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Best Shoes For Toddlers Learning To Walk | Best Walking Shoes For Babies.

There is nothing exciting like seeing your little princess make those little first strides on her or his own. Getting the best shoes for toddlers learning to walk is the best reward you can offer to your child during these exciting moments.

Did you know that there are right and wrong shoes for toddlers learning how to walk?

Baby shoes are about the cutest things you can ever buy but it’s important for parents to know that shoes do affect how fast and comfortably a child will walk so you must get the best shoes for toddlers learning to walk.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the best shoes for learning to walk should be lightweight and flexible in order to support foot movement, breathable and have rubber soles for traction and to avoid sliding.

It’s also very important to have the right size of toddler walking shoes as too big will fall off and too small will pinch their little toes.

It’s easy to buy any shoes for toddlers but it’s not easy to get the best shoes for babies learning to walk.

So, what do you do to settle for that perfect safe shoe for your little princess?

We have extensively searched and come up with the best baby’s first shoes for walking that are not only safe, of quality but also adds vitality to your kid as she or he learn to make those crucial initial steps…


Best Toddler Shoes for Learning to Walk.

1.   Momo Baby Girls First Walker/Toddler Ladybugs Mary Jane Leather Shoes.

best shoes for toddlers Momo Baby Girls First Walker Leather Shoes are the best baby shoes you can buy for your little princess because they are carefully designed to protect their delicate feet and offer amazing comfort.


The shoe is made of high quality leather with a very fashionable look and there are adjustable straps to make putting on and off easy.

This cute shoe has a flexible rubber sole with deep tread pattern to not only prevents sliding and enhances traction, but also allows natural movements.

The inside of the shoe is pretty comfortable with a wide toe box and leather lining to enhance breathability.

Cons: The sizing is a bit off as they are way too small.

2.   PAMBO Baby Slip-On Shoes for Infants, Newborns and Toddlers-Cute Soft Soled Walking Shoes.

Best Shoes For Toddlers Learning To Walk PAMBO Baby Slip-On Shoes are some of the best infant shoes in the market because they are made of soft cotton with a naturally curved shape to offer support as the baby learns to crawl and walk.


There are many reasons why these loafers will help your child walk fast one being the soft sole that enhances balance every step of the way.

The cute shoes are available in many colors suitable for both girls and boys and they boast a non-slip, water-proof soles for stability and gentle ankle support.

The inside feels like heaven thanks to the soft breathable cotton that reduces sweat and keeps the little feet cozy.

Cons: The soles on these shoes are a bit too soft so they wear out fast.

3.   Momo Baby Boys First Walker/Toddler Train T-Strap Leather Shoes.

best shoes for learning to walk If you loved the Momo Baby Girls First Walker Shoes, then Momo Baby Boys First Walker shoes are the boy’s version because best shoes for new walkers must be made for everyone.


All Momo Baby shoes are recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association and they are made of very durable and breathable leather.

The cute boy shoes have rubber soles with deep tread patterns so that your child won’t slide as they try to get up or walk and the sole is very flexible to enhance natural shift of weight from back to front.

The fan-shaped toe allows the big and the small toe to wiggle comfortably and there are adjustable straps to keep the shoe on.

Cons: The stitching on the straps is poorly done so they come off quickly.

4.   Stride Rite Soft Motion Kellen Sneaker.

best shoes for babies learning to walk For over 85 years, Stride Rite has been a partner with parents to make shoes that will enhance quick and stable development of kids as well as offer style.

These Stride Rite Soft Motion Kellen Sneakers are some of the best toddler sneakers with oversize opening so sliding in and off is breeze.


The cute shoes have a rounded synthetic sole to prevent stumbling and falling plus it’s very flexible with Deep flex grooves to allow the kids legs to move freely.

While these shoes look very tough on the outside, the inside is all squishy with soft memory foam and mesh linings for comfort and support.

Cons: The cost is a bit much for baby shoes.

5.   Pediped Originals Adrian Sneaker.

best shoes for baby learning to walkAnother number on the best sneakers for toddlers list are these pediped Originals Adrian Sneakers made of breathable leather and leather soles.

The shoes are pretty comfortable with breathable leather lining on the inside and Velcro straps so you can adjust to your comfort.


Pediped Originals Adrian Sneakers are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association and they have a non-slip sole for safety and stability.

These shoes are very roomy so the baby’s toes can wiggle comfortably and they are suitable for both girls and boys in any outfit.

Cons: The stitching is not good quality.

6.   Stride Rite SRTech Elliot Bootie.

baby first walking shoesStride Rite SRTech Elliot Bootie are the most beautiful walking shoes for babies and they will help him or develop steady steps.

The white booties feature a breathable leather upper with durable hook and loop closure for a secure fit.


Apart from being incredibly lightweight, these booties have a flexible outsole and sensory response technology that helps mimic barefoot walking so the child feels like they are walking on the ground.

The inside of this shoe is very comfortable with textile lining and self-molding textile footbed with contoured heel cradle to ensure a secure fit making it one of the best shoes for toddler boys.

Cons: There are no complaints.

7.   Robeez Girls’ Soft Soles, Traditional Silhouette.

best sneakers for toddlers According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, the best shoes for toddlers learning to walk should mimic foot movements.

These Robeez Girls’ Soft Soles are the next best thing to walking barefoot thanks to the soft sole design build to bend and flex easily.


The shape of these beautiful girl’s shoes is not constricting to growing feet and they promote good balance while the child is wobbling trying to walk.

The shoe is made of high quality leather with elasticized ankles for a perfect fit and softer sole cushion for comfort.

Cons: The sizing is very big so order a size smaller.

8. Pediped Originals Daisy Sandal

best shoes for toddler boys Pediped Originals Daisy Sandal offer an alternative to closed shoes for those times when it very hot.

The shoe is incredibly beautiful with cute cut outs to let air in and daisy flower accent at the center for decoration.


This shoe is all about details as the stitching is very detailed and there are adjustable hook-and –loop straps for an easy and secure fit.

The shoe is very comfortable thanks to the leather lining inside and the double layer leather sole has ample foam padding

Cons: The inside top where the flower is stitched can rub off on the baby’s foot so you can add a little moleskin to prevent that.

9. Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker.

Best Shoes For Toddlers Learning To Walk | Best Walking Shoes For Babies.Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker is one of the most beautiful baby walking shoes with yummy white and pink leather upper and butterfly details so your little girl will love them.

These sneakers have rounded soles to reduce stumbles and deep flex grooves for maximum flexibility.


Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker are made of very soft and supple leather with elasticized lace-up panel and hook-and-loop closure so the shoe will fit perfectly and not fall off.

The inside has natural leather lining and soft memory foam for comfort.

Cons:  The shoes have little ventilation so the feet get hot.

10.  Robeez Boys’ Slip On Soft Soles.

baby's first shoes for walkingRobeez shoes are fantastic baby’s first shoes for walking that have been approved by the APMA because they have soft flexible sole that mimics walking barefoot.

This Robeez Boys’ Slip On is a one of a kind shoe featuring a textile upper and synthetic sole.


The design of these popular toddler shoes is very roomy with elasticized ankle to accommodate a range of sizes and the sole promotes good balance and protection.

It is a flexible and non-constricting shoe that allows baby development in style.

Cons: The sizing is big so always go smaller and wear with socks.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Shoes for Toddlers Learning to Walk.

As any mother would tell you, walking is one of the hardest milestones any child can take and they need all the support they can get to do it faster and reduce the amount of times they fall.

Here are some of the features you should look for in the best shoes for toddlers learning to walk;

  • Comfort

It can be difficult to tell if a child is comfortable in their shoe because they can’t tell you but there are simple things to look for.

Baby first walking shoes must have room enough for the toes to wiggle around and has no loose fabric or material inside that can rub off on the toes.

The best shoes for toddlers should not be constricting their feet neither should it be too big and keep falling off.

  • Support and Stability

While soft shoes with thin bottom are okay for infants, baby first walking shoes should be something stronger like leather with a firm base for support and also protecting the child from hard surface.

The baby is crawling and hitting things at this point so you have to buy strong durable shoes that won’t come apart after a few days or allow the delicate feet to be hurt.

The best toddler shoes with proper arch support allow the baby feet to form and develop properly and also offer stability while walking.

  • Secure Fit

It can be very annoying for the child and even for the mom if the shoe keeps falling off after you squeeze it in the chubby feet.

The best shoes for baby learning to walk should fit snugly and stay on at all times because they can also get lost. Though slip-on shoes are pretty cute, the best shoes for toddlers should have Velcro option or lace up shoes.


If you get the best shoes for toddlers learning to walk, you will be amazed at how fast they get the confidence to start walking.

The best shoes for toddler must have ample support non-slip sole because you don’t want the baby to slide and fall.

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