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Best Swing Sets For Older Child.

Nothing is satisfying to a parent as seeing the young ones bubbly and happy. The swing sets for older child will excite and charm your older kid, helping them rediscover their personalities, improve their self-esteem, better their physical health, and even boost their grades at school.

So as a parent or guardian you may not have a good enough reason not to empower your kid by investing in one of the popular children’s swing set in the market. But, it’s not very easy to choose especially if you have never purchased a swing.

In fact, moving around the market, you will come across so many options such that you end up getting a throbbing headache. But alas, no need to stress yourself; here is our guide.

Top 3 Best Kids Swing Sets.

Editor's RatingImageName & LinkBelt Swings
Best High-EndBackyard Discovery Skyfort Swing Set .2 belt swings
Best Mid-RangeLifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set.3 Belt Swings
Best InexpensiveLifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set.2 belt swings

1.  Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set.

It’s not a bad idea to have an appealing swing set so long as it’s functional.

An easy to assemble swing set, the lifetime monkey bar swing set is one of the heavy duty, sturdy metal swing sets for older kids with full adult support and almost zero maintenance.

With first-class safety features, it stands neck and shoulder above the other swing sets for older child.

Best Swing Sets For Older ChildCLICK TO VIEW PRICE


  • Low maintenance – no staining or painting required
  • Smoothened hard edges
  • Maintains its strength and color thanks to its UV resistance
  • Soft rubber grips
  • 3 belt swings each 9 feet
  • Materials used are free from lead
  • Exceeds all quality and safety standards
  • Has a trapeze bar fitted with gym rings
  • Free-standing fireman’s pole (you won’t need cement)
  • All-weather
  • Monkey bars


  • It won’t budge even if you put all your children in the swing- it’s that sturdy.
  • This is absolutely tall- you can swing as high as your horizon
  • You can always shift it to the kids favorite playground as it’s so easy to reassemble
  • A heavy duty product- it will resist all the harassment from your grown kids
  • It looks great standing on the backyard
  • It functions so smoothly your kids will feel like they are playing on a well-oiled German machine.
  • Easy to assemble so your young ones will start having fun soonest.
  • It’s very safe to use as its features meet the top most safety standards
  • You can have a piece of the fun even if you are a big man(it actually supports adults)


  • Slightly pricey


What a nice children’s swing set! You will be very pleased with its quality. It’s very sturdy and spacious that even your big kids will have all the room they need for utmost fun.

Add to this the fact that it supports adults and you have a candidate for the best toddler swing set.

2.  Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat Heavy Duty/

If your older kids are fond of climbing onto rocks, probably they are crying out loud for the jungle gym kingdom heavy duty swing set.

Its built to easily fit into other swing’s hangers it’s also suitable as a replacement swing set.

You will fall in love with the fact that it’s a heavy weight swing sets for older child that seems ready to last for years, serving adults as well as the boys and the girls in the house!

BEST children's swing setCLICK TO CHECK PRICE


  • A DIY swing set
  • Shackle hardware |
  • Supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Fits easily into matching swing hangers (bought separately)
  • Rubber coated chains
  • Carabiner hook
  • Copolymer plastic which comes with grommets
  • Designed for homes
  • Protective plastisol coating


  • The yellow plastic coating ensures your kids fingers are protected from pinching
  • All the kids get a chance- it can hold up even with a 300lb weight
  • option of using it as a tree swing set or with swing hangers
  • Awesome as a replacement swing set when your older swing set frustrates you with its continue breakdown
  • Heavy duty design for your prolonged and hardcore use
  • inexpensively priced
  • Very safe and comfortable for everyone’s, everyday use
  • you easily fix it to your preferred connector- no genius required


  • Some of the components such as hooks are bought separately


This is your perfect replacement swing set. The rubber-coated chains and carabiner hooks the makes it breeze to hooks up with an existing swing set so your older kids will never have a dull moment.

3.  Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set.

You want a swing that can last unblemished over the years. Right?

I have had a swing set that was rusting, fading, and warping as soon as the weather changed and I tell you this is very annoying. You feel as if you have wasted your hard earned dollars.

That is precisely why I propose the lifetime heavy A-frame swing; it’s a solid, all-weather swing, very safe and virtually zero maintenance designed to allow the kids have all the fun they ever dream of right there in the backyard.

Best metal swing sets for older kids CLICK TO CHECK PRICE.


  • Constructed with steel
  • Safety enhancing rounded hard edges and plastic covered caps
  • pinching proofing soft rubber on grips
  • Free standing
  • Twin belt swings
  • The single trapeze bar comes with own gym rings


  • Freely stands, so you won’t spend money cementing the swing (very nice!)
  • Safety optimized with the smoothly rounded edges and rubber coated grips
  • Here comes a swing set built to stand all weather conditions and seasons
  • Saves you time with its zero maintenance construct
  • It will never shame you by rusting thanks to the UV protection
  • No pinching ever thanks to the soft rubber stuck on the chains grips
  • You will enjoy the process of assembling it – so easy
  • Highly sturdy so big kids and adults can join the fun


  • Assembly is somehow challenging


Another free standing swing for your kids comes ready to serve fun till they drop dead. It one of the best backyard playsets and will work well for kids between 3 to 12 years.

4.  Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ Spin- Safety Rated To 600 Lbs.

This is an awesome swing and spin swing for maximum outdoor fun for the entire clan- the dad, mum and all the kids. It’s also a perfect heavy duty swing sets for adults.

You simply swing and spin your way to relaxation and precious time. This is one of those swings which you will never outgrow!

best swing sets for toddlersCLICK TO CHECK PRICE.


  • Sturdy design
  • 600 lbs. weight support
  • Adjustable hang ropes
  • Comes ready for hang
  • A swing and spin swing.
  • Life-time swing.
  • powder coated steel frame
  • Weave rope platform seat
  • Hang it on the tree or playground
  • UV-resistant


  • You will love the swing’s service all your life
  • packed with choices to give you all the freedom you need- Hang it on the tree or playground
  • Very sturdy thanks to the steel frame
  • Doesn’t need much ceremony-comes ready to hang
  • The adjusting hang ropes will help you customize the swing settings for full fun
  • Spacious enough for all the kids to jump in
  • UV resistance makes it perfect for all weather
  • Lower price
  • Can swing as high as you may want- it’s that flexible!
  • The broad base make the swing set feel safer


  • A delightful product with no major flaws and among the number one swing set for older kids and adult swing set.


With a higher weight rate and a great price, this is one of those swings which kids will love all the way to their adulthood makes it a superb fun accessory to have in the family

5.  Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset.

This comes across as a one of the highly innovative wooden swing sets for older kids.

It has an amazing clubhouse on top of its stunning playdeck, a fabulous picnic table, an impressive sandbox and quality monkey bars making it one of our favorites in the swing sets for older child picks.

Best wooden swing sets under 1500 DollarsCLICK TO CHECK PRICE.


  • A raised clubhouse with a large upper fort
  • Lower playdeck
  • A pair of belt swings
  • 2 person swing glider
  • A sandbox
  • Monkey bars
  • Picnic table that can hold four kids
  • A sandbox
  • Made from cedar
  • Challenging rock wall
  • 3 position swinging beam


  • It has something for all- some kids can be swinging, while others play in the club house and still have others have it big playing it out on the picnic table or in the crow’s nest
  • Very room so that both big and small older kids can see and have it exactly the way they want it
  • Let’s the kids play the monkey to build their strength and focus
  • Your kids can build the climbing skills by taking the advantage of the challenging and yet fun-filled rock wall
  • The kids feel on top of the world when on the spacious balcony
  • Resists natural decay and rot so at least you can play without worrying that it may come tumbling down on your loved ones
  • Breeze assembly thanks to the safe hardware and clear instructions
  • You are guaranteed of kids safety as its built with the highest safety standards in place


  • It’s mainly a wooden swing


The backyard discovery wood swing playset is full of fun and also challenging for the kids. They will love the exemplary mix of ultra-fun activities and surprises.

6.  Flexible Flyer “World Of Fun” Swing Set.

A natural green camouflaging swing set which looks so immaculate on the your green backyard, this is a very sturdy and utmost stable swing for  2 year to 10 years.

It’s low lying and has protective coating which makes it fun and safe for use as an outdoor playset for toddlers

best metal swing sets for kidsCLICK TO CHECK PRICE.


  • Six legs design
  • Wave slide
  • Powder coated frame,
  • Injection shaped high-class fun swings
  • Coated adjusting height chains
  • Rocket rider
  • Trapeze swing
  • 2 passenger see-saw
  • Air-glider for two kids
  • Maximum weight supported is 1050 pounds


  • Feels more strong and stable thanks to the strong powder coated frame
  • More fun options for your kids- you have the seesaw, the air-glider, the wave slide plus many more
  • It nice looking mounted on your backyard
  • Fairly low ground- very nice with your younger kids
  • The chains have some plastic coverage so you will never hear them complaining of pinched fingers
  • The slide is simply a blast- your kids will play on it for hours on end


  • Initial assembly can be challenging


An excellent starter swing sets for toddlers, around 5 year olds. Its budget pricing and more fun options makes it an ideal swing set for ages 2 to 10 year olds.

7. Jungle-gym Style Soaring and Swinging Swing Set.

Your kids may not be that lucky as to experience the jungle each time they feel like. Yet, the jungle is a happy hunting ground for kids who seek to have unique fun and practice toughness that’s needed to survive in the jungle that the world has become.

With this swing set, you can create the dream jungle right at home! It’s galvanized to resist rusting plus fading and combines climbing activities with swings that propel the kids’ excitement up yonder.

best backyard playsetsCLICK TO CHECK PRICE.


  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Powder coating for safety
  • Soaring style- go as high as your wings can take you
  • Double sitting swing
  • UV resistor
  • 110 lbs. weight rating
  • Adjusting ropes



  • Adjust it to your kids level for more fun
  • The kids will be excited by the outward soaring swing style
  • plenty of play room so they can fly as high as their wings
  • UV resisting property makes it a durable investment
  • Kids enjoy maximum protection thanks to the powder coating
  • Assembly is breeze
  • Very solid- you will forget you are swinging


  • Not suitable with kids less than 3 years


A note-worthy solid swing set for the adventurous older kid. Could be a perfect solution for carefree fun and worthy of a mention in our swing sets for older child

8.  Swinging Monkey Products Giant Mat Platform Swing.

If you observe kids on the playground, you will notice the swinging monkey moves.

How? You will see them hopping and swinging their limbs just as the monkeys do when chasing the flying banana or while out there hanging out in the trees.

So, you will surely win them over if you introduce this tree swing, heavy duty swing set for older kids

Best swing sets for children CLICK TO CHECK PRICE.


  • 250 pounds maximum weight
  • Spacious platform
  • Oxford fabric
  • Absolutely easy to install
  • Attaches to the swing set or a tree
  • Steel frame


  • It never wears or tires- the kids will have non-stop fun
  • Very safe- the swing packs multiple protective features
  • More fun thanks to more choices- let the kids lay or sit on the swing
  • The kids won’t pester you for long- you will be able to set this up in minutes
  • Easily adjustable features so you can adapt it to fit every other kid
  • Its built to last- thanks to the oxford fabric coverage and steel tube
  • You choose where to have more fun- you can attach the swing to a tree or to a swing set.
  • Doesn’t need much space


  • no major flaws


This is one of those swings adapted for both indoors and outdoors, with extra durability, ease of assembly, maximum protection and freedom of choice- one of the top rated big kid swing set which is splendid with kids from 5 years going upwards.

9.  Kettler Home Playground Equipment: Trimmstation Swing Set.

You used to love variety as a kid. Right? Your kids are certainly no different.

Rather than being stuck with let’s say a swing set with maybe one or just two alternate fun styles, they would go for something that packs more fun tools and swing options, that is if given choice- just like the kettler home trimmstation swing set does!

This comes with a vertical ladder, some monkey bars, a full-board swing, a pull-up bar and a solid climbing rope.

Best cool swing setsCLICK TO CHECK PRICE.


  • A vertical ladder
  • Monkey bars
  • 300 pounds maximum support
  • Complete board swing
  • Pull-up bar
  • Strong climbing rope
  • Adjusting suspending ropes
  • Resistant powder coat finishing
  • Ground anchors


  • Appealing aesthetics- cool to the eyes
  • You can adjust the suspending ropes to any height
  • It’s a swing set to last for longer thanks to the rust and fade resisting coating
  • The ground anchors allow you to reinforce it with cement for extra stability
  • Your kids can pull off monkey stunts thanks to the monkey bars
  • Very safe for use with all kids thanks to the extra protective features
  • Your kids can build on their climbing skills thanks to the climbing ladder


  • Installation is involving


The kettler home trimmstation swing set offers good value for money thanks to more fun options and is very sturdy and excellently built.

It’s one of the recommended swing sets for children aged three to eight years old

10.  Premium 24″ Spider Web Playground Swing.

This not your traditional outdoor swing! It’s a stylish 24” (inch) circular seat swing surface permits your kids to change their swinging positions for more fun yet while still remaining safe.

Best swing sets for older childCLICK TO CHECK PRICE.


  • 24” circular seat
  • Padded steel tube
  • Strongest nylon webbing
  • Universal design- works from a tree or swing set
  • 250 pounds weight rating


  • The swing is designed to be very durable- notice its steel tube and nylon webbing
  • It’s a high quality product which feels and looks rare
  • Easiest installation- so you can start having fun within minutes
  • You have two options- attach it to a swing set or just hang it from a tree and you are ready to go
  • Adjustable hanging length for further adaptation
  • Lets the kids have it the way the like it- they can stand, sit or lay on the swing!


  • Almost flawless


If you are looking to surprise the kids with a fun-filled unique and one of the best backyard swing sets, consider the premium 24″ spider web swing.

It’s promises and delivers top-grade fun for your 5+ year olds.

Factors To Consider When Buying Best Swing Sets For Older Child.

So, what could the deal breaker when buying a swing set for older kids?

  • Ease of assembly

Go for a best swing sets for toddlers whose assembly is breeze, unless you have the expertise and skills set needed in assembly.

  • Mobility

I would rather have something I can shift along if need be. Some swings are best when cemented so they are harder if I need to move.

  • Safety

Kids are fragile and can easily get injured when playing. So, a swing set with the highest levels of safety and standards is very important

  • Functionality

Needless to say, I would like something which works as well as advertised- not any of those clumsy products which cause one frustration after another.

  • Space needed

Looking at the pictures, you can see that some swings have shapes which definitely require more space. So, do you have the space? If not, what else can you work with?

  • Features

Some of the outdoor playsets for kids have more fun features than others. Things like a club house, picnic tables, balcony and climbing ladder are just some of the useful features that adds value

  • Durability

One, wooden swings will not be as long lasting as their steel counterparts. Then, enhancements like UV resistance and powder coating indicates that the product is designed for the long haul.

  • Your kids age

How old are they? Each swing has some age recommendation- it is important to factor in this.

  • How heavy are your kids?

Check out the maximum weight supported by each swing- otherwise, it will come tumbling down and injure them due to overloading.

  • Can the adult join?

Some kids like playing with the parent. So, if your kid is like that, prepare to buy a swing which has adult support. Getting the best swing sets for adults and older kids will do the trick.


Getting it right when choosing the best playsets for older kids is paramount if at all your kid will be able to enjoy the swing you buy for them.

The above list of swing sets for older child will definitely help you hit it right and avoid future regrets.

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