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Best Toothbrush For Toddlers | Best Baby Toothbrush.

What is the best toothbrush for toddlers to buy today?

Parenting comes with some serious responsibilities. Amongst many others, you have to train your precious little ones dental hygiene, which as you know starts with showing them how to brush their tiny teeth.

Can they be able to effectively remove plaque and bacteria if they are not armed with one of best toothbrush for toddlers around? Your guess is as good as mine!

Today we are talking dental care for toddlers. I want to answer those niggling questions like what is the best toothbrush for toddlers in the market today, how do you train your small one to brush independently , and everything else that matters when you want to adopt the highest standards of oral hygiene.

Here are first and foremost the top ten best toothbrushes for babies’

1. Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for Kids.

Teaching your kid how to brush is not a walk in the park. If you have ever tried, you know what I mean. Luckily, this time, Phillips will take care of that with this electric kid toothbrush.

Not only does it do a thorough cleaning job on his gum, the accompanying app will teach him how to do it like a pro in addition to train her best dental care habits.

It is one of the best toothbrush for toddlers to have ever been invented!

Best Toothbrush For Toddlers CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Fun kid rewards for successful cleaning.
  • KidTimer for time tracking
  • Designed to motivate them to brush longer
  • Uses sonic technology to hit 500 brush strokes within a second.
  • 75% more effective than manual toothbrushes in hard to reach areas
  • KidPacer to alert them to move quadrants
  • 8 customizable Fun stickers
  • Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable
  • Educative, interactive app to show your kid how to get the job done


  • Does a very thorough job so your visits to the dentists will drastically reduce
  • It teaches him life-long dental health lessons
  • The kid will always exceed the recommended 2 minutes brushing time as the app engages them for longer while the timer monitors him
  • Your kid will learn to do it like a dentist all on his own
  • Brushing time becomes fun time.
  • Your kid will be a proud owner of one of the best toddler toothbrush around.
  • Your kid will be happy to keep getting rewards as they brush better and cleaner each brushing session
  • By reaching 500 strokes every second, this electric toothbrushes reaches all those spots where bacteria hide
  • He will know when it’s time to move on to the next quadrant thanks to the KidPacer


  • One of the best toothbrushes for toddlers – met all our expectations.


Phillips delivers you from the torture of having to school your kid on dental hygiene through this magnificent Sonicare toddler toothbrush. To us, it can’t get better than this!

2. Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether.

Do you know why most kids are in love with bananas? They are soft, sweet and fresh. Plus they always feel good afterward thanks to tryptophan, which makes our bodies produce the famous feel-nice hormone serotonin.

Now, let’s come to this banana infant training brush. It is so soft on their little teeth and the gum such that it thoroughly cleans even as it massages them, sure to leave them feeling nice long afterwards.

In addition, the silicone bristles and strong peel handlers mean he will never again suffer from those nagging mouth injuries.

best toddler toothbrushCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • A peel-ing handle
  • Stimulating texture
  • Unisex
  • Safer than plastic toothbrushes
  • More color variety
  • Toxins free engineering
  • Its ok with dishwashers and freezers
  • Encourages best oral hygiene
  • Thick silicone bristles
  • Designed for kids between 3-12 months


  • Motivates them to adopt excellent oral care habits from infancy
  • The peel-ing handle is excellent with your little toddler
  • The banana look is fun with kids, they will want to show off their dental prowess
  • Soft bristles protect him from mouth injuries
  • The design makes toddler want to explore their mouth further hence clean all over
  • It removes all food and milk particles so bacteria has no chance
  • It’s a top-ranked safest toothbrush for infants
  • When you want to clean it, just use your dishwasher


  • Nothing to complain about


Getting a safe toddler toothbrush is no longer a headache with this supremely engineered toothbrush for babies! We believe your kid will enjoy every feel-good moment during brush time.

3. Oral-B Frozen Kids Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

Oral-B has always set very high standards for dental care. For kids, the oral-B pro-health junior electric toothbrush is up there with the best.

It leaves them smiling after every gentle but rigorous brushing session, feeling fresh and healthy in the mouth.

Don’t forget it’s a junior toothbrush so the magic timer has to be there to see to it that they exceed the 2 minutes brush time.

Used repeatedly, this electric toddler toothbrush will have them get used to excellent oral habits. They will keep remembering you for many, many years.

best infant toothbrushCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Disney Magic Timer App
  • electric toothbrush
  • waterproof handle
  • tooth-by-tooth clean
  • Unique shape to surround each individual tooth
  • rechargeable toothbrush
  • Features Disney frozen characters
  • Image rewards for longer brushing
  • Calendar feature


  • Each tooth is surrounded for perfect individual cleaning
  • Very gentle brushing -very safe with your kids
  • Soft enough to be used by toddlers who have braces and related orthodontics
  • They will get best healthy oral habits easily
  • They keep getting rewarded so long as they do it for longer
  • Your kids surely brush for longer alongside their favored frozen characters
  • You can track his progress thanks to the featured calendar


  • This is another exemplary product from Oral-B


The oral-B pro-health junior electric toothbrush has a unique shape to surround every tooth for the best individual cleaning.

With the timer helping them observe time, your kids will love every brushing session with this electric kids toothbrush, one of the best toothbrush for toddlers

4. Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush.

Clean teeth plus a healthy mouth will make your baby earn the respect they deserve from their peers even as they grow.

A quality toothbrush for toddler is a must-have weapon if their dream will come true.

The Jordan is one of the purest baby toothbrush designed for your little ones (0-2 years). It is fully-packed with features that leave your toddler safe and sparkling clean in there as soon as they get their first tooth.

You will be impressed by its short neck and the outstanding teeth ring which ensure they never swallow or injure their gums when brushing.

toothbrush for babiesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Free from BPA and phthalates
  • Short neck
  • Stimulating colors
  • Unique teething ring
  • Nontoxic, chewing grip
  • Ergonomic shaped handle
  • Soft colored bristles
  • Small Head for baby’s first teeth


  • Designed to help you start cleaning him as soon as he starts teething
  • Exceedingly soft bristles go smoothly on any irritated gums so your infant won’t throw tantrums when brushing time arrives.
  • The teething ring ensures he is safe from choking on it or hurt the gums
  • Its short neck ensures your kid doesn’t insert it too far.
  • The ergonomic handle is easiest for both you and kid
  • Comes in various stimulating colors so he will be energized


  • As your infant grows, the brush head may prove to be small


With a very small head and extremely soft bristles, the Jordan Step 1 baby toothbrush is specially built to care for your infants’ dental welfare from the first teeth and as they grow.

Knowing how hectic it can be during those teething days, it’s great as your baby’s first toothbrush

5. RADIUS Totz Toddler Toothbrush For 18 Months Old.

When your little one starts to know colors, they will demand a toothbrush that matches their new colorful world. And you may be frustrated along the way seeing that you can hardly get kiddos dream color.

Enter the radius totz toothbrush; a colorful, soft baby tooth brush engineered to safely brush toddlers emerging teeth and highly sensitive gums.

Best baby toothbrushCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • FDA-Approved colors
  • Made of 100% toxin-free materials
  • Oval head
  • Smooth tapered handle
  • Phthalate FREE
  • Precision brushing
  • Recommended for kids from 18+ months
  • Curved design
  • 4500 vegetable-based bristles
  • Perfect design for tiny mouth


  • Your kid is safe and protected as he brushes from the 4,500 vegetable-like bristles
  • Highly precise brushing even in deep spots
  • If your kid has a tiny mouth, this will be very comfortable for them
  • Your kids can choose the colors that stimulate their creativity at brush time
  • Cleans surfacing teeth as well sensitive gums without any pain
  • With the oval design, you can let your kid brush alone without worry of injury
  • The smoothly tapered handle will fit your hands as well as your toddlers’ growing hands
  • Brushing will feel like a massage so your baby will find it lovable and fun
  • The toothbrush is made to last and is among the best toothbrush for babies from 18 months upwards


  • Not good with little babies who are fond of biting the bristles


If you are a looking for a soft, colorful and a kid toothbrush that seems to know its work, then the radius totz toothbrush will nail it.

6. Colgate My First Baby and Toddler Toothbrush.

Dental care is Colgate’s’ forte. The Colgate my first baby toothbrush is created with the best oral health practices for your kid in mind.

In our list, it occupies a top 3 rank due to its knack to excel in doing a diligent mouth cleaning job in addition to ensuring your kid starts learning the do’s and don’ts of the oral health from day one.

As they say, to be the best, you must learn from the best!

best baby tooth brushCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Small head
  • Non-slip handle
  • soft bristles
  • Funny images to excite the baby
  • BPA free


  • Their small head makes them perfect with your baby’s tiny mouth
  • The fun images motivate your kid to adapt good oral standards from a young age
  • The soft bristles are so gentle even on irritating gums
  • Their design ensures they do a thorough job on kids mouth
  • The handle is great with both your hands and child’s hands when they come of age
  • The kid can choose their favorite colors


  • Excellent kids toothbrush


Your baby should love it!  The extra soft bristles, small head to support that tiny mouth and the overall design makes Colgate’ my first baby and toddler toothbrush a superb infant toothbrush

7.  Baby Buddy 360 Baby Toothbrush.

This is markedly different from your conventional baby toothbrushes.

It is an innovative 3600 toothbrush with over 10,000 short, but exceptionally elastic bristles to gently massage your sensitive child’s gums while doing an awesome cleaning job on his cheek and gums. ,

If you have a kid who hates tooth brushes, the baby buddy 360 toothbrush could be your secret weapon in matters dental hygiene!

Even more surprisingly, you won’t need any tooth paste- it’s designed to be used with water ONLY and boy, it does marvelously!

baby's first toothbrushCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • BPA & Phthalate Free
  • You don’t need to use toothpaste- can work with water only
  • Soft, round bristles 360˚
  • 10 X more bristles
  • Quick drying
  • Innovative 360° design
  • Brushes at 45°


  • You don’t need to use toothpaste- can work with water only
  • Grows with your child
  • It dries in an instant so bacteria don’t have time to grow
  • It’s engineered to convert toothbrush-phobic kids to be brushing champions
  • The 360° design allows your kid to clean their teeth without necessarily have to twist the wrist
  • The soft bristles not only massages but also cleans your baby’s tongue, teeth, gums and everywhere else
  • By brushing at 45°, your kid is able to remove bacteria and sugar build up in those very hidden areas
  • What an invention! – Fights bacteria and eliminates 1.8 X more plaque than all other baby toothbrushes


  • The pricing may seem to be slightly on the higher side


This is one of the most unique kids’ toothbrushes in all our baby toothbrush reviews. Its’ over 10,000 gentle bristles will clean at 450 to remove bacteria and sugar build up in those much- hidden areas.

Considering that you don’t even need to use toothpaste, this is a toddler toothbrush guaranteed to leave you smiling.

8. MAM Learn To Brush Set, Infant Toothbrush. 6+ Months

MAM baby products have always relied on pediatricians when developing oral hygiene products. And they always seem to get it right.

The MAM learn to brush set is yet another excellent toddler toothbrush from this storied baby’s company.

Built to fight bacteria and remove plaque, it features soft bristles that reach all edges when brushing and a chew bulb for baby to gnaw on as his gum matures and the milk teeth surfaces.

best toothbrush for babiesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Chew bulb
  • BPA-free
  • compact handle
  • Little, easy curved
  • Soft, rounded bristles


  • The smooth-rounded bristles get rid of plaque and bacteria
  • The handle is great with your baby’s little hands
  • Generally, the brush is easier to control
  • Bristles will remain intact even if your kid decides to chew on them
  • The head adapts nicely to your baby’s little mouth
  • Its’ little easy curve makes cleaning the back teeth breeze
  • Design is effective in cleaning and massaging sensitive gums
  • The chew bulb will keep the baby busy as he teethes
  • The compact handle fits your baby’s hands well, as they learn to brush
  • Excellent grip


  • Infants may find the bristles not soft enough


The MAM learn to brush set is great for brushing and at the same time, teething.

9. Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush Set

Meet this super-soft infant toothbrush ranked as very safe for your kid’s first teeth.

Overall, the toothbrush has a very flexible body that is tender on kids’ sensitive gums and a comfortable grip-handle very nice for baby’s little hands.

Finally, the baby will find brushing time fun seeing they are holding an elephant-shaped toothbrush.

best newborn toothbrushCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Super-soft
  • Flexible body
  • Comfort-grip handle
  • Elephant shape
  • BPA free
  • Paired with a fluoride-free toothpaste


  • Cute elephant toothbrush
  • Your toddler will be able to hold it like a pro
  • Nice soft bristles
  • The ‘elephant’ promotes excellent life-long brushing skills
  • Cleans thoroughly
  • The accompanying toothpaste tastes awesome


  • The bristles maybe tough on infants


Dr. Brown’s Infant Toothbrush gently eases your infant into the world of good oral hygiene ensuring there are no fights and tantrums associated with training dental manners to your baby. Undoubtedly, giving you another useful option

10.   Orajel Thomas and Friends Toothbrush

When the baby completely beats back all your dental hygiene training efforts, it’s time to change tack and go for the Orajel Thomas and Friends toothbrush!

The tasty bubblegum flavor toothpaste combined with the power of his Thomas your train, will render him completely powerless.

Certainly, you won’t believe your eyes when you see your baby take to your brushing lessons like a duck takes to water!

baby toothbrush reviewsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Fluoride-free, safe if swallowed when used as directed
  • Fun fruit flavor
  • Toothbrush-toothpaste pack
  • Tooty Fruit Flavor
  • Thomas the famous train image


  • The perfect tool to train oral hygiene to kids who prove completely stubborn
  • The fruity flavor makes this one of the best toothbrush for 1 year old
  • The toothpaste is fluoride-free hence safe for your baby even if swallowed
  • Your baby will enjoy the toothbrush soft bristles
  • Perfect sized and grip for infants
  • Kids love Thomas the great train


  • Not much to complain about this training toothbrush


Teaching your precious little one how to brush cannot get any easier than with the orajel Thomas and friends toothbrush.

Just start early and soon, what was previously a very stressing time will become your baby’s favourite moment.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Toothbrush For Toddlers.

To get it right, keep in mind the following;

  • Your Kids Age

The recommended toothbrush for 2 year old may not be suitable for infants. Choose a kids toothbrush to match your kids age.

  • Bristles

You may still occasionally come across a toddler electric toothbrush which has hard bristles. Since babies have sensitive gums, they love everything softer whether you prefer electric toothbrush for toddlers or battery powered toothbrush for toddlers.

  • Handle

Whether it is one of the best electric toothbrush for toddlers or a conventional toddler toothbrush, a tighter grip is great for the kids’ safety whether he is brushing independently or you are training him.

  • Cleaning And Drying

It doesn’t matter how impressive the baby electric toothbrush is. If it cannot be cleaned easily, or won’t dry up faster, then bacteria will grow in there and make all your infants brushing effort nil.

  • Ease of learningBest Baby Toothbrush

The very best toothbrush for toddlers should be easy and fun to learn.  Toothbrushes for toddlers which come with an interactive, educative app are great for training purposes.

  • Shape and design

Kids love cartoons, fruit and animal shapes. Kids appreciate baby toothbrush with fun characters more.

  • Effectiveness

Your baby needs a kids’ toothbrush that can reach every angle to remove bacteria, sugar, and germs

  • Kids safety

Toxin, BPA and phthalates free baby toothbrushes are safest for kids. Also, check out other safety controls like teething rings and design that fits your kids’ little mouth.

Wrapping It Up;

You have a chance of passing on good oral hygiene habits to your little ones from their early days if you invest in one of the best toothbrush for toddlers that we have cherry picked for you.

Remember you need to teach and help your baby brush twice a day at least 2 minutes; floss his teeth in addition to training him to limit snacks in-between meals and finally to see his dentist regularly.

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