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Best Running Shoes For Women With Flat Feet.

It seems as if lady athletes have been struggling to decide on the best running shoes for women with flat feet …

We can tell  this from the comments we get each time we post a running shoes review.

My editor is fond of assigning me feminine reviews and so I have again found myself talking up our ladies on how to hit the target whenever they aim for the best shoes for flat feet.

What is a flat feet?

Generally, you should have an arch in your foot whenever standing. That is, your feet’s inner part should be slightly raised.

It is those people with no arch or having a very low arch that are said to have flat feet.

If you have flat feet, you need running shoes with motion control since they help reduce the impact of pronation and other irregular feet movement.

And that is where our flat feet running shoe guide comes in…

I have covered all the great athletic shoes for flat feet and the critical factors to check out when you want to enjoy running despite your flat feet…

Let’s first go through the best womens running shoes for flat feet.

Editor's RatingImageName & LinkFeatures
Best High-EndSaucony Women's Stabil CS3 Running Shoe.Synthetic
Rubber sole
Best Mid-RangeNew Balance Women's W1340v2.Synthetic
Rubber sole
Best InexpensiveASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoe.Synthetic
Rubber sole

Top 10 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet Reviewed.

1.  ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 18 Women’s Running Shoes Flat Feet.

“You only stop when you’re done, not when you’re tired” (Marilyn Monroe plus others)

This is the deal:

With the ASICS Womens Gel-Nimbus Running Shoe, you will never get tired! Simply put, you will always stop when done…

This is why:

Its latest gel® placement gives you advanced cushioning geometry, purpose built to improve your adaptability and reduce brisk impacts.

By the same token, the polished up guidance line® technology smoothly syncs its components to intelligently embrace your gait’s motions exciting your feet to want to want to devour more kilometres.

Best Running Shoes For Women With Flat Feet CHECK PRICE


  • Shaft Low-Top” from arch
  • Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • FluidRide Midsole
  • Rearfoot-Forefoot GEL Cushioned
  • FluidFit Upper


  • The FluidRide helps make it lightweight and create special durability
  • It permits free movement in various angles as your foot transits through your gait cycle.
  • You get a truly purposed glove-like fit
  • These are recognized high performers for many years
  • The comfort they bring soothes even if you suffer from common foot issues such as arthritis
  • They have awesome support even for larger folks
  • some have funny prints on them – you keep getting positive attention


  • These running shoes for flat feet are close to being perfect


After many years of research, one of the best running shoes for women with flat feet is here.

The fresh gel® placement technology and better guidance line® innovation will help you embrace your runner lifestyle more and more

This is a truly amazing flat feet running shoe

2.  New Balance W1340v2 Women’s Running Shoes For Flat Feet.

Balance is the neuromuscular ability to activate your muscles and realign your body to maintain an upright posture.

In running, balance is exceedingly important- it helps to keep you away from injuries. The tragedy is that many athletes don’t take it seriously.

Thankfully, we have the new balance w1340v2 running shoes customized to optimize runners balance and help you reach your goals.

Rated as one of the very best running shoes for flat feet, it has been engineered to fit your runners’ feet and give you the inspiration you need to hit peak form.

Best running shoes for flat feetCHECK PRICE.


  • Stability running shoe
  • Synthetic
  • TPU shank
  • Rubber sole
  • center beam design
  • Heel around 1.5″
  • Mesh upper
  • Pop-color accents
  • Motion-control technology
  • Padded tongue/collar


  • Designed to fit
  • Helps you be the best you can ever be
  • Nice looking thanks to the pop-color accent
  • Controls your feet to get maximum stability as you gobble up the miles
  • The padding on the tongue makes them so comfortable
  • Extremely breathable
  • The rubber sole helps absorb forceful impacts
  • Has excellent arch support thanks to the center beam
  • Generally wide shoes- very good for guys with wide toe


  • This shoe is not optimized for over-pronated feet
  • Ensure you get the sizing right


The new balance w1340v2 running shoes are some of the finest running shoes for flat feet women

Whenever you lace them, you feel motivated to go for the biggest medal. Their stability running features will indeed ensure that you don’t go back home empty handed.

3. Saucony Stabil CS3 Running Shoe For Women.

Pronation is usually part of your normal gait cycle.  It improves shock absorption in your feet.

If your arch is normal, then you are a regular pronator. Normal pronators works fine with stability shoes.

Again if you have a higher arch, you underpronate. Your best bet would hence be a neutral-cushioned pair that maintains natural motion.

Lastly, if your feet are flat, you most probably overpronate. The best athletic shoes for flat feet are those which control pronation.

The Stabil CS3 from Saucony controls overpronation and delivers maximum while maintaining lightness and top flexibility to let you run naturally.

Not only are they among the best shoes for flat feet, they ensure your overpronation does not hamper your athletic efforts.

best running shoes for flat feetCHECK PRICE.


  • Overpronator-friendly
  • Sauc-fit midfoot system
  • HydraMAX collar lining
  • Synthetic
  • ComfortLite sockliner
  • Rubber sole
  • PowerGrid midsole cushion
  • Supportive frame heel counter


  • You enjoy superior support and cushion
  • These shoes seem very well put together.
  • They have spacious toe box
  • Very, very light
  • They don’t  break down even with big guys
  • Their higher instep makes them better than most of their peers
  • You will feel their arch support everywhere
  • The colors are awesome
  • They prevent overpronation thus you will be free from ankle pain


  • They are slightly expensive


The best running shoes for women with flat feet and overpronation could be these. You get the stability, fit, performance and feel to help you focus on your running.

The post-modern technologies such as the grid, sole-based stability, and cushion system give you an edge over the competition.

We are sure that you can never go wrong with such amazing women’s running shoes flat feet

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 Best Womens Running Shoes.

Adrenaline is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter that impacts the nervous system’s responsiveness to either stressing, dangerous or physically exciting situations- it in effect warms your body to either fight or free.

We say you have an adrenaline rush if your adrenal glands suddenly excrete more adrenaline than usual.

An adrenalin rush is not always good but in a competitive race, it could be the push that you need to battle past the competition and to the finishing line especially when racing the giants.

The brooks adrenalin GTS 16 has the responsiveness to make you fight fearlessly as you dash for the front.

It’s another of the three best running shoe for flat feet that works wonderfully for guys with moderate overpronation.

Some of its greatest advantages are the better arch support, breathability, wear resistance rubber and superb shock absorption.

It’s laden full of excellence!

best sneakers for flat feetCHECK PRICE.


  • Mesh
  • Blown rubber forefeet ( HPR Plus)
  • Segmented Crash Pad
  • Deeper V-groove
  • Lightweight
  • Changeable molded foam insole
  • Gender-friendly cushioning
  • Moisture-controlling element in the mesh upper
  • Flextra rubber outsoles
  • Heel approximately 1 inches”
  • Overpronation/Stability optimized


  • Absolutely breathable
  • They give you better release and transitions
  • The synthetic uppers protect your feet from harmful elements
  • You get more energetic thanks to their highly-energizing cushioning
  • They give you more feet flexibility
  • Enjoy long-lasting durability
  • These got great traction making them great for road running
  • The shoes are roomy around the toe box
  • Optimized for all moderate overpronators


  • They have lengthy break-in period
  • Their grip on wet conditions is not that great


These running shoes for flat feet for women has an adrenalin-like responsiveness to competition. You get smooth transitions, flexibility, energetic cushioning and durability to help you not just finish your races but go on an unmatched winning run as you build up the ratings or have fun keeping healthy!

We can proudly put them among top-5 best running shoes for female flat feet and are very good with guys with moderate pronation.

5. Saucony Guide 9 Women’s Running Shoe.

Dirt roads are ideal running surfaces especially when if you usually suffer from any impact related injuries.

The hardness plus the leeway make them prime for runners as most running shoes flat feet have better grip on such surfaces.

One of the running shoes women flat feet that is designed with the light-stability needed for road running is the Saucony guide 9 running shoe.

Its everun top-sole construct makes it a fabulous everyday trainer pair and has been trusted by hundreds of road racers due to their elevated road-running biomechanics.

best running shoes for female flat feetCHECK PRICE.


  • Road running shoe
  • Fabric and synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Moderate width
  • Shaft around 2.4″ from arch
  • Light-stability
  • Glexfilm technology based mesh upper
  • Exoskeletal support
  • Everun topsole
  • High-density EVA midsole


  • They have highly-breathable upper mesh
  • This pair has increased rebound/recovery than many stability shoes
  • Great for guys with plantar fasciitis
  • Their cushioning is awesome
  • These fit true-to-size
  • If you have high arches, you will still find them very comfortable
  • They have more room in the toe box


  • If you got wider feet, you need to go one size up otherwise they feel tight


Even if you are fleet-footed but don’t have the very best sneakers for flat feet, you will NOT win!

So, why waste your chance?

The innovative Saucony guide 9 running shoe is armed with contemporary technologies like the grid, sole-based solidity and superb cushioning system to give you an all clear in your quest to conquer the roads.

These are again one of the best womens running shoes for flat feet but this time, best for the next great road racer.

6. ASICS GEL Fortitude7 Running Shoe for Womens with Flat Feet.

According to ASICS, if you want to achieve a healthy and happy life, just venture into healthy and fitness sports.

It’s therefore befitting that they have a whole line of performance-driven running shoes like the ASICS gel fortitude 7 running shoe which makes aspiring runners go out full of bravery.

As one of the best running shoes for flat feet women, here you have a devoted partner to keep you company as you race and work hard to bring peace and happiness to your body and souls.

This is excellent for all runners with voluminous feet or who usually wear orthotics.

womens flat feet running shoesCHECK PRICE.


  • Synthetic
  • vertical flex groove
  • ASICS High Abrasion Rubber
  • Rubber sole
  • Guidance Line® technology
  • Shaft Low-Top” from arch
  • Lace-up running footwear
  • Breathable mesh uppers
  • Durable synthetic overlays
  • Padded tongue/collar
  • Breathable fabric liner


  • These boosts your gait’s efficiency
  • Their colours are so appealing
  • They generally reduce impact shock
  • These maximizes energy returns on your stride
  • Great with customized orthotics
  • Their anti-odour properties make you feel drier and fresher
  • This pair has increased depth and width across the mid-foot and also the forefoot
  • Maintains natural mid-foot structure for more stability
  • Delivers excellent cushioning
  • It is a long-lasting wear


  • The only issue that we noted is that of size. Be sure to get it right


With more depth in addition to width throughout the entire mid-foot and forefoot areas, this is awesome for athletes with bigger feet and those who wear orthotics.

Big runners looking for best running shoes for women with flat feet will love these.

7. Mizuno Wave Rider 19 Women’s Running Shoe.

Over the years, the world has been blessed with truly iconic athletes like Jackie-Joyner Kersee who has been voted the greatest female athlete

Joyner-Kersee astonishly won 3 gold medals, a silver, and two bronze medals in just 4 Olympics aweing millions of spectators around the globe with her simplicity and focus on results.

Many neutrals came to adopt this little giant as one of their own.

The Mozuno Rider 19 is also a legend in its own little way. Blending performance and comfort, it consistently delivers at any time of asking.

You can use it in the gym when doing work outs or when out there on a date with the Boston marathon and is hugely popular.

best running shoe for flat feetCHECK PRICE.


  • Synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft around 2.75″ from arch
  • Refined toe spring
  • Premium sockliner
  • Larger toe box.
  • Durable upper design


  • You can wear custom orthotics with them
  • They are lighter than most running shoes
  • They have greater cushioning for more comfort
  • versatile enough to be used for running or working outs
  • They move nicely with your feet


  • They may feel heavy during longer sessions.
  • The shoes make some noise on pavements (as sole isn’t pure rubber)


The Mozuno Rider 19 is an iconic and a top ranked running shoe in our best shoes for running flat feet compilation.

It is especially good for the neutrals that are looking at having fun with running as they build on their fitness and health.

Their lightness and versatility should help you find fun in your chosen races.

8. Nike Women’s Free 5.0+ Running Shoes For Flat Feet.

Whenever you want a natural, barefoot-like feeling women’s flat feet running shoes, then the Nike free 5.0+ running shoe should do.

It has the strength, traction, cushioning and protection that you normally get from traditional runner footwear.

Equally important is its durability and top performance whenever called for duty.

It flaunts classic features such as the super-light flywire technology, phylite midsole, and flex groove design.

best running shoes for flat footed womenCHECK PRICE.


  • Mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft 2.4″ from arch
  • Textured mesh full inner sleeve
  • Diagonal cuts
  • Flywire cables system


  • It hugs your foot meaning it cannot slip out
  • Built to encourage natural motion
  • Increases your foot strength
  • You enjoy a better natural stride
  • It’s ultra-light
  • They look cute and feminine on your feet
  • Adapts to your natural gait
  • Helps maintain your stability


  • These are not water proof


If you have a higher arch and possibly a narrow feet, these could be your best womens running shoes for flat feet

Take these each time you want to go cross country and natural

9. Brooks Addiction Best Running Shoes For Women.

What I like most about running is that it’s adventurous, simple and it helps build up your endurance in the long run.

I truly find it exciting and addictive.

The Brooks Addiction Running Shoe for women helps medium and severely pronated runners enjoy the adventure by offering enhanced stability and superior cushioning.

These fairly cheap running shoes for flat feet guarantee you a truly amazing ride around the track and the roads thanks to a magnificent anatomical design.

best running shoes for flat feet womensCHECK PRICE.


  • For moderate to higher over-pronators
  • Mesh uppers
  • Long lasting synthetic overlays
  • Biomogo midsole
  • Diagonal rollbar®
  • Heel segmented crash padding
  • Anatomical support
  • Removable foam insoles
  • Padded at the tongue and collar
  • Internal support saddle
  • Textile element liners
  • Synthetic


  • They have more stability and a better cushioning system
  • Very lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Created to initiate smoother transitions
  • Adapts to your feet for a better fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Top quality


  • They have more weight so not great for distance running


These best running shoes for flat feet womens are compatible for runners of all foots, shapes, speeds and sizes.

Their soles help improve your stability, and give you a greatly cushioned ride wherever your next running adventure will be.

10. Saucony Redeemer ISO Comfortable Women’s Running Shoe.

I am a fan of road racing so forgive me for introducing yet another stability road running pair.

The Saucony Redeemer Running Shoe has the construct to shine on the roads:

I am talking of the orthotics space, pronation-supporting advanced technology, superb cushions and innovative sole-stabilizing concept.

Without doubt, this will help you grow your road racing career in no time.

best everyday shoes for flat feetCHECK PRICE.


  • Accomodates orthotics
  • shoe for overpronators
  • PWRGRID+ midsole
  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic-nylon
  • ISOFIT upper
  • sock-like fit
  • IPR+ rubber outsole


  • Wider in your toes
  • They have unique style and color
  • Helps you run farther with comfort
  • Optimized for your flat feet
  • The heels are terrific
  • Very good for pronation and high arch
  • Fits very well
  • You will enjoy better traction
  • Excellent for guys with bunions


  • May feel a little wide on first time of wearing


This is our last of our top picks in our best running shoes for flat footed women.

If you are a road racer and suffer from bunions, or have over-pronation or just need a road racer that will help you topple the greatest champions in your team, this could be sublime.

The choice of your best running shoes for women with flat feet cannot therefore be competitive without considering remarkable flat feet running shoe         

Factor To Consider When Buying The Best Running Shoes For Women With Flat Feet.

The most important features for the very best running shoes for women with flat feet are here;

  • Grip

Slipping while running could be disastrous- you may get a serious injury or fail to finish your race.

Therefore, choose women’s running shoes flat feet with excellent traction on the sole

  • Breathability

Imagine how sweating makes your feet messy? You can avoid this by picking any of the running shoes for flat feet for women which are sufficiently airy  

  • Motion Control

This helps reduce the effects of over/under pronation when running. If you have issues with pronation, you have multiple options in the current best running shoes for women with flat feet

  • Adaptability

The ability of a shoe to flex to fit your feet overall shape and move with your gait is awesome with best running shoe for flat feet. Again, you have a number of running shoes to choose from.

  • Shock Absorption

To reduce the impact that running has on your heels, you need to go for running shoes for flat feet women with excellent shock absorption features such as high-density soles.

  • Durability

You would like them to last, right? So, why not pick running shoes for flat feet that are built to last?

  • Stability

Stability shoes have dense underfoot and better arch support.

  • Wider Feet Support

If you have a bigger toe and/or wider feet, you want comfort – so go running shoes women flat feet with enough toe room

  • Your Typical Race Calendar

If you are in road racing, go for road racing champions. If you are into light running, your pick would be different from a person into marathon.


With best running shoes for women with flat feet available in plenty, you don’t have a reason not to go venture into running even with flat feet.

It is not only adventurous and healthy, but can also win you big money if you win one of the major marathons.

You simply need to prepare well, psyche yourself up and obviously get the right gear- including a flat feet running shoe

Check motion-control, stability, grip, durability and suitability for each shoe. I am sure you will eventually arrive at some worthwhile running shoes flat feet

Good luck!

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