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Copper Chef Vs Red Copper Pans.

The battle doesn’t seem as if it’s going to end anytime soon…ladies and gentlemen welcome to another round of the titanic showdown – copper chef vs red copper …

The big question remains -Who between these two legendary copper pans is the king of the kitchen kingdom?

Well, let’s meet the players first.


Best Copper Cookware Sets.

What is Copper Chef?

Copper Chef is marketed as a multi-purpose non-stick square pan designed to work on your oven and virtually on every other cooktop including  ceramic, electric, gas, and induction tops.

It’s, in essence, a 6-in-1 cooking pan.

You can use it as a roasting pan, steamer, baking dish, rice cooker, stock pot, and a wok

What’s Copper Chef’s Track Record?

Copper chef cookware has an unblemished record. This is what you can expect;

  • Very deep sides helps put up an all-rounded, non-messy  cooking
  • Equipped with cerami-tech technology and infused with copper, it puts up a mighty resistance against heat (up to 800 degrees)
  • A true non-stick and safe cooking- it’s protected by a cerami- non-stick coating and has been certified PTFE and PFOA free. And you can fry your dishes without oil/butter.

Advantages of Copper Chef

  • Higher heat resistance
  • Highly versatile(6-in-1 cooking)
  • Beautiful handle

Disadvantages Of Copper Chef

  • Handle may get hot at extremely high temperatures

What is Red Copper?

A tough competitor to the copper chef pan, the red copper pan is a tenacious ceramic copper pan infused with the famous copper stability.

It blends non-stick ceramic with copper to produce yummy results. Lightweight and super strong, the red copper frying pan will neither scratch nor mess your food by peeling.

What’s Red Copper’s Track Record?

Not to be outdone, red copper cookware also has admirable results. Here is what you can expect throughout.

  • The copper infusion and ceramic coating does a professional job to produce healthy, non-stick dishes without even needing oil/butter/grease.
  • Commendable versatility- you can cook on several stovetops as well as on ovens. And you can cook almost everything under the sun- eggs,  desserts, chicken pie…name them
  • Laudable defiance against heat (up to 500°)

Advantages of Red Copper

  • Super sturdy handle
  • Lighter
  • Deeper edges

Disadvantages of Copper Chef

  • Not very versatile

Is Copper Chef Pan Safe ?

It’s natural that you need to be sure that your cookware is safe- after all, we are talking about food and you want your family to be safe and secure at any given time.

Like its arch-rival, the copper pan is 100% safe.

It has been tested confirmed to be PTFE and PFOA free. Then, it doesn’t peel or scratch on your food.

Then, it’s hygienic since you can wash it in the dishwasher.

Red Copper Vs Copper Chef – The Similarities

Even though great rivals, these 2 pans have some glaring similarities. Let’s skim through them.

  • Both are made of copper- the best material when we come to heat distribution
  • The 2 are corrosion resistant and very durable- another one of the many advantages of copper
  • Red copper square pan, as well as copper chef pans, have excellent resistance to heat and even heat distribution- you will cook better-tasting meals and without getting burned even on ovens
  • The pair is non-stick by nature or design so nothing will ever stick plus they clean easily (dishwasher safe). Furthermore, you can cook without oils.
  •             Both red copper and copper chef are PTFE and PFOA free
  • Compared with ordinary pans, both are a bit expensive

Red Copper Vs Copper Chef – The Differences

Even the strongest pessimist cannot deny the brilliance in the design of these competitors. Interestingly, they also differ significantly. See for yourself:

  Copper Chef Red Copper
Heat resistance Can withstand 800 degrees Withstands 500 degrees
Handle A bit hollow handle and can get hot Tougher, sturdier handle
Material Copper and non-stick ceramic Copper, non-stick ceramic, aluminium and stainless steel
Weight Heavier. Weighs 2 pounds Lighter. Weighs 1.4 pounds
Functionality Versatile. 6-in- 1 cooking Not versatile

It’s a Tough Decision

Now, looking at the features, the pros and the cons of each and even the way they are built, the contest red copper vs copper chef is too close to call.

So, we decided to involve you.

But how?

What we did, we decided to sample a few red copper pan reviews and some copper chef reviews then picked the most impressive pans from each side.

I will now present them here hoping that by the end of it all, you will help decide the winner.

Let’s start with red copper reviews – I have also included a red copper square dance pan review.

Red Copper Pan Reviews – Best Red Copper Cookware Reviews.

After our thorough research, the following pans qualified to join team “red copper” in our effort to get a winner in this red copper pan vs copper chef matchup

1.   Red Copper Cookware Set -5 piece.

This set is quite detailed and includes a wide square pan (10-inches) so it will definitely do very well if you are cooking for the whole family.

Then, it also has tall sides (4-inch) so your stove top remains sparkling clean while protecting you from splatter.

It’s a completely versatile set and can broil, bake, fry, sauté, steam, deep fry, braise and also roast.


  • Set of 5 (10-inch pan, fry basket, steamer, roaster rack, glass lid)
  • 10-inch square pan
  • Cooks in 8 ways
  • 4-inch high sides


  • Very big and deep
  • Nothing really sticks
  • Cleans effortlessly
  • Multipurpose
  • No mess


  • May not sit flat


At 10-inch wide and running 4-inch tall, this red copper square pan delivers succulent meals in plenty while keeping ugly splatter at bay.

And it’s a complete chef’s assistant- you will broil, bake, fry, sauté, steam, deep fry, braise and also roast.

2.   Red Copper Cookware Set 10 PC Copper-Infused Ceramic.

Every pan and pot in this 10-piece red copper cookware set features a tough copper-infused ceramic coating and creates the ultimate non-stick, healthy and scratch-resistant cooking surface.

They could be the best pans and pots for your everyday dishes. They cook thoroughly and are absolutely delightful.

Whatever your taste, this got you fully covered.


  • 10-piece set:  10-inch fry pan, 8-inch fry pan, 2.5-quart sauce pot, 6-quart sauce pot, and aluminum steamer insert plus all the lid
  • Tough-grade copper-infused/ceramic
  • Oven safe
  • PFOA & PFTE free


  • 100% no stick
  • Cooks thoroughly
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Pretty durable
  • Doesn’t scratch


  • May start sticking as they age


This 10-piece pots and pans set could be all you will ever need for juicy meals. They cook thoroughly and are absolutely non-stick.

Again it’s a many-in-1 cookware – fry, sauté, steam …name it.

3.   BulbHead Red Copper Square Dance Pan – 9.5-Inch.

The problem with sets is that you may end up with a lot of cookware that you rarely use.

So, if you are not a fan of sets, then the bulbhead red copper square dance pan -9.5-inch could be a pleasant option.

It has all the excellence of a quality red copper skillet besides being ultra-large which makes it suitable for family cuisine.


  • Square design
  • High sides
  • Oven-safe ( 5000 Fahrenheit)
  • 9.5-inch Square Pan


  • Easiest cleaning
  • Doesn’t scratch
  • Big pan
  • Fully stick-resistant
  • Beautiful


  • Slightly expensive
  • Handle a bit awkward


The bulbhead red copper square dance pan -9.5 inch is a well-known option for appetizing food in many households.

Spacious enough to feed the family, this is another chef’s favorite cookware.

4.   Red Copper Pot Better Pasta.

Pasta is a great foundation for nutritious, healthy, and satisfying meals provided you know how to prepare it expertly.

And to cook it like a master chef, you will need an expert red copper pot

This 5-quart red copper pot better pasta is created for pasta lovers and with anti-scratch technology and a tempered glass lid – with an option of large or small straining holes, it delivers tasteful dishes- ravioli, orzo and everything pasta


  • Anti-scratch technology
  • Tempered glass lid (small/large straining holes)
  • Riveted locking handles
  • 5-quart pasta pot


  • Easy cleanup
  • Cool handles
  • Won’t scratch
  • Perfect size
  • Drains nicely


  • Doesn’t work with induction cookers


Your pasta master, the 5-quart red copper pot better pasta is a cherished by all pasta enthusiasts.

And with its pasta biased engineering, don’t be surprised if your guests keep asking more.

5.   BulbHead Red Copper Pan -10 Inch.

The reason why Red Copper ceramic non-stick coating is usually bonded to aluminum is to enable it to create aluminum rings when heated. So that it can distribute heat evenly.

With the bulbhead red copper pan- 10 inch, you are assured of very even cooking for all your meals. And if you are health-conscious, you can fry without unhealthy oils, sprays or butter.

My favorite feature here is the stay cool handle which remains ice cool amidst the raging heat.


  • Meal versatility
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 10/12-inch pan
  • Stay cool handle


  • Totally non-stick
  • Doesn’t peel
  • Balanced cooking
  • Pretty durable
  • Super cool handle


  • May become sticky in the long run


With a stay-cool handle, moving food from your stove to the dining table is smooth and quick.

Even heating, easier cleaning, and non-stick surface make this everyone’s favorite pan soon after it lands.

6.   Red Copper Flipwich Non-Stick Grilled Sandwich and Panini Maker

If your hobby is flipping and grilling delicious sandwiches, this red copper Panini maker is a wonderful sandwich maker and beats its competition by a large margin.

In one swift move, you will be having a mouth-watering Panini, gooey grilled cheese or a chicken cutlet to go with your salad.

With aluminum induction plates, the Flipwich sandwich master distributes heat evenly across your pan to ensure flawless cooking

To ensure it cooks faster, it comes with friendly stay cool handles with a clip to ensure it remains sealed as it works hard on your sandwiches.


  • Panini maker
  • Flipping design
  • Aluminum induction plates
  • Double-coated


  • Easy clean-up
  • Sandwiches will never stick
  • Very simple to use
  • Cooks quickly
  • Not messy


  • Weaker handle


This will allow you to Flip and grill with confidence. It creates the perfect conditions to ensure it grills your Panini faster and that it delivers a delightful bite.

With this, your sandwiches will leave your family begging for more.

Copper Chef Reviews – Best Copper Chef Cookware Sets.

Copper pan has really been hyped out there. Is it enough to make it the top dog in this red copper square pan vs copper chef duel?

Well, here are the pans that won our hearts from the numerous copper chef pan reviews.

1.   Copper Chef XL 11″ Casserole Set 5 pc & Induction Cooktop .

Induction heating is currently the most efficient heating technology for metallic materials. It also cooks at the fastest speeds. Plus, it’s a low power consumer meaning you cook in a ‘green’ way while saving your power bills.

With induction cooktops, conquering the kitchen becomes as easy as eating a pie.

This is precisely what this copper chef XL 11” family cookware helps you to do.

And you will indeed top your meals thanks to the combination of a high volume casserole pan, an easy to read monitor and cook time timer.

Remember it’s a 6-in-1- jack-of-all trades so expect it to phase out your stock pot.


  • 6-in-1 cooking
  • 11″ casserole pan
  • Induction cooktop
  • 5 cooking presets
  • Digital display & timer


  • Includes a family-size pan
  • Cooks faster
  • Works on induction cooktops
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Multi-purpose


  • The handle could be better


With support for induction cooktops, this copper chef XL 11” family cookware set enables you to cook faster and in an environmentally friendly way.

And it’s an extra-large set so the whole family will be happy to enjoy round after round of their favorite meals.

2.  Copper Chef Set 9 Piece Round Set.

Professional chefs will tell you that the first step to a great meal is to ensure you are happy.

And then you need to know your recipe in out. And finally, you must ensure that your cookware is fun.

Now, copper chef won’t help you make a recipe but it makes sure you are happy by providing fun cookware.

This copper chef set brings bliss and style to your cooking with its collection of 9 lovely pieces of kitchenware

Big and small pans, fry basket, steamer tray (all round), their have it all!


  • 9 Pc Pan Collection
  • Cerami-Tech
  • Riveted Handles
  • Steel Induction Plate


  • Extra secure grip
  • It balances small and big pots
  • Cooks well
  • Won’t warp
  • Sits flat on your pan


  • Pans not that thick


This is a collection of 9 fun pans, fry basket, steamer tray (all round), and the respective lids,

Whatever comes from this makes meal time enjoyable and satisfying.

3.   Copper Chef XL Cookware set 11″ (5 Pc)

Still, on copper chef, this is another top-notch copper chef xl square pan and fully deserves a mention among the best copper chef pots.

At 11-inch, it takes in 60% more capacity and awesome for big families.

Then, the Stainless Steel Induction plates heats your pan rapidly all round so your meals will cook swiftly.

The “helper handle” on its front feels ergonomic and makes it super easy to lift.

These sort of handles don’t wick heat at all even if they sit on your stove for 1 hour.


  • 5 piece set
  • 60% more capacity
  • Square design
  • Stainless steel induction plates


  • Very Solid
  • High Quality
  • No warping
  • Nothing sticks
  • Cleaning is a breeze


  • Some of its accessories feel weak


This is an impressive, family size copper chef xl and will sauté, fry, boil, simmer, slow-cook, and sear to your taste.

And with stainless steel induction plates, your meals are ready in no time.

4.   Copper Chef Square Fry Pan 9.5″

If you are in the hunt for a frying pan that can cook on any stovetop be it induction, glass, or even electric, you will love this copper chef square fry pan 9.5-inch.

It works with all cooktops and is very comfortable even in the oven.

Then cleaning it is very easy. Indeed, you only require some warm water plus some mild soap and you are good to go.

Lastly, with riveted handles, you are safe throughout your cooking.


  • CeramiTech non-stick coating
  • Stainless Steel Induction Plates
  • Heat Resistant (maximum 850°)
  • 100% Safe


  • Easy to use
  • Heats all spots evenly
  • Doesn’t stick
  • Easiest cleaning
  • Excellent handle


  • A little shallow


As Compared to its competition, this is one the copper chef’s top models. The handle is more rigid, and the base is thicker.

Its grills well and overall, it comes out as an excellent upgrade for your kitchen.

5.   Copper Chef Square Pan Set – Deep 4 PC 9.5″.

This includes a resilient deep square pan (9.5”), a Fry Basket, a tempered glass lid, and a Steamer Rack

It’s a smaller but functional set for someone who wants to enjoy the delicious crispiness that comes with frying without grease or to steam and roast more easily.

The pan is deep and thick enough to meet all your daily healthy cooking needs and its shape and design make it very convenient to use.

Unsurprisingly, it sells like hotcakes.


  • 9.5-inch Deep Square Pan (plus relevant accessories)
  • Stainless steel induction plates
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Riveted handles


  • Extra secure grip
  • The pan is very deep
  • Looks very pretty
  • Cleans up easily
  • Doesn’t wear off


  • Slightly convex cooking area


Simple but functional, this set includes a deep square pan (9.5”), a fry basket, a tempered glass lid, and a steamer rack

It will continue exceeding expectations many months down the line

6.   Copper Chef Pan 10″ Round.

Many Sources of heat do not generally have corners and therefore a round shape pan is much more efficient in terms of catching heat and even distributing it.

For this reason, this copper chef pan 10Round pan is a high rated alternative especially when you don’t have space to store some of the extra and rarely used accessories that usually come with sets.

The pan has a superb premium feel. Then its handle has enough heft to feel very solid, without again feeling overly bulky.


  • 10-inch round pan
  • Stainless steel induction plates
  • Riveted handles
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Truly non-stick
  • Cooks very evenly
  • Long lasting
  • Super easy to clean
  • No scratches


  • Not great with eggs


If you passionately love copper chef and are looking for a seasoned, reliable performer, this should surely help you transform your time in the kitchen and have everyone acclaim you as a genius chef.

It’s that good!

Factors To Consider When Buying Either Red Copper Or Copper Chef.

Before you decide who emerges the hero in the latest episode of the copper chef vs red copper battle, I thought I should let you know the criteria you should use every time you are choosing copper pans.

Let’s do this.

  • Handle

A longer, sturdy handle could be the safest bet if you want to cook without feeling the heat.

Some of the pans qualifying to participate in our red copper pan vs copper chef pan clash have shorter handles- they are not only uncomfortable but also burn your fingers when cooking.

  • Packaging

Sometimes these pans are packed as a set. Such packing gives you more options- you will have a pan for various meals- apart from bringing the overall cost of your pans significantly down.

The only problem here is that you may end up with lots of idle cookware

  • Aesthetics

Well, you have a taste for beauty; you may want a pan that’s attractive. I have seen some users pick the red copper square pan purely because it looks nice.

  • Weight

Weight plays a vital role when buying. While a lightweight pan is easy to hold even using one hand, it may not be heavy enough to safely sit on your stove.

The best should be slightly heavy so that it doesn’t trip over and mess your when frying.

Therefore, whether you are into red copper or copper chef, always compare the weights first.

  • What Will You Be Cooking?

What do you frequently cook? Knowing the type of meals you will be preparing helps.

Remember copper pans are either “pans” or a “pots.” If you make more food, it’s better to go for a pot or at least a high sided pan

Otherwise, compare all the pans and pick the best.

How To Season Red Copper Pan

Seasoning your red copper pan will help you get the best of your pan. Here’s how to do it.

Step #1

Wash your copper pan with warm water and soap then let it dry fully.

Step #2

Once it dries fully, spread a light coating of vegetable oil (or coconut/avocado/flax oil) on its inner surface- the whole of it- using a paper towel. You can also use a kitchen rag.

Step #3

Place your oiled pan on a preheated oven (heat to be around 300F degree) for 20 minutes

Step #4

Remove your pan (using oven mitts!) and leave it to cool down completely.

Step #5

Wipe off any leftover oil. Hooray!  You’re now good to go!

How Do You Season Copper Chef Pans?

If you have been swept off your feet by a copper chef, here is how to season it.

Step #1

Wash it thoroughly firstly. As with red copper, use warm water and soap. Then put it on medium but not very high heating to dry it.

Step #2

Apply 2-3 tablespoons of any vegetable oil (olive oil, flaxseed oil or whatever you fancy) all over its inner surface. Ensure it spreads to cover every corner

Step #3

Heat the oil till its sizzling and smoking before turning off the heat (a preheated oven 300F degree works well)

Step #4

Leave your pan to fully cool off

Step #5

Drain any excess oil from your pan and wipe its interior with either a cotton cloth or a napkin.

Ta-da! Your pan is now ready to deliver yummiest meals. 


As you can see, the copper chef vs red copper bout is a tough call. But at least we have been able to see the good and the ugly from each of the players.

So, why don’t you now take charge and get yourself a champion for your kitchen?

And please comment on the copper chef non stick pan or red copper pots and pans you find irresistible.

In the long run, we hope to collect enough votes to help decide the winner of the copper chef pan vs red copper pan face-off so don’t forget to leave your vote.

Thank you.

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