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Best Sturdy Bunk Beds For Adults And Heavy People.

Have you ever heard of sturdy bunk beds for adults?

Here is the story:

Since am a fan of small space living, I have always loved bunk beds. So much, that my friends reckon that I am an expert on bunk bed matters.

So, the other weekend, one of buddies had a funny question- can bunk beds hold adults?

My answer…

A big yes!

But there is a rider- you must get yourself one of the trending best sturdy bunk beds for adults that will handle an adult weight with no stress.

Of course, I knew where my friend was coming from- many people think that bunk beds are for best for kids.

But it’s not true!

In fact, many manufacturers are today prioritizing adult bunkbeds seeing that demand has been consistently rising as more people warm up to the idea of using bunk beds to create extra bed space for guests and your kids.

Great sturdy bunk beds for adults ensure that you enjoy a sound sleep and wake feeling fresh. This is not only healthy but also makes you one hell of a happy, productive guy.

And good sleep means you live longer!

So, if you decide to join the bandwagon and go for one of the big bunk beds, where should you start?

We bring you an exclusive list of the top ten adult bunkbeds and also the key features to check out for when hunting for one;

Devour the best adult size bunk beds first;

Best Heavy Duty Adult Bunk Beds.

1. Coaster Home Heavy Duty Metal Bunk Beds For Adults

Rather than feeling dreary and scared at sleep time, this heavy duty bunk bed makes sleeping fun by permitting you to sleep in style.

It is one of the most contemporary full-size bunk beds for adults with the gunmetal color giving this adult bunk bed quite an appealing look.

With a metal curve design that holds steady against any weight, you will never again fear to turn in bed

Best Sturdy Bunk Beds For Adults CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Strong guard rails
  • No headboard
  • Flat stair treads
  • Z-curve design
  • Built-in side ladders
  • Max weight 400 lbs
  • Gunmetal color
  • Metallic frame


  • This bed is very sturdy and heavy duty
  • You will put it easily and quickly thanks to the clear
  • Has ample head room
  • The stairs are very easy to climb
  • It saves lots of floor space
  • Fits an 8-inch mattress perfectly
  • No irritating squeaking noise
  • This is a huge bed
  • It looks nice


  • It hard to get a major  complaint


You will have fun as you sleep in stylish with this full-size premier bunk bed. Thanks to the gunmetal color and a sturdy metal curve design, you get to add strength and beauty to your bedroom.

2.  Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed For Adults.

Your dreams can turn into a nightmare if you come tumbling down when your bed crushes on you.

Since it’s made from rock-hard, knot-free wood, this won’t abandon you at your hour of need.

What’s more?

You can add storage under bed drawers or a trundle bed making it one of the most functional, space-conscious sturdy bunk beds for adults.

bunk bed with desk for adultsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Standard twin mattress
  • Made from solid, knot-free, wood
  • Metal-centre support bar
  • Non-toxic finish
  • 400 lb. capacity
  • Metal-on-metal connections
  • Space-saving
  • Can easily be made into 2 beds
  • Reversible ladder
  • Tall guardrails
  • Can take in under-bed storage drawers/trundle bed


  • It’s very stable and won’t weaken over time
  • You can separate it into 2 stand-alone beds
  • It comes with an easy climbing ladder
  • The knot-free wood frame makes it one of the most solid bunk beds adults
  • It has an outstanding , non-toxic finishing
  • With an impressive 400 lb capacity per bed, it quite a capable bed.
  • You can add a trundle bed or even under bed drawers
  • It’s so simple to assemble


  • No major fault


With a design that can take in a trundle bed or under-bed storage drawers, and a concrete, knot-free wood frame, this is one of the most fascinating heavy duty bunk beds for adults.

It’s again not exaggerated in size so your kids will also find it incredible.

3.  Dorel Home Products Silver Screen Twin Cool Adult Bunk Beds

A time comes when you feel that your old furniture doesn’t really represent your present-day style.

Deep inside, you know it’s the high time to replace everything.

Giving your not-so-spacious bedroom an updated look could be a great way to start.

To me, what you need is a piece of furniture that is not only space saving but also fun and attractive.

I would proudly choose the DHPs silver screen adult bunk beds.

The modern, hip and trendy, DHP’s Silver Screen Twin/Futon Bunk Bed brings a chic design to your child’s bedroom, while still providing safety, versatility, and durability.

The clean and sleek lines of the metal frame become a focal point of the room.

heavy duty bunk beds for adultsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Metal frame
  • Clean, sleek lines on the frame
  • Chic design
  • Twin/futon bunk bed
  • Clean contemporary design
  • Weight: 225-lbs top, 600-lbs futon


  • Its colors match with any room décor
  • Made from extremely strong, durable metal
  • Well-priced
  • It is a very good quality
  • This is a huge bed


  • It may take time to assemble
  • Ladder on your side is not the most comfortable


The chic, trendy, DHP’s Silver Screen Bunk Bed brings versatility and functionality to your bedroom.

It is one of the best bunk beds for adults

4.  DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder.

Do you know that getting enough sleep daily helps keep certain types of cancer at bay?

Do you see why sleeping well is so crucial to your health?

Having a safe, comfortable bed is paramount if it all you will sleep well.

The DHP twin over full bunk bed has the design that lets you sleep like a baby as soon as you are on.

I am talking about the metal slats that support and comforts you to sleep, the easy to use side ladders and the metal base which makes the bed so strong and safe to support even 450lbs guys.

full size bunk beds for adultsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Twin-Over-Full bed
  • Modern, stylish look
  • Weight limit: 200 lbs (top), 450 lbs(bottom)
  • Mattress: standard 6-inches(top), standard full-size(bottom)
  • 2 integrated side ladders
  • Metal slats(top and bottom)
  • Sleek, space-saver design


  • The style matches that of the most modern bed
  • Simple to set-up
  • Great pricing
  • Has a sleek, space-saving design
  • Gives you all the support, and comfort to sleep heavily
  • Enjoy great durability
  • It’s very versatile- you can fit a trundle down there


  • One of the most awesome bunk beds for adults – no fault so far


You will like the convenience from the 2 integrated ladders on either side, the super support from the metal slats, and the sleek, space economising design.

Besides, this is one of the metallic sturdy bunk beds for adults hence extra steady.

5.  Powell Heavy Metal Black Full Over Full Bunk Beds For Adults.

If you have some youth in the house, you need one of the sturdiest bunk beds for adults

Obviously, because they like adventure and will pressurize the bed to breaking point.

The powell heavy metal adult bunk bed is crafted from heavy duty black metal to give it the power to withstand any harassment while at the same time complementing the bedrooms décor

full over full bunk beds for adultsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Made from black metal
  • Full over full bed
  • Weight: 300 lbs on either bed
  • Sturdy step ladder
  • 8-inch mattresses


  • Looks elegant in your bedroom
  • Very sturdy- won’t come down or squeak loudly
  • You get two beds in one
  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Works with 8-inch mattresses
  • Excellent ladders offers easy way up and down


  • the flat ladder may be a little uncomfortable to climb


This heavy metal full over full bunk beds for adults survives all pressures while upgrading your bedrooms décor to the impeccable.

It’s another impressively built adult size bunk beds from our list of full size bunk beds for adults.

6.  DHP Twin-Over-Futon Futon Metal Bunk Bed- Convertible Couch and Bed.

This has so many interesting features but what we liked most is that you can use it as a nice stylish, sofa or a twin bed.

Throw in the fact that it can take in 600lbs! On the futon and you don’t need to second guess its durability.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the DHP ben-convertible couch and bed- one of the coolest grown up bunk beds around.

sturdy bunk beds for adultsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Mattress thickness: 6″ upper and 8″ bottom
  • Twin bed and futon frame
  • Full-size guardrail(top bunk)
  • Durable, metal frame construction
  • Two ladders (1 on either side)
  • Black with a beautiful satin finishing
  • Fashionable metal mesh panels
  • Weight limit: 200 lbs(bunk bed), 600 lbs(futon)


  • You are free to use this as a nice sofa or double bed
  • Superior seating support
  • It feels warm and cozy
  • You set up in a matter of minutes
  • Takes up very little space
  • The full-size guardrail ensures you will never fall off


  • Great design- we didn’t notice a weakness


The ability to use it as a couch or a bed is great for anyone living in a small space. And its ability to support some gigantic 600-lbs means you will be dealing with one of the sturdiest bunk beds for adults

7.  Coaster Fine Furniture 460056k Full Over Full Bunk Bed.

Melatonin is the hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycles.

You will find it in meat, vegetables, some fruits, and grains.

But even if you try to boost your levels of melatonin by consuming more of these, you will never sleep soundly unless you have committed to one of the best full over full bunk beds for adults.

This should be space-saving, muscular, safe, and convenient to use- exactly what you get with the coaster fine full-over-full bunk bed.

modern bunk beds for adultsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Full-over-full
  • Built-in ladders
  • Mattress:8 inch( bottom), 6 inch (top)
  • 2-inch metal tube
  • 150lbs (top) and 200lbs(bottom) weight capacity
  • Full-length guard railings
  • No Bunkie board needed


  • The metal tubing makes it utmost sturdy
  • Will give you excellent value for your money
  • Fits perfectly in a small room
  • Among the adult bunkbeds that we have here, this is one of the lightest
  • Works comfortably with an 8-inch mattress
  • Great support meaning you don’t need to add a Bunkie board


  • The space between the lower bunk and the top is not that big


We find this to be one of the finest, cool adult bunk beds. Its well-built, space conscious and easy to climb up and down.

On top, the full-length guards protect you from ever falling even while deep in dreamland.

8.  Home Accent Sturdy Metal Twin-over-Twin Bunk Bed for Adults

To say that this bed is one of the most secure sturdy bunk beds for adults is a gross understatement.

Fabricated with your safety at heart, it has bed length guard rails and a steel frame to boot for more stability and functionality.

Again, if your dread sleeping up high, you can separate this into two single beds at your own convenience.

heavy duty metal bunk beds for adultsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Includes support slats
  • Twin-over-twin
  • Maximum weight of 250 lbs on each bed
  • Ladder can be mounted on either side
  • Full-length guardrails
  • Can be separated into 2 separate beds


  • In terms of safety, it ranks up there with the best
  • Comfortably takes in an 8-inch mattress
  • The bed comes mattress ready
  • It exudes confidence and taste of fashion
  • You can choose to place ladder on either side
  • You can split it into 2 beds if you don’t like sleeping up there
  • Zero clicking noise after assembly


  • Guys beyond 250lbs won’t find it steady enough


You will be very pleased with this safe, contemporary twin-over-twin bunk bed.

When compared with most modern bunk beds for adults, this easily delivers beyond your imagination in all aspects.

9.  Duro Metal Bunk Bed For Heavy People – 320 Lbs Top 400 Lb BottomBunk.

Furniture technology has continued to grow in depth and breadth over the past decade and we now have something for everyone.

Big guys, who need oversized bunk beds, rejoice in big bunk beds which are customized to support their big frame.

One such bed is the Duro metal bunk bed for heavy people. Its stands strong even if 2 guys – each weighing 400lbs pop in!

full size bunk beds for adultsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Full/full bunk bed
  • 320lbs (top) and 400lbs(bottom) weight capacity
  • Full mattress
  • Low header and footer at the end of each bed
  • Safety rails
  • Spacious bunks
  • Slatted guard rail
  • Super-durable metal
  • Black shade finishing


  • Does well with 400lbs rated guys
  • The guard rails make sure you are safe as you lounge or sleep
  • Great in small spaces
  • Takes in full-size mattresses
  • Can be used by both adult and kids
  • It’s very durable
  • Your pillows won’t fall over thanks to the header/footer


  • May take you just a little longer to put together


Built with top-notch durable metal, this is one of the superstar heavy duty metal bunk beds for adults.

It impresses with the present-day black shade finishing and its first-class safety-full features.

We feel that it is one of the best performing bunk beds suitable for adults, especially with the big guys!

10.  DHP Sturdy Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs.

If sleep is hard to come by, get an activity that makes you to break a sweat. Have a cold shower, and then try falling asleep!

You should fall into slumberland soon..

But why should you go to all this trouble? Maybe, you could have tried changing your bed first.

A nice sturdy bunk bed to consider is this metallic black twin over full bunk bed, which features an attaching ladder for more safety.

best bunk beds for adultsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Weight capacity: 225 lbs(bottom), 300 lbs(top)
  • Black finish
  • Mattress: Full (bottom), 6-inches (Twin)
  • Twin over full bed
  • Attaching ladder
  • Cross slats


  • Holds up pretty well
  • Made from durable metal
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Its natural black color looks pleasant
  • It a nice look twin over full bunk bed


  • Assembly takes longer
  • It may make some squeaky noise when being moved


This is the last of our sturdy bunk beds for adults.  It is affordable, safe, and sturdy- sure to make you get sleep without having to work so hard for it!

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Sturdy Bunk Beds For Adults

Getting a bunk bed with desk for adults can be intimidating and despite having an expansive collection of some very good sturdy bunk beds for adults to choose from, you still have to dig very deep.

While on it, pay attention to the following points- otherwise you will regret your purchase down the road;

  • Is it separable?

If you don’t like sleeping near the sky all the days, choose one of those sturdy bunk beds for adults that can be split into individual beds.

  • Strength/power

How well does it hold it? Remember you don’t something which starts shaking at the slightest hint of tossing and turning in bed.

  • Weight rating

Most of the bunk beds for adults we have highlighted here have specific weight recommendations. It’s crucial that you know your weight and that of your friends to get it right

  • Versatility

Bunk beds are for small spaces. You may want a sturdy bunk bed which can also be used as coach plus by your kids. It makes you save space and be better organized.

  • Durability

Most of the solid bunk beds adults made from metal are designed for longer used, thus they save your bucks.

  • Mattress size

Now, what size of mattress is more comfortable with you? Which mattress do you have? It would be better to go for heavy duty bunk beds for adults which can go with your favorite mattress.

  • Safety features

Most heavy duty bunk beds for adults have beefed up security features such as full-length guard rails, strong ladders, and excellent slat support to ensure you can twist and turn in your sleep without worrying about falling off!

  • Ease of assembly

Great adult size bunk beds have clear assembly instructions- you need to get it up quickly and correctly so that you can move on with life anyway!

  • Others

The décor and pricing are also important but first and foremost, you should focus on functionality then them. Otherwise, you pass over the best sturdy bunk bed and live to regret it

In Winding Up

There are some truly amazing sturdy bunk beds for adults out there.

But the best sturdy bunk beds are those which are safe, easy to set up, versatile and strong enough to support your weight.

With these, your long-held dream of enjoying a night’s sleep will no longer be a pipe dream. It will be your new reality, each and every night.

So, go ahead and do your best. Hopefully, you will be lucky to land the best of the best heavy duty bunk beds for adults


Here  are some wonderful tips to help you doze off quickly- just in case sleep decides to play mind games with you, despite having one of the most awesome queen bunk beds for adults!



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