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Best Toys For One Year Old Boy | Best Gifts For 1 Year Old.

If you are looking for the best toys for one year old boy or gift ideas for 1 year old boy then you are in the right place!

Remember that a lot changes between your kids first and second birthday as he moves from babyhood to toddlerhood.

You are now dealing with a demanding toddler, with a lot of new skills and interests.

A carefully-chosen gift for your one-year-old will, therefore, help him ride the wave of changes and introduce him to his new fun world in a smooth way.

Now, the best toy should engage your child’s senses, spark his imagination into life and encourage interaction with others.

It should also be something he can grow into- remember he is growing fast and obviously help him develop physically and psychologically.

Again, it should be interesting and be able to capture his/her attention fully. Don’t forget to pick something safe and suitable as a toy/gift!

Editor's RatingImageName & LinkRecommendations
Best High-EndStep2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car.Maximum weight 50 lbs. (22.7 kg).
Best Mid-RangeVTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train.Age: 1-3 years
Best InexpensiveFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair.Age:12 month - 3 years

The following are some potential gifts for a 1 year old and tick all the important boxes;

1.  Vtech Busy Learners Activity Cube Gift For One Year Old Boy.

Babies are excited to learn and explore their world. They have so much to learn and cherish every learning opportunity.

The highly interactive VTech Busy Learners Cube has five sides of new discoveries and fourteen manipulative features and playfully stimulates your kid’s senses and motivates them to spin, twist as well as to ride through hugely fun learning activities.

The sliding and spinning blocks nurture interaction and contribute to their fine motor skills growth.

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  • 5 play sides
  • 14 interactive features
  • Volume control
  • Automatic shut off
  • Motion sensor (to activate the fun sounds)
  • 4 light-up buttons
  • 25 playful songs/melodies
  • Durable design


  • Grows with her
  • Pretty sturdy
  • Holds up really against all the dropping
  • Voice speaks clearly
  • The volume controls help you manage its noises
  • The automatic shut-down button helps save batteries


  • Its songs and voices can be a bit annoying for adults


With five different sides to exploit and 14 manipulative features, the play cube totally captures your toddler’s attention and encourages creative play with melodious music, bright light-up buttons, fun colors plus more.

We have no doubt about it- this is one of the best toys for one year old boy

2.  Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car.

Toy cars improve kids’ physical growth as well as their cognitive skills.  They can also teach STEM skills, in addition to giving kids freedom to create a whole new experience every day

The Step2 Whisper Ride II is a spacious, cute car which delivers a smooth, executive ride to children every time they call on it.

This toddler push car makes it into our 1 year old toys because:

  • It has enhanced under-the-hood storage
  • Its handle can be folded for easy transport and storage

best toys for 1 year old boysCheck Latest Price Now!


  • Sleek automotive design
  • Easy access door
  • Easy-pull handle
  • 6 cup/snack holders
  • Durable
  • Smooth quiet-ride wheels
  • Easy fold handle
  • Safety belt
  • Spacious under the hood storage
  • Car horn
  • Two cup holders- one each for the child and parent
  • Flipping seats – flips into a bed, seat or even a table


  • Safety belt keep your toddler safe
  • The folding handle makes it easier to store or transport
  • The kids can carry their little treasures under its hood
  • Looks sleek and superior
  • Is more roomier compared with similar rides
  • Comes with cup holders for both the parent and your kid
  • Can be assembled in a matter of minutes
  • Its super durable and will surely last for years
  • Its quieter especially on concrete


  • The “parent” cup holder sometimes swings and may spill your drink


When talking about toys for 1 year old boys, the cute, spacious, and smooth sailing Step2 Whisper Ride II is another favorite, especially when looking for toy cars.

It has more storage and can be folded to simplify its transport and storage.

3. Mega Bloks 80 Piece Big Building Bag 1 Year Old Toys.

Toy building blocks are in reality the building blocks of your child’s wholesome development.

They help improve cognition and develop gross plus fine motor skills.

The Mega Bloks Big Building Bag by is an award-winning set of lively primary-colored blocks.  It encourages your child to launch into a complete hands-on exploration mission as he imagines and creates.

The blocks are big and easier to assemble. When done, the blocks are packed into an environmental-friendly to wait for the next adventure.

No wonder it has been mentioned in the breath with the best toys for one year old boy.

best toys for 1 year oldsCheck Latest Price Now!


  • 80 building blocks
  • Big sized blocks
  • Compatible with all other similar bloks


  • It has many blocks guaranteeing you many hours of play
  • They are very flexible so they effortlessly meld together
  • They’re easy to store away with the environmental friendly zipped bag.
  • They are bigger so your child won’t choke on them.
  • It has hundreds of  different building possibilities
  • Their larger size is excellent for little hands.
  • No sharp edges
  • Very affordable
  • they include a Car which acts as a fantastic building platform


  • They come apart a little too easily, so sometimes building things becomes a challenge


The award winning Mega Bloks Big Building Bag is one of the best toys for 1 year old thanks to the hundreds of possibilities it provides to your toddler.

With it, he can imagine and create anything out of this world and have fun while at it!  

4. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair.

You can equate this to a ‘magic’ seat! As soon as he sits, it activates either its melodious songs. Conversely, its phrases come to life when he stands- he will hear numbers, shapes plus much more

If you still need more, lifting the cushion will reveal even more fun surprises.

Sitting and standing can never get funnier than this.

The chair is driven by Smart Stages technology which intelligently selects the best learning content for your baby immediately you enter his age.

You will meet a great mix of development promoting songs, sounds and phrases for its three levels of play: Level 1(12M+), level 2(18M+) and level 3(24M+)

Remember you can flip it to the next level if you feel he is no longer having fun in the current stage.

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  • Smart Stages technology
  • Many busy activities:  illustrated flip-book, light-up remote control( with buttons) among others
  • Extra fun surprises(under the cushion)
  • No cords, no plugs, no hassle
  • Learning content covers first words, shapes, numbers, colors plus more


  • You baby has over fifty learning phrases/songs/responses.
  • Automatically progresses through responses as your child grasp them. You can also manually set his learning level.
  • The big gap in between the base and its seat prevents accidental mashing of baby’s hands.
  • It has the right height and is very stable
  • you can adjust its volume if the sounds feel irritating
  • It automatically enters standby mode in case you forget to switch it off.
  • Sturdy build- it survives all the rough treatment from your baby


  • The assembly is a bit hectic
  • Doesn’t come with the necessary literature – you have to explore and learn along the way


This is your baby’s very own fun kingdom – a place to sit back and learn new things!

He gets to learn his first words, colors, sounds, and shapes in an entertaining way as he moves through its three levels- Level 1(12M+), level 2(18M+) and level 3(24M+)

As far as his baby steps in education are concerned, this is one of the best gift for 1 year old boy

5. Leapfrog My Pal Scout Gift For One Year Old Boy.

For any toy to qualify to be called the best gift for a 1 year old, it should be educational, safe, fun, easy to learn and full of surprise.

The leapfrog my pal scout is a cuddly and interactive puppy which helps sooth him to sleep with melodic bedtime music.

When he is not asleep, it will teach him his first words, colors, feelings, emotions, and basic counting colors.

And you can fully personalize it to taste by downloading more music, sounds, and words by connecting it to your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

best gift for 1 year oldCheck Latest Price Now!


  • Easy to Personalize (offline and online)
  • Learns your kid’s name (then teaches him)
  • Interactive fun
  • Over 40+ Songs -learning melodies, timed lullabies and upbeat songs(some downloaded)
  • Controlled using the paws
  • More learning ideas and fun insights for parents online


  • Teach you kid how to spell his name
  • You can set a timer for the lullabies – to play for either 2, 5, or even 10 minutes
  • Super cute
  • Feels soft and tender
  • Sweet-sounding voices
  • Doesn’t drain batteries as fast as some other toys
  • Helps you put baby to sleep with its gentle lullabies
  • Fully programmable


  • sometimes it takes longer to get your kids name


With more than 15 learning activities and over 40 songs including lullabies, this is a dependable home teacher for your loved one.

It has been hailed by its fans as one of the good toys for 1 year old due to its customizable features- remember you can always personalize it with his favorite animal, sounds, food, and even colors.

6.  Vtech Sit, Stand And Ride Baby Walker 1 Year Old Birthday Gifts.

Professionals discourage the use of pure baby walkers due to the higher number of injuries and accidents they cause.

So, a number of companies have upgraded and are now making multi-purpose tools.

Vtech is one such company with their hugely interactive sit, stand and ride baby walker which helps develop your baby in a more rounded fashion.

Its activity panel allows your little one to fully enjoy himself…

He can play with it freely on the floor or jump into the driver’s seat and take charge of the steering wheel.

The gear shifter and its light-up buttons will in the meantime be teaching letters, sounds and various phrases.

When in walker mode, its motion sensor activates all the fun music and interesting sounds to as to encourage imaginative play

It is one of the best toys for one year old boy who is learning how to walk and play.

best toys for one year oldCheck Latest Price Now!


  •  3-in-1: Floor Play, Walker and Ride On
  • Motion Sensor
  • Bright-colored light-up buttons
  • 60+ songs, sounds, melodies, and phrases
  • Speed controls
  • Effective activity control panel
  • Adjustable mirror, rolling bar, and a sliding car


  • Grows with your baby
  • There are many items to keep your baby entertained.
  • Very strongly built
  • Looks beautiful and quickly attracts your kid
  • Has ample space between its wheels allowing your baby to walk freely and naturally


  • The product takes time to put together.


This is more than a baby walker – he learns, walks and also rides keeping him engaged as it transforms from a walker to a ride and back.

It is a 3-in-1 with all the features to compete with the very best toys for 1 year old boys

7. Melissa & Doug Educational Toys For 1 Year Old.

Hands-on projects are without doubt great learning tools.

They capture kids who are either tactile (learn by touch), kinesthetic learners (needing movement to learn), auditory learners (those who like talking about what they’re up to), and visual learners (those want everyone to see what they are creating).

The Melisa bead maze is an awesome hands-on training tool.

It Features brightly colored and multi-shaped beads which spin and slides along the yellow and red wire pathways.

It encourages color recognition, builds eye-hand coordination and boosts fine motor skills growth through play!

best toys for one year old boy Check Latest Price Now!


  • Has a “twist”
  • Four soft-coated wires
  • Twist and turn between two solid wood blocks
  • 18 wooden, multi-shaped beads
  • Three plastic rings


  • It’s one of the classic gifts for a 1 year old thanks to the ‘twist’
  • Has top quality craftsmanship to last for many years
  • Strong suction base
  • It can be secured to any surface
  • Very sturdy
  • Lightweight enough for your young to lift and transport
  • Perfect size for little hands


  • There is no guarantee your kid will develop interest in it
  • The suction doesn’t hold for long


This fantastic bead maze is a superb hands-on learning aid that encourages color recognition, improves your little one’s eye-hand coordination and boosts his fine motor skills development through imaginative play!

This is one of the toys for one year old that can help any kid to improve his overall personality.

8.   Vtech Musical Rhymes Book Toys For 1 Year Olds.

His early schooling days can be a bit easier if he has fine motor skills. In fact, teachers spend the first few days building these important skills.

You can take matters into your hands and help your little one build his fine motor skills at an early age.

A superb tool for this is the interactive Vtech Musical rhymes book.

By twisting and sliding its’ fun play pieces, he quickly upgrades his skills set.

This pre-K talking book comes with 40+ songs, sounds, melodies, and phrases available from two fun modes – the learning mode (for age-appropriate vocabulary) and the music mode( plays nice music and instrumentals).

With its excellent learning abilities, it has consistently scored highly with our editors and has always featured as one of the best toys for a 1 year old.

educational toys for 1 year old Check Latest Price Now!


  • Big easy-turning pages
  • 6 classic nursery melodies
  • Creative fun play pieces
  • Over 40+ songs, sounds, melodies, and phrases
  • Five colorful piano buttons
  • 2 play modes: music & learning mode
  • bright pages
  • Flashing light-up star
  • Recommended for 6 months – 3 years


  • It’s highly interactive
  • Grows with baby from 6 months-3 years
  • The volume lowered to avoid interrupting others when out and about
  • Has great quality
  • It has lots of activities to keep him occupied for long
  • Lasts for a very long time
  • Battery lasts longer


  • The music sometimes ‘twists’ awkwardly


This enables your little one build his motor skills by simply sliding and twisting its’ fun play pieces.

Its two fun modes ensure he will never get bored.

Indeed, looking at its overall capabilities, we strongly believe it’s one of the top gifts for 1 year old boy.

9.  VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train.

Many toddlers love trains.

The Vtech sit to stand train is a learning train which teaches your little ones the alphabets, numbers, various colors, songs and sounds, stories plus much more.

It features 13 double-sided letter blocks, a six turning pages book, five colored number buttons, a movable elephant character, one motion sensor, a sturdy ride-on carriage and a drop space  that comes in handy when pushing the blocks to the carriage from the train.

Plus, it gives kids the option of playing it on the floor, pushing it along as a training walker, or attaching it to a carriage in ride-on mode.

It’s another of the more impressive baby toys for 1 year old.

best toys for 1 year old boysCheck Latest Price Now!


  • Three modes: Floor play mode, ride-on mode, and walker Mode
  • 13 double sided letter blocks
  • Non-rip, water resistant 6-page letter teaching book
  • 5 colored piano key buttons & colors
  • Over 100 songs and phrases
  • Ages 1 – 3
  • Music on/off switch


  • Durable and functions well
  • Very sweet songs
  • Highly interactive
  • You can switch off the music anytime
  • Teaches letters in an exciting way


  • It is not very stable- it can tip over especially if rushed
  • May become smaller as he grows


This is an incredible play and learning train that gives your baby three play modes: Walker mode, floor play Mode, and a ride-On Mode

It’s another worthwhile choice when searching for toys for 1 year old boy

10. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball.

When your kid’s tactile sense is fully functional, he is more secure and better organized since his/her little body can respond to all sensory information he/she receives.

Assisting your baby to develop his/her tactile sensitivity is therefore crucial as part of ensuring his general well-being.

The sassy development bumpy ball has a variety of textures and materials that engage baby’s developing tactile sense.

I am referring to its bold patterns, high contrast colors, gentle rattle sounds and easy-to-grasp bumps.

It also teaches babies about variety and facilitates growth of his gross motor skills.

Considering its simplicity and friendliness to kids, we feel this is another of the top toys for one year old boy.

best toys for a 1 year oldCheck Latest Price Now!


  • Multiple textures and materials
  • Chunky sized bumps
  • Gentle rattle sounds
  • Bright and high-contrast colors
  • Multiple bold patterns


  • Inexpensively priced
  • The high contrast excellently captures kids’ attention
  • Its small enough for little hands
  • Made of strong materials hence sturdy
  • Functional enough to help baby’s physical growth and strengthening
  • Its quality is good


  • Cleaning it can be an issue since it is not machine washable and you can only air dry it


The sassy development bumpy ball has materials and texture that superbly engages your baby’s developing tactile sense in addition to teaching him variety.

It also promotes the growth of his gross motor skills and is easily one of the top toys for 1 year old

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Toys For One Year Old Boy.

You already know that to impress your little guy, the best toys for one year old boy will definitely do the trick.

But seeing that we have highlighted quite a mixture of what we feel are the best gifts for 1 year old boy, the burning question should be “which is now the ultimate gift for 1 year old boy?”

Well, regardless of everything, it’s always good to be open-minded and to explore all the gift ideas for 1 year old boy and for any other child for that matter.

But the best gift for 1 year old should meet a few conditions…Here they are;


  • Ease Of Use And Play

It should excite your baby and make him/her happy. This won’t happen if you have bought a toy which you are finding hard to grasp let alone your kid.

The best should be easy to understand, grasp and of course, play with.

  • Functionality

Does it really do what it’s supposed to? If it’s a learning aid, let’s say for alphabets, does it actually help them get the letters?

If it’s for promoting gross motor skills, is it able to do this?

  • Kids Safety

You don’t want your kid to get an injury or hurt himself while playing. Go for a toy that doesn’t have sharp edges, is roomier and doesn’t pinch his hands.

Otherwise, you will have to be supervising your baby to ensure there are no accidents- a tough call anyway!

  • Does It Grow With Your Baby (Age-Range)

He is 1 year old today but kids grow fast. Don’t they? Unless you want to keep buying toys every few months, you can pick a gift which can be used by a 1 year-old, 2 year-old and even as a 3-year old.

  • Kids Passions

Know what really captures your baby’s attention is very important. If for example he doesn’t like trains and you go ahead to buy one, you will be disappointed as he will show zero interest.

Always study you kid and go for something in line with things they like.

  • Durability

Some toys are flimsy and break after only a few uses. Check out how your gift item is made from the general construction, hems, and material used.

Otherwise, you may end up gifting you toddler with something which looks like a reject.


I am now sure you won’t keep asking what to buy a one year old boy with all these potential gifts – some of which are undoubtedly some of the very best toys for one year old boy.

Remember the best gifts for a 1 year old boy any other kid for that matter should engage your child’s senses, excite their imaginations and also encourage them to connect and relate to others.

We have also seen that great 1 year old birthday gifts promote a variety of skills in your baby including fine motor skills, sensory skills, and gross motor skills, physical and even psychological growth.

Also, even if you are buying it as a birthday gift for 1 year old boy, you should preferably go for a gift they can grow with as kids grow fast.

All the best and kindly let us know what are your favorite gifts for one year old boy in the comments section.

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