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Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Pocket.

For soccer enthusiasts, soccer backpacks with ball pocket are a must have.

It doesn’t matter whether you play it for fun, as a pro or as an aspiring superstar, a soccer bag with ball compartment will make your adventures more enjoyable.

But how? Simple! See, with the best soccer backpack, you can carry all your playing and support essentials comfortably so that you can focus on what’s important- your soccer.

It’s true there are many soccer backpacks advertised as the best soccer bags; however, it’s good to know that unless it’s one of the best soccer bags with ball holder, something has to give- sure, you may still squeeze in the spare ball but sadly you won’t be able to bring your much needed extra jersey, shin pads, studs, water bottle or goalkeeper gloves along.

Editor's RatingImageName & LinkFeatures
Best High-EndProGear Soccer Backpack w/Ball Pocket.Durable nylon and polyester
Best Mid-Rangeadidas Team Speed Duffel Bag.ClimaProof water-proof material
Best InexpensiveDiadora Squadra Backpack.Mesh front ball pocket

Now, we are inspired to help you identify your best soccer backpack with ball holder. This is precisely why we created the following list of the top 10 soccer backpacks with ball pocket.

Read on;

Best Soccer Bags With Ball Holder Reviewed.

1.  ProGear Soccer Backpack w/Ball Pocket.

Meet this cool, spacious and very durable soccer backpack. It perfectly serves as a carrier for soccer equipment and has a standard ball holder where you fit any soccer ball.

Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Pocket CLICK TO VIEW PRICE


  • Made of durable nylon and polyester
  • Standard ball holder
  • Superb organizer
  • All internal compartments are zipped
  • Flexible should straps
  • Strong extra top handle
  • Extra pocket near the bottom
  • Roomy inside
  • Black/grey color
  • small stitching


  • Many, well-distributed pockets enable you to organize your items nicely
  • Can also be used to carry a football, basketball, and volleyball
  • Big enough to carry all your necessities
  • The shoulder straps can be adjusted to desire
  • Strong top carry handle so you can
  • The zipped pocket found on the bottom enables you to separate your items
  • Distributes weight comfortably with the thicker straps
  • Great design


  • The main zipper may break off if forced


The progear soccer backpack holds a lot of stuff. With it, you will be sure to carry all you need to your practice sessions.

2.  Adidas Stadium Team Backpack.

Keep yourself sharp and organized with this adidas soccer bags with ball holder. It exceeds expectations with a fitting front pocket and airy cleat compartment.

soccer bag with ball compartmentCLICK TO VIEW PRICE

With a total of four pockets, you can fit a towel, water bottle, goggles, shoes, iPhone, charger and numerous other miscellaneous gears.


  • 4 pockets- 1 on the inside and 3 on the outside
  • 13 color variety
  • Zippered ball pocket
  • Polyester backpack
  • Ventilated cleat compartment
  • Water resistant
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Green interior
  • Easy embroidery


  • Space to add your team logo
  • Your gear is completely safe with this water-resistant backpack
  • The zippered pocket can be used as a ball pocket as well as a laundry pocket
  • Laser cut superior ventilation keeps gear fresh and dry
  • Roomy yet not bulky
  • Extra padding on the straps will support more weight
  • Colorfully decorated
  • Easily separate your stuff into the impressive chambers


  • Price is slightly on the higher side


The Adidas stadium backpack is a very well made backpack soccer bag, created to make your stadium experience smooth and eventually make you a champion.

3.   Diadora Squadra Backpack.

With a well-vented front soccer-ball pocket, cleat pocket, side pocket for your personal staff and a very big main compartment, this could be the backpack to liberate you from your organizational mess.

best soccer backpackCLICK TO VIEW PRICE

Its reinforced material also makes it superb for kids and young adults. Reason? They aren’t that good in caring for stuff. The squadra always emerges unscathed whatever the hostility.


  • Mesh front ball pocket
  • Big interior compartment
  • Sturdy, comfortable adjustable straps
  • High quality built
  • More pockets for small accessories
  • Made of durable


  • Durable material so it survives mishandling
  • Has more side pockets and on the top for to hold your small accessories
  • Has excellent ball storage
  • Strong zippers build to last
  • Simple to adjust straps
  • Supplementary waist strap offers you further load support


  • Misses a pocket to hold a water bottle


With its abundant features, the squadra is one of the most popular soccer backpacks for school. It’s an addition that your kid or teen will appreciate.

4.   Adidas Team Speed Duffel Bag.

The duffel is a big sized sports bag with multiple breathing compartments that allows you to neatly sort your gear with speed so that you can leave for the next activity without further delay.

soccer backpack with ball holderCLICK TO VIEW PRICE.

Worthy of mention is the shoe compartment to top up the soccer ball chamber.


  • ClimaProof water-proof material
  • Many compartments
  • Strong stitching
  • Lightweight
  • Shoe compartment


  • Plenty of room- you can fit the ‘whole’ house
  • Solid built, feels strong on your hands
  • Breathing compartments keep everything fresh
  • Tailored soccer ball compartment
  • It’s so light, movement is breeze
  • Sleek looking- everyone sings its praises
  • Saves you money with a reasonable pricing
  • Fold it to save on storage space if whenever you are not using it.


  • The strap can become uncomfortable when overloaded


While Adidas labels the duffel medium, this is a big bag by all standards. It can serve you well in the playground, gym or while traveling. And athletes seem to love the design. Simply, you can trust it to nail all your requirements.

5.   Soccerware Heavy Duty Soccer Bag Backpack.

Moving on, we land at the soccerware heavy duty bag. This is great as either a girls’ soccer backpack or a boys’ soccer bag.

soccer bags with ball holderCLICK TO VIEW PRICE.

Being one of the backpacks custom-made for kids and youth, it comes packed with some phenomenal features.

From the airy compartments that keeps bacteria away all the way to the extremely comfortable shoulder drawstring, this is no doubt a premium youth soccer backpack.


  • Adjustable backpack
  • Ventilated compartments
  • Water bottle mesh pocket
  • Shoe mesh pocket
  • Cotton padded shoulder drawstring
  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant lining inside the compartment
  • Made of heavy duty material
  • Additional internal pockets for your other accessories.


  • Ventilated pockets keeps bacteria away
  • The material is one of the easiest to wash
  • Youthful design
  • Super comfortable thanks to cotton enhanced shoulder drawstring
  • Very easy to open and close.
  • Strong straps will support any weight
  • A backpack built to last
  • Additional internal pockets to hold your other accessories.
  • You will feel good with its minimalist design


  • Nothing to complain about so far


If you love being organized, you will surely love this bag. It’s a great bag to carry your entire youngster’s gear and guarantees longevity.  It undoubtedly usurps most of the other backpacks looking to impress the boys and girls.

6.   Under Armour Unisex Striker II Soccer Backpack.

Another soccer backpack privileged to make it into our distinguished list of soccer backpacks with ball pocket is Under Armour Unisex.

soccer backpacks for schoolCLICK TO VIEW PRICE.

This comes armed with water repelling pockets to hold all your stuff safe as you work on your shots. Perhaps, it could give you the freedom you require to become the next Pele!


  • Made of polyester
  • Neoprene removable holder for your soccer ball
  • Embroider team logos on removable ball holder Padded laptop sleeve
  • Treated pockets
  • Polyurethane coated base
  • Adjustable straps


  • You can embroider your teams’ logo
  • Sufficiently roomy
  • Remarkable, kind of universal ball holder- can carry a soccer ball, volleyball or basketball
  • Comes treated so you are sure your gear remains safe
  • The PU coating helps resist abrasion on the bottom
  • The fabric is waterproof so all remains dry
  • You can adjust the straps to match your shoulders for extra comfort
  • No extra weight to worry about- the bag itself is exceptionally light
  • You can remove the ball holder and use it as an ordinary backpack


  • Doesn’t come with a separate shoe pocket


A high-quality unisex backpack for carrying all your balls and sporting gear

7.  Sports Athletic Backpack w/ Pocket for Team Soccer Ball.

In any daily sports, being organized can make all the difference in winning.

The sports athletic backpack has awesome organizer features, great for any sportsman who is committed to winning.

backpack soccer bag CLICK TO VIEW PRICE


  • Made of rip-stop nylon/polyester fabric
  • Big mesh pocket on the front
  • Perfectly designed side mesh holders for your shine guard and cleats
  • Shoulder strap fitted with a smartphone holder
  • Pleasant straps
  • Long lasting clips
  • Headphone opening
  • A supplementary slip pocket


  • Fabric reinforced to resists tearing plus ripping
  • Big enough holders for the volleyball, basketball, soccer ball and football
  • Superior side mesh shine guards holder
  • Enjoy music while trudging along thanks to the headphone opening
  • The cell phone/music player pocket on the shoulder strap is a smart extra
  • Basketball bag with ball compartment features comfortable straps, durable clips, and easy flow zippers
  • Perfectly adjustable should strap
  • The twin side water bottle pockets can carry bigger sized water bottles/sport drinks


  • It is not very the most durable sports bag


The slip pocket, pen holders, extra-large pockets and zippered mesh could be some nice little extras that could crank up your organization making this sports backpack a useful product to have in your sporting life!

8.   Soccer Backpack – Youth Kids Ages 6 and Up

As a parent, it falls on you to ensure the sleeping sports giant in your kid will finally wake up.

youth soccer backpack CLICK TO VIEW PRICE.

You will surely need all the help you can get as you nudge the young sporting champion to the heights of sporting success. This soccer backpack offers reliable support in carrying all the crucial gear to the stadium.


  • Optimal size for tomorrows’ stars
  • Sufficient room to hold all gear including a water bottle and shoes
  • Durably built with 420D nylon further
  • Reinforced with PVC Backing
  • Airy side pockets
  • Padded on the back
  • Easy to adjust shoulder strap
  • Water resistant


  • Tough as nails- resists mishandling and pressure
  • The ventilation on the side pockets keeps everything fresh
  • Ultimate durability
  • The back is supremely padded- the star will feel so comfortable
  • You can keep adjusting the straps to till you get optimal comfort
  • Can carry 5 soccer balls, a standard basketball and still retain room for a volleyball
  • It’s not too big for your son neither does it look too squeezed.
  • Water won’t mess up what’s inside
  • Dual purposed- great for school and the playground


  • We are struggling to pick a weakness


This is an excellently rated backpack for upcoming stars. It serves all their needs when going to the school and or to the playground.

9.     Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack.

We are almost getting done but it would be a disservice if we leave out the Nike club swoosh backpack.

nike soccer backpack with ball holderCLICK TO VIEW PRICE.

This is a quality Nike soccer backpack with ball holder, and shines as one of the perfect soccer backpacks for school


  • Polyester material
  • Optimal size
  • Very elastic ball pouch
  • Adjusting Straps
  • Water bottle holder
  • Water resistant
  • Padding on the back


  • The pouch is elastic enough to always retain the soccer ball in its place.
  • It has space for everything
  • Holds up well even during the rainy season
  • Will carry the ball, your cleats, playing kit and other all essentials comfortably
  • Efficient design-not bulky or clumsy
  • Material feels durable
  • Super lightweight
  • Separated wet and dry storage areas


  • The ball pocket cannot be zipped once ball inside


Looks may be deceiving. While you may dismiss it as too small, this soccer backpacks with ball pocket will not leave a thing out. Of course, this what makes it very popular- it’s silently efficient without being bulky

10. Vizari Taranto Backpack with Mat.

If you always find yourself having to switch to wet or dirty surfaces as you explore your soccer talents, call on this backpack the only one in our last to come with a foldout mat.

: soccer backpacks with ball pocketCLICK TO VIEW PRICE.

It’s another amazing soccer backpacks with ball pocket from vizari with all desirable features and a great price.


  • Polyester construct
  • Meshed roomy front pocket
  • Nice side pockets (one is vented)
  • Shoulder straps are padded
  • Easy opening looped zippers
  • Folding out mat


  • Amazingly great compartments – your size 5 ball fits in freely.
  • The folding out mat is an amazing convenience when playing in dirty or wet areas
  • You can embroider your name, logo or number
  • The breathing side pocket will safely hold all your valuables
  • Budget pricing
  • Easy to open zippers


  • Durability is not guaranteed


The vizari Taranto is a unique product for wet and dirty surfaces.

Factors to consider while buying The Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Pocket.

So, what must you have and what can you overlook as you search for your next great soccer backpacks with ball pocket. We feel you should check out the following issues;

  • Durability

Some materials are inherently more durable. For instance, nylon and polyester are considered to be some of the most long-lasting materials for a bag

  • Water resistance

You might occasionally encounter rain. So, why not go for one of the soccer backpacks with ball pocket built with water repelling properties?

  • Ventilation

Breathing pouches help to eliminate messy sweaty odor

  • Size

The size of the backpack determines the number and size of its compartments. Did you notice that in our review it is the bigger bags which seem to have all the compartments?

  • Shoulder Straps

Bags with adjusting and comfortable shoulder straps should carry the day

  • Extras

Some manufacturers like throwing in some surprising extras here and there. Be on the lookout for backpacks with treated pockets, headphone exits, pen holders, and cool items such as foldout mats

  • Universality

For the young ones, they need a bag they can use both at school and in the playground.


Remember as always, we are hawk-eyed when selecting products- in this case; our focus was the soccer backpacks with ball pocket. We sincerely hope that we have helped you identify your best soccer backpack.

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