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Best Walk Behind Mower For Hills.

If you need your hilly lawns to look neat and immaculate, you must have one of the best walk behind mower for hills

I am saying this because most trimmers can only mow flat surfaces and will shy away from any ground raised beyond 15 degrees.

If you can get the best self propelled lawn mower for hills, things will be easier. However, seeing that we don’t have many options, owning one of the best mower for hills is not a walk in the park.

I don’t even want to imagine what happens when you are on a budget and you are forced to look for the best lawn mower for the money…

What I know is that it can be tricky and very tough…

Regardless, you must get yourself a lawn mower that can handle slopes, uneven terrain, and sometimes sharp hills.

This means a mower that can propel easily and is powerful enough to execute the toughest weeds and grass.

The best riding lawn mower for hills are for larger yards but for small and medium lawns, you will need the best walk behind mower for hills because they are the safest.

Let me add that knowing how to mow slopes is important as well as following instructions otherwise you may end up with very beautiful lawns but injured…terrible!

We would hate this to happen, so we thought “why not share the best walk behind mower for hills?”

Editor's RatingImageName & LinkDeck Type
Best High-EndTroy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3-in-1.symmetrical 21” TriAction cut system
Best Mid-RangeSnapper P2185020E / 7800982 HI VAC 190cc 3-N-1.21″ deck
Best InexpensiveHonda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Gas 21 in. 4-in-1 .NeXite based 21 inches deck

Here we go;

Best Lawn Mower For Hills Reviewed.

1.  Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Gas Lawnmower.

The Honda HRX Gas mower is remarkable in several ways:

First, the twin blades create 4 cutting surfaces making it cut more in less time. Also adding to its efficiency is the powerful GCV190 engine which cuts grass and mulches so effortlessly.

Furthermore, the engine starts quickly and maintains top fuel economy.

Best Walk Behind Mower For HillsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

Then, unlike its predecessors, it has no issue cutting at a low deck height.

Lastly, its Versamow system is very handy seeing that you are free to bag, mulch, or bag and mulch simultaneously.

All in all, it fully deserves its recognition as one of the best walk behind mower for hills


  • 4-in-1  Versamow System
  • Clip Director Knob
  • Twin blades
  • NeXite based 21 inches deck
  • GCV190 187cc Gas engine


  • Comfortable speed control
  • You can bag, or mulch, or combination the two thanks to the Versamow System
  • Uses self-sufficient Honda technology which does the job without requiring added tools or expensive attachments
  • The twin blade’s microcut system cuts more and in less time
  • Deck doesn’t dent, rust, or even corrode over time
  • Highly durable mower
  • Easy-starting
  • Fuel efficient
  • Powerful engine


  • This is a bit pricey compared with other top rated lawn mowers


With an 187cc Gas, 21 inch cutting deck and an efficient 4-in-1 Versamow System, this Honda HRX Gas mower allows you to bag, mulch, or combine the 2.

When you add the simple to operate Clip Director knob and the twin MicroCut Blades, you understand why we feel this is not very far from being the best lawn mower for hills

2.  Troy-Bilt TB330 Self-Propelled Lawnmower For Hills.

When you are cutting on uneven terrain, you need a lawn mower that stable rear and front wheels to make movement easier.

The troy-bilt TB330 lawnmower will push itself right to the top of the hilly.

Consider this:

The 8” front and 8” back wheels trudge easily even on hills. Also, it TriAction cut system delivers a clean cut one touch.

best walk behind self propelled lawn mowersCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

It still runs on a powerful 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine which roars to life as soon as you prompt it thanks to its ReadyStart technology.

Then, controlling speed will never be an issue since you can always rely on its single lever speed drive control


  • 163cc Briggs and Stratton “no oil change” Engine
  • Self-propelling
  • ReadyStart technology
  • 1.9-bushel grass catcher
  • Single-lever four speed drive control
  • symmetrical 21” TriAction cut system
  • 8 x 8-inch front & rear wheels
  • Ergomatic handle (very comfortable)


  • You enjoy personalized comfort and speed control
  • Has added starting ease- that’s why we have the ReadyStart technology
  • Comes with a grass catcher instead of wasting time emptying the mower
  • No need to change oil- just add oil when necessary
  • Manoeuvres very well in hilly terrain
  • Has a wash port so you can clean and keep the underside clean after every mowing
  • Eliminates patches & clumps in your lawn
  • Automatically adjusts air/fuel mixture for optimal service
  • Easily switch to different cutting heights.


  • It’s not as durable as the zero turn mowers on hillsides


This lawn mower for hills starts easily, and comes with a powerful engine which doesn’t need an oil change.

The 8” wheels guarantee you great traction on hills while the TriAction cutting system completely cuts, and mulches without leaving clumps or patches and with the grass catcher saves your precious time

This self-propelled troy-bilt TB330 lawnmower is truly one of the best lawn mower for steep hills.

3.  Honda HRR216K9VKA Self-Propelled Gas Mower.

When you have six height settings, you can keep your grass at whatever height you feel like while restricting weed.

The Honda HRR216 self-propelled mower is exactly like this. And when to cut it short comes, it happily delivers an ultra-fine cut.

The auto choke feature is wonderful as it permanently eliminates choking and priming.

best self propelled lawn mower for hillsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

It smartly senses the incline and smoothly glides along as it mulches and cuts- without sapping your energy.

Remember you can safely accelerate from 0 to 4 mph in no time.

These are some of the most desirable features when hunting for the best walk behind mower for hills


  • Smart Drive
  • Manual Fuel Shut down
  • Foam Grip Handles
  • Start Safety System
  • Bushel Bag
  • 8-inch Wheels(Ball Bearing)
  • 6 Cutting Heights
  • 2-Position Handle
  • GCV160 Engine
  • Microcut Twin Blades
  • Variable speed


  • Works without requiring any additional tools or attachments
  • Delivers an ultra-fine cut
  • Folds for easy storage
  • You enjoy safe starts thanks to the start safety system
  • Easy to Start
  • Comfortable on hold


  • No washout port
  • The height must be adjusted on each wheel individually


This is another top pick in most self propelled lawn mower reviews. It works like a champion with the Micro cut Twin Blades doing a great job.

It has a powerful engine, stable 8 inch wheels, auto choking feature, comfortable handle and 6 speed settings.

The above features made us appoint this to be considered for the best self propelled lawn mower award.

4.  Snapper P2185020E Variable Speed Self Propelled Lawn Mower.

If yours is a medium sized lawn and with a sloping outlook, then you would be interested in a lawn mower which has repeatedly proved its worth in bagging grass.

The snapper P2185020E push lawn mower- running the Briggs & Stratton 190cc OHV engine- is a favorite in this space.

With a vacuum like suction, it goes about its job of cutting and bagging your grass silently and professionally.

best mower for hillsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

It also has 10″ tall rear wheels for the best traction on hilly sections and thick grass.

Don’t forget its electric start alongside the recoil start will make mower starting struggles a thing of the past.


  • Ready Start technology
  • 3-in-1 – bag, mulch or side discharge
  • 10″ rear wheels
  • 7 height adjustments
  • Electric and recoil start
  • Vacuum like suction
  • 21″ deck


  • No priming or choking. Its a pull and go lawn mower
  • The 10” wheels give it improved walk-behind traction
  • Has a smooth-turn to ensure your maneuver without damaging grass
  • The suction gives your yard a clean finish
  • Has 3-n-1 ability – bag, mulch or discharge
  • Easily changes cutting height
  • Quieter operation
  • Grass catcher
  • Has increased durability
  • You will love the ease of electric start


  • Its assembly is quite complex.


The self-propelled snapper P2185020E push lawn mower is also worthy of consideration when the race for the best push mower for the money enters the home stretch.

It comes armed with a powerful 190cc engine among other awesome features propelling it right to the front of the queue of the best push mower for hills

5. Husqvarna 961450021 HU800AWDH Honda 190cc.

This mower gives the grass in your yard a stadium like look!

In fact, it’s all praises for this mower…..

Some of my colleagues have voted it the best residential walk behind mower while others have appointed it as being among the best push mower for steep hills.

best lawn mower for steep hills CHECK CURRENT PRICE.

My editor has claimed its one of the very best walk behind mower for hills

It’s understandable seeing its features…

First, it’s a 4 while drive so it will be good on all surfaces. Then you get to choose your most comfortable speed from low-wheel, hi-wheel and/or the all-wheel.

In terms of delivering, this runs the powerful Honda 190cc 4-cycle engine, and has a 22-Inch steel powder-coated cutting deck that is engineered to deliver first-class results for many years.

My position? I would say this is very, very close to being the best walk behind mower for hills


  • Honda GCV190  4-cycle engine(190cc)
  • Ergonomic
  • 8-inch front wheels & 11-Inch Rear Wheels (ball bearing)
  • 22-Inch wide, 3-in-1 steel powder coated deck
  • 3 position handle
  • 4×4 drive


  • It’s a 4 wheel drive- moves majestically along all terrain
  • 3 in 1 mower- discharge, bag or mulch grass
  • It has a steel deck- sure to last for years
  • Set you free to choose your speed- simply squeeze the handle
  • More comfortable
  • It has a super-easy starting engine


  • It is one of the heaviest lawn mowers


This auto-walk self-propelling 4 wheel drive lawn mower allows you to take full charge of your mowing.

It has all those features that you dream of in all the best walk behind self propelled lawn mowers including a mighty Honda engine, hi-wheel back wheels, and 3-in 1 mowing options.

6.  Snapper 12AVB2A2707 21″ Self-Propelled Gas Powered Mower.

Manufacturers of the best lawn mowers for hills seems to have an affection towards Briggs & Stratton Engines

They are the drivers of choice for quite a number of the best walk behind mowers.

The snapper 12AVB2A2707 21-inch gas powered mower is in this group with the highly performing Briggs & Stratton 163cc “no oil-change” Engine which starts with just a single pull and doesn’t need oil changeover.

best push mower for the moneyCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

It’s a premium Self-Propelled Lawn Mower packed full of great capabilities starting with it being user-friendly and high mobility thanks to its optimized front-wheel drive and 11″-tall rear wheels.

It’s also versatile for bagging, mulching, or side discharge, in addition to having a dual-lever height adjuster and an ergonomic handle.

The washout port allows you to clean your mower using a garden hose

With this in mind, it’s recommended for small-to-large yards (up to an acre) either with flat, hilly or rough terrain


  • No-prime, no-choke system
  • 8″ front & 11″ rear wheels
  • Dual-lever height adjuster (6 cutting heights)
  • 3-in-1 cutting deck
  • Mulch plug included
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Self-propelled drive
  • Briggs & Stratton 163cc 725EXi Engine
  • G technology
  • Wash-out port


  • Mulch plug is included and this helps push nutrients back into your soil
  • You mow at your chosen pace
  • Easy to clean
  • It delivers quick & easy landscaping
  • Has better maneuverability around hills/ uneven terrain
  • Will never need an oil change


  • It seems to lose propulsion when turning


This is an Easy to use, premium Self-Propelled Mower that offers improved maneuverability on all rough terrain.

It’s versatile, easy to clean and very reliable thanks to its efficient engine. Anyone considering mowing 1 acre of rough terrain would find this very handy.

7.  Remington 22-Inch Trimmer Lawn Mower for Hills.

When you leave grass and weed to cohabitate with each other for long, they bond strongly such that to separate them, you will need to use a heavy duty trimmer, one which can confidently tackle the tallest, toughest weeds and grass.

The Remington lawn mower for hills has a wider deck that reaches hard-to-reach points and large wheels to navigate tall grass.

The 159cc 4-Cycle engine gives it enough stamina to bring down all those ugly weeds that make your lawn look as if it’s forgotten.

best walk behind mower for hillsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

If you are talking about hard jobs, then this could be your best push lawn mower. It will help you cut everything down to size.

Amazingly, it’s one of the most affordable mowers in our selection of the best walk behind lawn mowers


  • 4 Cycle OHV engine(159cc)
  • comfort folding handle
  • compact
  • Off-set trim head
  • single-lever height adjuster(3 positions)
  • 22-inch cutter
  • 14-inch rear wheels(ball-bearing)


  • You can store it away thanks to its folding properties
  • It is lightweight hence very portable
  • Magical- munches away at weeds as if they are biscuits
  • This is very user-friendly
  • Gets going fast- very Simple assembly
  • Has a unique shape that makes trimming borders easy
  • It clears even the hard to reach spots
  • It won’t break your bank- very affordable


  • It maybe a little difficult to start


The Remington lawn mower for hills is up for the challenge of mowing the toughest yard and bringing out an immaculate, well-manicured lawn.

Its compact, has very high rear wheels and a wider cutting diameter to effectively clear the worst grass, thorns, bushes, and weeds

As far as clearing the hills which everyone else fears, then this may be the best riding mower for hills

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Walk Behind Mower For Hills.

Moving your mower uphill or controlling it when rolling downhill can be challenging unless you have the right mower.

So, how do you know which is one is truly the best mower for hills?

  • Rear Traction

You need a mower with larger rear wheels. This offers enhanced traction important when going downhill.

  • Ease Of Use

I am sure you won’t enjoy those mowers which have very complicated operational features such as uncomfortable speed controls, and difficult to adjust height levers. Also, is it self-propelling?

  • Deck Width

The width of its deck as determines how easily it can maneuver your hilly terrain.  For instance, a 42-inches to 54-inches deck is easy for an open yard but not for a lawn with obstacles.

  • Portability And Storage

Since you will be moving it uphill, you need something lightweight. Again, you may want something that you can store away since you will not always be mowing. A foldable option is great

  • Versatile Ability

3 in 1 lawn mower for hills are quite common because they mulch, bag or do both or even do a side discharge.

Generally, avoid mowers which require attachments to work as they add to its weight making movement harder.          

  • Maintenance

Some of the best self propelled lawn mower for hills have a low maintenance cost. For example, the troy-bilt TB330 lawnmower doesn’t need constant oil change.


The best walk behind mower for hills is within reach- just go back to our selection and see what can fit your grass.

Concentrate on its maneuverability, ease of use, rear traction and its ability. Also, remember to read operation instructions and work safely.

That way, immaculate living will become a reality.

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