionic Rest Floriana Women Open Toe Flip Flop Sandal.

Vionic rest is the arch support flips flops women’s love and the sandal that understands where the feet pinch.

Their stylistic touch from synthetic material attracts you to buy them and delivers by giving comfort to every part of the feet.

The footbed realigns your foot by naturally placing it comfortably without altering your style of movement.

Many shoes rob you the confidence to walk as you like due to the way they are designed, but Vionic rest provides you with a real rest literally.

best walking flip flopsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • It is lightweight
  • Made of synthetic material
  • Absorbs shock
  • The outer sole is made of rubber
  • Footbed is shielded with microfiber


  • Cup design around the heel – The cup part provides your heel with a comfortable fitting surface which improves your stability and prevents you from getting pain.
  • Helps realign your foot into a great shape free from pain and distress.
  • The bottom part is made of a long-lasting rubber, created with wavy curls that offer your walking great stability.
  • Straps are well designed to enhance taste befitting for women
  • Textile lining – The lining design make the shoe complete and appear stylish
  • Varied colors – Colors gives you chance to try several of them with different clothes.


  • Sometimes strap can cause irritation on the instep

Verdict: You will never experience pain using this sandal, it is freestyle, meaning you can blend with any cloth you want only that you will have to match with colors.

It is best for summer and outdoor activities. The one of the best arch support flip flops every woman should have, pricing is great, just get the dollars and own it.

10.  Telic Unisex Flip Flop.

Telic is ultra-comfy and if you have in the past undergone a painful experience with your heel or arch area, then this one will relieve you and revive back your normal walking.

Telic unisex flip flop sandals with arch support restore your feet to a great shape and massage your bottom gearing up whatever action you are in, whether is strolling, running, or standing.

arch support flip flops womens CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Various colors
  • The sole is made with synthetic
  • Great shape
  • Soft
  • Great arch support
  • Comfortable


  • Varied colors – The colors help you to choose your favorite one to rock your event, walk or any outdoor/indoor events.
  • Light – Unless you are interested to add muscles on your feet, heavy sandals is not a good choice for your feet, but Telic makes things easier for you whenever you want to go.
  • Synthetic sole – It helps walking on any surface bearable and able to keep your body stability in check.
  • Footbed is textured – During your summertime you are guaranteed to experience swift movement and never will you slip with Telic type


  • It is somehow narrower

Verdict: Many people love this telic sandal and they consider it the best arch support flip flops because; the moment you buy it, your feet walking, stability, comfort, and physique health improves.

Sandal should not lack in women’s wardrobe. On the other hand, men are supposed to have one and add an extra open sandal after their slippers.

11.  Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Ryder Thong Sandals.

This is one of the vionic types which has a great feature to improve your feet wearing experience.

Technology applied to help this sandal stand is high-tech and warms your feet to a soft and comfort footbed.

Clinically it has been proven those men’s flip flops with arch support and help relieve any heel pain you may have.

Wearing this sandal, forget of any known pain, shock or stress and stay ready for a comfort that promise to maintain your feet health for life.

flip flop sandals with arch supportCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Material used is light
  • Synthetic is used to build the sandal
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Shock absorber
  • Flexible
  • Water resistant


  • Restructures your shape – The sandal is ideal for those with pains and aches due to too much pronation
  • It is made of EVA midsole which are very helpful in absorbing shock when walking or running and it guarantees your feet safety.
  • For confident stride, the outsole has patterned wave tread useful during your walk to prevent any unstable experience.
  • Rubber sole – Your feet are secure and safe from the great cover outer sole provides to you whenever you walk on any surface.
  • After physical exercise, your feet are relieved fully


  • If you have thin feet, it is problematic to cover you fully and tight.

Verdict: Orthaheel Ryder is a flip flop arch support worth your money today. The price is affordable.

It provides your feet with a lasting cure when you walk or involve in anything you wish assured that your arch, toes, heel, and veins around the feet are functional.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Most Comfortable Flip Flops With Arch Support.

The kind of sandals that you choose to slip your feet on has a great significance more than you may think. A single mistake to pick on this can cause a hard time for your feet and body stature at the same time.

In that regard, it requires microscopic eye approach to point out the best walking flip flops able to secure your feet.

Below are factors to consider before making any purchase:

  • Comfortability

This is the number one aspect to put into consideration when you buy a sandal.

It must be able to offer your feet comfort by ensuring footbed is well covered to protect your arch, the heel cup to fit accordingly without causing irritation or pain.

The sole as well should allow your movement to be stable by protecting you on any surface you step.

Additionally, it should be a supportive flip flops fitting, and leaving some space for movement without distress.

  • Durability

The other aspect is for how long the sandal is able to provide services to your feet.

How do you do that? Observe keenly, the kind of material used to build the sandal, sole, arch support, and straps.

Even as you check whether the material is heavy-duty ensure it gives your feet comfy.

  • Traction

For any wearer, the stability of any sandal is to give you support when walking on any surface whether slippery, hilly, or when running to have a grip that allows you from losing firmness.

  • Fitting and good looking

Much as you search for good looking supportive flip flops, ensure it fits your feet comfortably without leaving space that can lead to the sandal slipping away while walking.

Also, make sure it is not too tight that it constricts blood from flowing freely on your feet.


There are numerous sandals out there which are good looking but do not meet all the need of the most comfortable flip flops with arch support. From the list above, you will encounter solution to your pain that you have ever undergone before.

Best flip flops with arch support are supposed to keep your feet free from stress, pain, and without any discomfort when you are performing normal duty of wearing a sandal to reach you wherever you want to go.

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