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Best Shoes For Sore Feet And Legs Problems.

Having the best shoes for sore feet and legs is the best reliever ever…

You’ll agree with me that it takes energy and patience to walk around when you have a sore feet or hurting leg. What you need is simple; best shoes for people with foot problems.

Leg problems or having sore feet can cause your day highly uncomfortable and drastically reduce your productivity, especially if you are not aware of the existence of our best shoes for sore feet and legs problems.

Fully aware that pain in your feet is more than a pain in your neck, we went around shopping for options to help you relieve pain and get your groove back.

With myriad of choices in the market, we have reviewed only the best shoes that are comfortable, soft padded and that which absorb any shock and pressure from your feet.

Read on to discover some of the most recommended shoes for painful feet and top-ranked shoes for sore feet.

Editor's RatingImageName & LinkSole
Best High-EndUGG Women's Duffield Throw, One Size.Rubber
Best Mid-RangeAlegria Women's Paloma Flat.Rubber
Best InexpensiveOOFOS Unisex OOcloog Clog.Synthetic

1.  Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat Shoe.

Having a smiling foot is no longer a distant dream with this Classic Mary Jane.

Designed with the modern woman in mind, the Alegria Women’s Paloma flat offers everything that you would ever dream of when thinking of ultimate comfort.

Best Shoes For Sore Feet And Legs Problems CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Superb leather insole
  • Cushioned flat sole
  • Bright leather
  • Changeable footbed
  • Available in various colors
  • Classic Mary Jane


  • Removable footbed that allows you to introduce your favourite orthotics
  • Excellent leather insole with a superb arch support
  • An outsole that’s built to handle any pressure- even from big ladies
  • Naturally matches your feet’s shape so you can be relaxed all day long.
  • Maintains your posture, style, and your normal gait.


  • Getting the right size can be tricky


With its amazing inbuilt technological features, the women’s paloma flat from Alegria is one of the best shoes for sore feet and proves to be worth your every penny.

2. Orthofeet Avery Island Comfort Orthopedic Diabetic Walking Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Men.

For guys struggling with plantar fasciitis, the struggle to get a perfect shoe is real. Why? There are many shoes for plantar fasciitis but not many can beat the Orthofeet Avery Island Orthopedic Diabetic shoes for men.

plantar fasciitis shoesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Nice rubber
  • Made of leather
  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Extra depth
  • Foam padded soft interior lining


  • An innovative Ergonomic-Stride(TM) built purposed to alleviate all pain in your feet.
  • Extra depth design and wide toe box which removes all pressure on bunions and hammertoes
  • Smooth, seamless foam padded interior lining, protects highly sensitive feet, diabetics, and arthritics.
  • Superior comfort thanks to uniquely modeled orthotic insole
  • Light sole with modest cushioning softens helps to maintain an easy, natural gait.


  • Some users have reported it to be too narrow- the internal padding takes up significant space


A superior abundance of cool features makes it one of the most outstanding shoes in our carefully selected list of the best shoes for sore feet and legs problems, it’s a product worth a try.

3.  Vionic Women’s Motion Venture Active Lace Up.

It’s a lace up shoe which makes it perfect for any situation and comes packed with numerous features to guarantee luxurious coziness and extinguish soreness or aches in your feet.

shoes for aching feet and legs CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Rubber soles
  • Durable top mesh with hand woven overlays
  • Exchangeable EVA covered biomechanic footbed
  • Sports grade aesthetics
  • Lightweight synthetic product


  • It’s as light as a feather, making movement breeze
  • Smart sporty appearance.
  • Top mesh with man-made overlays permits perfect breathing and guarantees extra comfort.
  • Perfectly orthotic, changeable footbed that effortless aligns to your feet and chase away any lingering pain
  • Rubber made outer sole gives excess traction


  • These shoes are not very durable and seem to lose shape if continuously won for three months.


If you are looking forward to reclaiming the freedom of your feet from pain, this could be the shoe for you. It is among the best shoes for painful feet and is generally another awesome shoe from Vionic.

4.  OOFOS Unisex OOcloog Clog.

Any pain causes you to feel like you will pull your hair out. Oofos don’t want you to lose your hair- at least not because of sore feet and legs problems.

The clog is an impressively designed recovery shoe, which feels so soft on wear you may think you are walking on pillows.

best shoes for people with foot problems CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Fabricated sole
  • Supreme arch support
  • Vented sides
  • You can wash with your machine
  • Impact resisting features


  • Synthetic sole making it perfect for plantar fasciitis and discomfort elimination.
  • Relieves pressure on your heel by resisting impact on each step.
  • Superb arch support removes pressure on the heel.
  • Simple slip it on design
  • A multipurpose shoe that will make you stand tall all day long.


  • They become hot inside with prolonged wear bringing discomforting sweat.


Whatever your leg problem, you can trust this Oofos Unisex shoe packed with rare technological features to help reduce your suffering and quicken your feet’ healing process.

Not only is it among the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, it’s an efficient distress reliever for many disturbing leg problems.

5.  Vionic Men’s Orthaheel Technology Walker

This walker is created to enable move with optimum comfort and stability.

Vionic is built with advanced technology to make you forget stress on the feet, knees or ankles, the Vionic ortharheel is a favorite when picking from the best shoes for aching feet, great even for walking long distances.

best shoes for plantar fasciitisCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Full leather shoe
  • Top mesh
  • EVA mid-sole with awesome shock absorption ability
  • Walkers design
  • Synthetic soles


  • Customized orthotic footbed which flexes admirably during movement
  • Durable shoe, made of water-resistant leather
  • Good looking and attractive sporting appearance shoes gives you extra confidence
  • Has an EVA mid-sole, which impressively absorbs shock when walking giving you superb balance.
  • Airy mesh lined up with PU foam base reduces friction between your feet and the leather introducing more comfort.


They may not be the most long lasting shoes.


This is simply one of the Best shoes for foot pain, created to seemingly unleash the best of you.

6.  Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper

This classic Suede shoe makes into our distinguished list of the best shoes for sore feet and legs problems by the virtue of it offering a soothing remedy for another common pain- the metatarsal pain.

best shoes for aching feet CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Classic suede shoe
  • Built with deep heel cupping
  • Grade arch orthotics
  • Sole made of rubber
  • Non slippery outsole
  • Antimicrobial features


  • Has a special antimicrobial treatment to fight bad odor and promote feet hygiene
  • Super comfy with an ultra-light EVA outsole and expertly defined footbed
  • Tackles metatarsal pain, thanks to the slippers’ metatarsal dome.
  • Casual yet firm design superbly supports any feet
  • Orthotics designed to render unparalleled relaxation to your feet anytime you call on it.


  • The lower stitching may need reinforcement


A great arch support, crucial in mitigating any feet pain, sees this shoe being rated as one of the best shoes for sore feet. It’s one of those which eventually deliver kingly comfort to your feet

7.  Telic Unisex Flip Flop.

Telic Flip Flops are a favorite when we come to the market for the lightest sandals and for a good reason.

Their outstanding shock absorption features and super arch support makes them a perfect solution for multiple pains and as recovery footwear.

best shoes for bad feetCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Man-made flip flops
  • Synthetic soles
  • Heat activated sandals
  • Very light
  • Metatarsal support
  • contour footbed
  • Deep heel cupping


  • Perfect tonic for heel pain with the slender heel rocker reducing heel pressure
  • Based on the innovative Novalon technology created to produce top-notch shock absorption
  • Very well cushioned arch support, best for freeing up your feet
  • Simply slip-me-on design


  • The flip-flop seems a little too snug around the straps


This flip-flop is another interesting option from best plantar fasciitis shoes class with an added ability to immensely relieve heel pain.

It’s one of those rare products which gives freedom, impression, and style all at the same time, deservedly getting a spot in as one of the best shoes for sore feet and legs problems

8.   Vionic Women’s Gemma Slipper.

It’s a rare mix but with vionic women’s gemma slipper, you get extreme comfort, in a simple yet fashionable pair of slippers- unbelievable!

Despite being in pain, you can still move with times thanks to this splendid gemma slipper, undoubtedly ranking among the best shoes for feet that hurt.

best shoes for sore feet and legs CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Made of fabric
  • Soles made of rubber
  • EVA textile covered footbed
  • TPR outsole
  • Feminine aesthetics


  • Extremely cozy with its man-made lining
  • Nicely cushioned footbed making it a supremely stable
  • Get all the traction you need with its durable rubber outsole
  • Super high arch with heel cupping support.
  • the vector tab makes them perfectly adjustable even for wide feet


  • A little hard on sensitive feet due low cushioning


The vionic gemma slipper is good enough to deliver supreme comfort and help you at least reduce some of the sufferings your feet have to contend with daily as you go through the motions.

9. Orthofeet Chelsea Comfort Orthopedic Diabetic Orthotic Womens Loafers Slip On Shoes.

Hot on the heels of the Orthofeet Avery Island Walking Plantar Fasciitis shoes for men comes this top-level customized loafer for women.

It packs some truly alluring features making it hard to ignore as we compiled our list the best shoes for people with foot problems category.

best dress shoes for sore feet CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Orthotics inspired insole
  • Gel padded heel seats
  • Extra depth make for wide toes
  • interior super soft foam-padded lining
  • Light sole with air cushion


  • A reassuring comforting ergonomic design that brings peace of mind to diabetic and arthritic women.
  • An arch that freely aligns to your natural feet
  • A soft, seam-free foam-padded interior lining helps reduce pressure from bunion- a common cause of hammertoes.
  • Extra wear convenience with its easy to slip on design.
  • Very light sole with excellent air cushioning


  • You need to get the size correct otherwise you may end up with an oversize.


The loafer has excellent comfort enhancing orthotic support which ultimately helps to expel pain not only at the foot and heel but also upwards in the knees, joints, hips and lower back.

10. Orthofeet Gramercy Comfort Wide Diabetic Plantar Fasciitis Mens Orthopedic Dress Shoes.

You have the Gramercy Comfort Wide Diabetic Men’s shoes to stand with you if you are searching for a sure weapon that helps eliminate discomfort and pain in your feet.

best walking shoes for sore feetCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Anatomy supporting arch
  • Heel seats padded with gel
  • Contoured insole
  • Made of leather
  • Ergonomic design


  • Impressive therapeutic features making it a contender in our best shoes for achy feet
  • Phenomenal arch support
  • Ergonomically cushioned sole for maximum stability.
  • Deep toe boxed built helps eliminate soreness in your feet.
  • Perfect biomechanical design allowing atop class orthotic-insole to fit superbly inside


  • Generally positive feedback.


Being one of the most popular names amongst the best shoes for sore feet and legs problems, this shoe will not disappoint as a pain terminator for men with Hammertoes, Diabetics, Arthritics, people with Sensitive Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Corns, amongst others.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Shoes For Sore Feet And Legs.

Now that you have our recommendations, be sure to look out for the following key features as you go about deciding what’s best for your feet?

  • Biomechanics

This means the type of your feet and gait. Go for shoes which can support your feet and maintain your natural gait.

  • Your weight

If you tip the scales higher, you need a flat shoe with deep toe design and superior ergonomic features to help reduce pain.

  • Injuries

If you have an injury, some shoes are no-go zones. You will find flip flops and shoes with man-made mesh and vents more comfortable depending on the extent of the injury.

  • The fit of the shoe

A shoe which is perfectly adjustable is the best to facilitate faster healing

  • Orthotics

If you have a condition that causes foot imbalance, your medic may recommend a shoe with orthotics- inserts which help correct foot problems.

  • Size

With some brand, getting the shoe size right is a game of hits and misses. It’s common to find sizes bigger than what you normally wear to be better fitting for pain relief.

  • Durability

Leather is considered to be more durable than plastic shoes.

  • How is your daily routine like

The best shoes for a suffering athlete will be different for a nurse who spends most of the day standing.

  • Shoe design

Based on the intended use, you have to decide whether it’s best to work with slippers, flip flops or sneakers are the best.

  • Cushioning

If you have a natural gait, neutral shoes are the best but if you overpronate, we recommend stability shoes.


Life doesn’t have to that tough for you even if you have some sore feet or other leg problems with our list of the best shoes for sore feet and legs problems. We believe it’s now to identify the best shoe to make the sun shine again on your life.

Not only will this improve your overall health, it will also help you rediscover the fun and regain your confidence in action.

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