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Good Basketball Shoes Under 100 Dollars | Best Cheap Basketball Shoes.

Do you know that basketball is only second to soccer in terms of popularity? I like it since if I want to have a game;

I only need a hoop, a ball, willingness to play and some basketball shoes. And they don’t have to be expensive – I have met some pretty good basketball shoes under 100

Over the years, idols like Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have come, seen and conquered the NBA

Anyone of them will advise you to get yourself a nice pair of good outdoor basketball shoes.

The best outdoor basketball shoes will protect you, support your game and propel you forward as you jump higher to slam another dunk home.

So, can you get some great cheap basketball shoes? Sure!

We are on a mission to help you know how to identify top cheap basketball shoes and which are they…


So, let’s have fun and crack the cheap performance basketball shoes puzzle:

First things first- meet our selection of good basketball shoes under 100;

Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoes Under $100.

Magic Johnson is one of basketball legends who was known to rise to the occasion whenever his teams were down and needed inspiration.

Again, on his day, he had this magical ability to shine even when played out of position. For example, in Game 6 of the absorbing 1980 NBA finals, he pulled off a jaw-dropping 42-15-7 playing center (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was injured), in the process establishing a new gold standard for versatility in NBA’s history.

The under armour men’s basketball shoes is one of the gold standard versatile sneakers that delivers whether enjoying a game or out there on the streets.

It’s one of the very good basketball shoes under 100 due to its ability to produce a top performance stylishly regardless of your position.

Good Basketball Shoes Under 100 Dollars CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • ClutchFit® technology
  • Achilles pillow
  • Anti-microbial sockliner
  • Synthetic
  • Rubber sole (non-slip)
  • External heel-counter and internal shanks
  • Unique bear-trap lace system


  • It gives your feet a bounce and a lift that makes running light
  • Very comfortable thanks to the achilles pillow which gives added padding and softness around your heel
  • It delivers the stability and support needed to always win
  • Looks awesome
  • The sockliner ensures it molds to your feet’s shape for the best fit
  • These good cheap basketball shoes breath more than ever before


  • Be sure to get the sizing correct otherwise it may feel to bid or small


This is one of the best cheap basketball shoes. You will like it comfort, support, fit and importantly performance.

It’s versatile enough to be used both in the gym and outside and has the features that you will always take the trophy home.

Nike Men’s LeBron Soldier IX Basketball Shoes Cheap.

Still on best basketball shoes under 100, here are some two interesting facts about the king- LeBron James:

First, not only is he a star basket-baller, the dude also possesses an amazing footballing brain

Then, he is ambidextrous. That is, he normally writes and eats using his left hand, but shoots and sets up layups on his right hand. Awesome!

You can see why he is Mr. Soldier King!

The men’s LeBron soldier IX basketball cheap shoes are loosely modeled to imitate some of these King James unique abilities…

They have a lighter design and an improved upper that superbly locks down your feet in a snug and secure comfort.

Best Cheap Basketball ShoesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Full inner-sleeve
  • Lunarlon cushioning
  • Rubber sole
  • Wedged carrier foam
  • Synthetic
  • Shaft is 3.15″ from arch
  • Lightweight


  • These are lightweight sports shoes so you feel very free when walking
  • They come in many-many lively colors so you can enjoy freedom
  • You will always enjoy a soft and bouncy ride thanks to the superior cushioning
  • They deliver much better ankle support helping reduce ankle pains
  • The inner-sleeve makes them breathable and comfortable
  • The wedged carrier form limits excessive pronation so your arch remains stress-free
  • Have a great grip even on wooden floors so you are safer


  • Guys with big feet may feel these shoe as being narrow/small


With its plush cushioning and smooth construction, the men’s LeBron soldier IX basketball cheap shoes ensure that you will last the distance.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Good Basketball Shoes.

As a player, you occasionally have those terrible days when nothing goes.

You try all:

Make your crossovers sharper, your drives faster, and even attempt at making your ducks more steady but alas, lady luck totally refuses to smile on you.

You know she spends the entire time openly flirting with you without ever giving in to your overtures.

In such a case, perhaps your best bet could be in adorning your best outdoor basketball shoes.

The adidas performance crazy basketball shoes are one such shoe- it literally goes nuts as it pushes you to excel in the court.  

These cheap basketball shoes are not cheap in energy- thanks to the energy-returning boost™ that adds some lift to your jump shots.

Equally important is the xeno upper and improved lace system that ensures they don’t break easily.

cheap performance basketball shoesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Up-to-date lacing system
  • Xeno upper
  • Textile-Synthetic
  • Homely textile lining
  • Super-responsive cushioning
  • Rubber sole
  • Tinted TPU wrapping (over the boost midsole)


  • The ultra-boost is very tender on your knees
  • They have an amazing grip on the base
  • You will feel secure as the TPU holds everything together
  • These top cheap basketball shoes gives incredible support to your heels
  • The improved lacing system reduces pressure on the laces
  • Their textile lining keeps your feet warm throughout


  • They allow superb forward movement as you always hit maximum jump


  • Your feet can get very hot as they lack sufficient ventilation


With the adidas performance crazy basketball shoes, you can sink all your shots in thanks to the energy-returning boost™ that adds quite a lift to each of your jump shots.

Moreover, the xeno upper and super lacing system minimizes breakage.

Perhaps, these are the low price basketball shoes that will bring lady luck back smiling…

Nike Men’s LeBron XIII Basketball Shoes Under 100.

When going to the court, hardly do you know what to expect from the opponent.

But you still go out, flooded with enthusiasm- and lots of hope that the game is yours for the taking.

Having good basketball shoes under 100 goes a long way in ensuring that you take your chances.

In addition, an element of unpredictability and explosiveness can help you to further throw your rivals off balance

The Nike men’s LeBron XIII is designed to optimize your explosiveness. Not only this; it has a sleek top design and is light, durable and absolutely strong…

best basketball shoes under 100CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft 4″ from arch
  • Color variety
  • Mesh
  • Flywire cables (wraps around heels)
  • Zoom L.E.A.P. system


  • The midfoot wraps around your heel nicely for a superb fit
  • The zoom L.E.A.P. system boosts your propulsion in addition to your responsiveness
  • Overall, these cheap mens’ basketball shoes look very appealing
  • The shoe has massive ventilation- your feet will always remain free
  • Has outstanding grip
  • They excellently cover both your foot and ankle- very important for basketball.
  • You can choose the color that closely matches your jersey.
  • The built quality is better than many of its peers in this price range


  • Feels snug at first but after some time, it should be ok


Not many basketball shoes under 100 are optimized for explosiveness.

The Nike men’s LeBron XIII doesn’t just speed you up but has also a sleek, durable and strong design.

We are happy to recommend these really cool cheap basketball shoes

Under Armour Mens Cool Cheap Basketball Shoes Under 100.

How was it like to play basketball those days?

The first basketball game was played using peach baskets and one soccer ball…

During the game, players would throw the ‘basketball’ into the peach baskets fixed to the lower rail of gym balcony.

And then- this is where it gets interesting- each time somebody scored a point , the game was stopped to allow the janitor bring out his ladder and recover the ball!

I am not sure whether there were any cheap good basketball shoes …what I know is that the under Armour curry 2.5 basketball shoes could have certainly made the game more enjoyable…

With the PU shell giving players durable support and the external shank delivering stability around the heel, arch and in the forefoot, this is an all-time favorite cheap cool basketball shoes.

cheap basketball shoes for menCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Molded synthetic upper
  • External PU shell
  • Synthetic
  • Lightweight
  • Precise fit
  • External shank plus heel counter
  • Locked-in stability
  • Non sliding


  • Super lightweight
  • Fit your feet precisely so it cannot come out
  • Give your base durable support and form
  • This is a round shoe so there is enough space for your toes
  • The soles feel very comfortable and overall, they are very snug
  • Quality inexpensive basketball shoes


  • The size chart is a little bit confusing so be sure to order a size up


The Under Armour Curry 2.5 is a first-class basketball shoe with a terrific fitting system that marvelously locks down both your feet for a solid experience.

If you have been looking for great cheap basketball shoes, you surely need to try it.

Adidas Performance Men’s Light Em Up 2 Basketball Shoes.

Adidas makes some of the best basketball shoes for outdoor play.

So, there is no way I can leave them out of my best basketball shoes under $100, unless of course I don’t get something suitable.

Well, we tested quite a number of their cheap basketball shoes for men and among those to impress was the Adidas performance light Em up basketball shoes.

We feel it’s a basketball shoe built to make your faster and agiler on the basketball court.

Flaunting a bounce cushioning on top of a redone traction pattern, this could really shake up your performance during the upcoming game.

best basketball shoes under 100CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • BOUNCE feature
  • Engineered air-mesh upper
  • Cushioning EVA-sockliner
  • Textile-Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft 4″ from arch


  • The BOUNCE feature gives you energized comfort throughout your sports day
  • They are purposely engineered for extra breathability
  • The cushioning from the EVA sockliner makes them so tender inside
  • These good-looking outdoor basketball shoes are very light
  • They have a natural step so when running, you feel like it is more of rolling than hitting on the ground
  • Their grip is impressive- you can’t slip


  • In case you have a wide feet this is pretty narrow
  • They require some break in time


Among all the best affordable basketball shoes, this greatly enhances your speed and your agility out there.

The BOUNCE cushioning and improved traction will also help steady things up as you accumulate slam dunks!

Men’s Air Force Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes.

You will also meet some nice cheap Nike basketball shoes in the market like these Men’s Air Force Basketball Shoes.

Named after air force one (the special airplane that usually carries U.S. presidents), it was the pioneer Nike air basketball shoe.

It has withstood the test of time up to this day. In fact, it still retains its classic soft, springy cushioning as well as the massive midsole that made it so popular at first.

This is a very good basketball shoes under 100.

best outdoor basketball shoes CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft 3.22″ from arch
  • Leather-and-Synthetic
  • Pivot points(forefoot and on the heel)
  • Non-marking rubber outsoles
  • Padding(at collar)


  • They are designed to give you smooth feet transitions in all directions
  • The outsole renders admirable traction and durability
  • Overall, it looks to be superbly well made
  • It’s an extremely firm, and solid shoe
  • Its padding at the collar assures you of a snug, comfortable fit
  • These have awesome arch support
  • If you like simpler styling and functionality, this is for you


  • The first time they don’t feel very comfortable.
  • Not as breathable as some other good basketball shoes under 100


Enjoy springy cushioning and a truly massive midsole for super comfy and top results with these cheap performance basketball shoes

If you like simple but results-guaranteeing good basketball shoes under 100, then this could be it!

Converse Chuck Taylor Cheap Basketball Shoes.

Life is not all about play…or is it?

So, even if you have succeeded to get your cheapest basketball shoes, you still need an extra casual pair that you can wear to your friends’ birthday or just to take a stroll around as you enjoy nature…

In other words, you require a quality sneaker that will enable you to fully express yourself and steal a match on your competition (if you decide to play a light game).

For me and many of my friends, the converse Chuck Taylor all-star is the sneaker of choice.

Would you believe this?

My best buddy has 11- yes, you heard me right ELEVEN pairs of converse sneakers!

Well, what makes them unique?

First, the style; you got the unmistakable silhouette, the star ankle patch, cultural authenticity.

Then, the colors; its classic colors are simply irresistible.

Lastly, the quality; the canvas and vulcanized rubber sole are long-lasting and well designed .

cool cheap basketball shoesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Suede upper
  • Canvas
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft High-Top” from arch
  • Gusseted tongue(stability together with strength)


  • Absolutely durable
  • Are comfy
  • If you are looking for light shoes, these should do
  • They have extra room inside – so don’t worry about your big feet
  • These are cute sneakers that can match with any of your daily wear


  • The soles are firm and the shoes lack real support so they may not be good for lengthy walking or running.


You guess it…why is it that these cheap basketball sneakers were built for the courts but have been adopted by every Tom, Dick, and Mary?

Simple… These are very good basketball shoes under 100

It’s time to celebrate your personal style and express yourself freely with the Chuck Taylor all-star.

Nike Hyperfr3sh Cheap Mens Basketball Shoes.

If you happen to be a bigger guy who dreams of enjoying a basketball game, then you need to get a fitting sneaker.

Luckily, you don’t need to go very far:

The sleek and stylish Nike Hyperfr3sh is one of the best basketball shoes for big guys. Famed for its comfort and ventilation, it is fully equipped to support your big frame safely through an entire game…

The airy mesh upper, flywire cables, foam midsole, and a heel tab all pull together to propel you to an award-winning performance game after game.

low price basketball shoesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Flywire cables
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Foam midsole
  • Heel pull tab
  • Shaft 3.1″ from arch


  • They do not crease easily
  • Extra spacious inside
  • They are light but have a strong traction
  • Comes with great cushioning for any big man,
  • These holds up excellently even when playing on asphalt
  • These are stylish, great looking shoes


  • They are a little tight to put on


This is one of the best basketball shoes for big man.

The breathability, comfort, versatility, midsole and the heel tab are all essentials features to have for a basketball shoe customized for big guys.

There aren’t many basketball shoes this great

ANTA Men’s Basketball Shoes For Sale On Amazon.

To reach the summit, superstars such as Michael Jordan had to fit the paradigm of their coaches to a tee.

They had to fight to stay uppermost in the thoughts of the fans, the media, and fellow players.

Each game, they had to demonstrate compatibility with fellow starts as well as the tenacity to keep breaking through the toughest rear-guards.

One thing I am sure they couldn’t do without is a top-top basketball sneaker.

The anta men’s basketball shoes have an innovative design that can help you reach the summit. It packs strength, power and the determination you will need to conquer your fiercest rival.

Best inexpensive basketball shoesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Mixture of: Leather,mesh,synthetic,TPU,rubber
  • Rubber sole
  • Lateral flare
  • Wing-like design(heel)
  • Injected heel cup
  • Breathability maximizing mesh
  • Mid-top collar
  • Heel/forefoot zoom air-units


  • Delivers excellent cuts support
  • Makes you produce explosive side/side movement
  • Greatly supports your Achilles
  • The padding brings comfort without limiting your mobility
  • Tailor made to maximize breathability
  • The zoom air units (heel-forefoot) makes you agiler and more responsive


  • It is a little tight towards the front


This is the final entrant deserving of a spot in our good basketball shoes under 100 selections.

With a unique design and very comfortable, the anta men’s basketball shoes another gem from our best cheap basketball shoes mines.

Definitely, worth every cent

Factors to Consider when Buying Good Basketball Shoes Under 100 Dollars.

What are good cheap basketball shoe?

This is a common question from emerging and even sometimes veterans when they get frustrated by their basketball shoes.

Well, these are some of the issues to mind if you want to get one of the very good basketball shoes under 100.Best Good Basketball Shoes Under 100 Dollars

  • Breathability

The best inexpensive basketball shoes should be airy enough. Otherwise, it may get sweaty in there and get your feet injured for no good reason.

  • Traction And Grip

You will be playing in asphalt and generally slippery ground.  You therefore, need cheap mens basketball shoes with superb traction.

  • Room for extra-large feet

You want best basketball shoes for big man that will be sufficiently roomy especially if you are a larger person.

  • Durability

It’s always a good idea to go for durable low price basketball shoes. It saves you bucks and buying stress.

  • Sizing

The best cheap basketball shoes should have clear sizing instructions. Otherwise, go for a number bigger than what you wear to avoid frustrations.

  • Comfort

You don’t want blisters, sprains or other nagging injuries! Go for cheap cool basketball shoes that are also tender on your feet.

  • Pricing

We have both basketball shoes under $50 and good basketball shoes under 100. Be wise to stick to your budget

  • Responsiveness, Speedy, arch support and others

The very cool cheap basketball shoes have some nice extra features to make you unplayable.

They are those which gives you extra responsiveness, better arch/Achilles support, speed with others even making you agiler.

Remember to check out what’s unique with each.


That’s all. You now know that we have some very good basketball shoes under 100.

And so, you will never again blame higher prices as a reason not to have the very best basketball shoes.

However, you should mind factors such as traction, wide-toe support, comfort, and versatility when buying.

Then from there, work hard, dream big and go after your vision of being the new Michael Jordan.

From us here, it’s all the best!

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