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Best Neck Brace For Sleeping Support Reviews.

As a writer, I spend many hours in front of a computer. So, I’ve developed a habit of using a neck brace for sleeping after a neck tiring day.

But a neck brace is not only for people ‘married’ to computers. They can also be very helpful to you if;

  • You are recovering from a neck injury/accident
  • You normally feel pain in your neck when trying to sleep
  • You are suffering from cervical spine injury or healing from spinal surgery
  • You are a sportsman like a racer and need more protection against possible neck injuries

How exactly does a sleeping neck brace help?

A neck brace for sleeping is quite useful. Here is what it does:

  • It relieves back pain and other discomforts brought about by arthritis
  • Reduces tension in your neck and muscles thus helping protect you from muscle spasms
  • Gives you proper body posture when sleeping thereby helping maintain balance and making sleep more comfortable
  • Blocks random neck movement- the sort which worsens neck injury thus some doctors recommend braces as neck healing aids.

Types Of Neck Braces.

Neck braces also called cervical braces are either soft or rigid:

A soft cervical collar is one made from extra thick foam rubber and is usually covered in cotton.

They are great for neck support in addition to controlling injury-related pain (e.g. whiplash).

On the other hand, rigid braces are those created from molded plastic. They normally have removable padded liners at the front and the back held together with Velcro.

They are best for restricting neck movement- important when recovering from a fracture or surgery.

So, as you can see, soft neck collar for sleeping offers you top class comfort while sleeping and apart from helping you go back to good health soonest, they make your nights peaceful and smooth.

And for some sportsmen like riders, a neck brace can save them from paralysis in case of a serious accident.

I was recently shopping for a new cervical neck brace and I came across quite a number of amazing neck braces

Since I occasionally I have guys who keep asking which is the best neck brace for sleeping, I decided to do a write-up of the outstanding cervical collars

Editor's RatingImageName & LinkFeatures
Best High-EndAspen Vista Cervical Collar Neck Brace Provides Neck Support.Velvety fabric
Best Mid-RangeReal Ease Neck and Shoulder Relaxer.Soft pliable plastic
Best InexpensiveCervical Neck Traction Device Inflatable Pillow.Clickable polyurethane foam

Here is my top 10 cherry selection of the cervical neck braces which exceeded my expectations:

1. Neck Brace by Vive – Cervical Collar.

When recovering from a back/neck injury, sleep is hard to come by due to the increased pressure on your spine.

To relieve pain or/and pressure in your spine, you can consider wearing a neck brace at night.

It supports your jaw and neck and the same time limit mobility to ensuring all pain and pressure will be gone from your spine.

An all-rounded soft like the neck brace by Vive will help push pain away and go further: It realigns and also stabilizes the vertebrae

Then, it’s soft enough to be worn both during the day or while sleeping.

There is more:

It’s ergonomically designed with its foam being contoured to fit your chin and jaw as closely as possible.

In summary, you will find it superb in relieving headaches brought about by cervical strains or sprains and in maintaining proper posture.

You can also use it for post-surgery rehabilitation and to support neck-related injuries.

Best Neck Brace For Sleeping SupportCHECK PRICE.


  • Non-rigid neck brace
  • Breathable knitted material covering
  • Integrated Velcro fastener
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Contoured plush foam
  • Latex-free


  • Compared with others, this delivers superior relief and greater injury support
  • You can easily adjust it for a custom fit
  • Easy to wear- you simply wrap it around your neck
  • It’s flexible enough to fit most necks within the 15”-20.5” range
  • You get better comfort since its contoured
  • The Velcro fastener ensures it remains in its place throughout the night
  • The breathable materials ensure your neck remains dry and cool


  • Users with smaller necks may find it uncomfortable


This easy to wear, ergonomically designed cervical collar strongly supports your jaw and neck to relieve spine pain and pressure.

Its foam is made of breathable knitted material so it keeps your neck cool and sweat free by improving air circulation.

You should find it efficient in fighting many neck/spine problems and also for post-operation injury support.

2. NMT Neck Brace ~ Pain Relief.

Your spinal cord is almost like one big superhighway of nerves that link your brain to every other body tissue.

Its health is therefore crucial to your overall physical health.

Using neck brace for sleeping support can therapeutically help realign your spinal cord, improve your immune system and also relieve various forms of pain.

The NMT neck brace is designed to reduce pains, better your immune system, enhance your metabolism, and to motivate your body to treat itself.

It uses the famous Magnetic Natural Therapy to heal not only the pain but also the cause of your problem.

Best of it all, it doesn’t curtail your movement!

neck brace for sleeping supportCHECK PRICE.


  • Therapeutic, Natural Health Magnets
  • Detoxifies
  • Washable Device
  • Free Magnetic Therapy eBook
  • Adjustable Size
  • Fits Most-Universal.
  • Safe: FDA approved, 100% Latex/Chemical Free
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Very safe- CE & FDA approved
  • Improves your overall body immunity by improving blood circulation
  • Also detoxifies
  • Fights a variety of pain like those caused by tension, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even meningitis
  • It also prevents common muscle problem e.g. Muscle spasm
  • Superb with stiff necks, and similar degenerative conditions
  • Very easy to use
  • You can easily wash it
  • Fits your neck comfortable
  • Convenient packaging- you can carry it in your purse
  • Well built- you don’t any heat from the magnets
  • Also stimulates the production healthy collagen (see how collagen helps your health)


  • It’s not hypoallergenic
  • The price is a little on the higher side


NMT neck brace focuses not just only on healing the pain but also traces and treats the cause of the pain using magnetic therapy.

This therapeutic neck brace also boosts your immune system, enhances your metabolism, and inspires your body cells to heal naturally.

If you like sleeping with neck brace, you will find it quite innovative.        

3. Caldera Releaf Neck Rest.

Sometimes, you need a cervical collar for sleeping which can be used anywhere:

The Caldera releaf neck rest is one such universal neck brace.

With an adjustable contour fit and a minimalist design, you will find it perfect everywhere- while travelling, in front of your computer, while reading, in front of your TV, during rehabilitation…. not forgetting when taking a nap.

Many users find it very comfortable and stylish.

neck brace for sleepingCHECK PRICE.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact Design
  • Adjustable Contour Fit
  • Reduces Neck plus Shoulder Tension
  • Multi-Purpose


  • Delivers better neck and shoulder muscles relaxation
  • Small size, squashable- very convenient for travel
  • It’s multi-purpose
  • Looks stylish and fashionable
  • Very comfortable
  • It costs less than its competitors
  • It doesn’t make you sweat
  • Can be adjusted to best fit


  • Bigger guys, it doesn’t give enough support to keep your head up.


The comfortable and stylish Caldera releaf neck rest works everywhere- in the office, workshop, at home, and on the road.

It works by temporarily supporting your head’s weight to help your neck and shoulder muscles relax.

Wherever you go, the Releaf will never leave you- it’s your trusted travel companion!

4. Cervical Neck Traction Device.

My brother has Contact Dermatitis– if something touches his skin, he ends up with a red, itchy rash.

Last Easter, had a terrible accident- he fell off his bike and seriously injured his neck. The doctor said he had to wear a neck brace all through.

Being allergic, I had to search and search. And that is how I arrived at the cervical neck traction device.

It’s made of special materials so it doesn’t cause irritations or any allergic reactions. It’s very good with sensitive skin.

And it instantly releases you from pain, irritation and soreness that come with cervical problems by stretching your neck muscles in effect separating them from the cervical vertebrae- and making them less sensitive to pain.

Lastly, it’s a simple to use  traction device- just inflate it to the most comfortable level and get immediate relief thanks to the included high efficiency pump and air chamber!

Is there a better neck brace for sleeping? Well, we leave you to judge!

sleeping neck braceCHECK PRICE.


  • Made of non-irritable/hypoallergenic materials
  • Has a 3 chamber air pillow
  • Adjustable nylon strap
  • Velvety fabric
  • Designed for cervical traction
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Velcro
  • Fitted with a hand high-efficiency pump


  • Reduces all the negative effects of a degenerated and compressed disc
  • Customizable for optimal support, and comfort
  • Improves blood circulation at least around your neck and shoulders
  • Helps you get a better posture
  • It’s easy to inflate and deflate
  • Fairly affordable
  • Its compact hence convenient for travel
  • Treats multiple symptoms including pain, tension headaches, and pinched nerves
  • Its FDA certified hence safe for use
  • Doesn’t react with sensitive skin
  • Offers your neck outstanding traction


  • Feels oversized for people with thinner necks


This hypoallergenic traction neck brace comes with a high-efficiency air pump and a 3-chamber air pillow and, produces great results as a pain reliever.

It’s very compact and lightweight meaning as an everyday aid, it will help you relax at home, at work or while travelling.

Considering that it improves your blood circulation and balances your posture, this is one of the very best neck brace for sleeping

5. Foam Cervical Collar Universal.

Proprioception is the sense that brings “unconscious” awareness to your body. For example, even if your close your eyes, you can still point and touch your knee.

A serious injury or age gradually diminishes our body’s proprioceptive capacity. This could result into further injury and organ dysfunction.

The Foam Cervical Collar is one of the few soft cervical collars capable of regenerating beneficial proprioceptive feedback.

It is made of quality foam and is covered with a pure cotton stockinette which makes it able to provide excellent neck support

It also has a lowly contour design which maintains your head in an optimal, neutral position on top of limiting un-necessary head & neck motion.

wearing a neck brace at nightCHECK PRICE.


  • Color: Black
  • Neck circumference: 11″ to 21″
  • Contoured design
  • Proprioceptive feedback
  • There’s Velcro


  • Supports both your head and neck.
  • Perfectly fits from your front to under the chin.
  • It also limits un-necessary head & neck motion.
  • The contoured design makes it very comfortable.
  • If you like black, you will find it handsome (it’s less conspicuous)
  • It’s a sturdy neck brace
  • It’s extremely comfortable
  • Also helps reduce snoring


  • Getting to know your best size can be a headache


The black Cervical Collar Foam provides excellent neck support on top of helping regenerating beneficial proprioceptive feedback.

It’s affordable, easy to use and comfortable to use. On top, it gives awesome results in relieving pain and supports your posture to help recovery and also snoring.

This is another impressive neck brace for sleeping

6. Real-Ease Neck and Shoulder Relaxer.

Doctors frequently prescribe a neck brace for you immediately after a spine related injury or surgery. A good neck brace does several things:

First, it immobilizes the spine to quicken healing. Then, it stabilizes your injured areas. Lastly, it controls pain by restricting neck/back movement

The real-ease neck relaxer is a neck brace for sleeping support is purpose built to speed up recovery, make injuries stable and reduce movements likely to worsen the situation.

Just like any other sublime sleeping neck brace, it delivers gentle traction and admirable comfort- you will never remember you have it on.

soft neck collar for sleeping CHECK PRICE.


  • Lightweight
  • Soft pliable plastic
  • Comfortable
  • Great traction


  • You will get gentle traction
  • Travel friendly.
  • Releases tension in all sensitive areas: Muscles, neck and shoulders
  • Highly effective
  • It gently realigns your neck
  • Very supportive,


  • It doesn’t seem to be very sturdy


The real-ease neck relaxer is a superb cradle. It is exceedingly comfortable, and with a design that gives your spine gentle traction.

It could prove to be a wonderful addition for any therapy that requires you to lie on your back.

7. Laerdel Stifneck Adjustable Collar.

Personally, I prefer straight-forward living…why should I overcomplicate matters if I can still get a way out through a shortcut?

So, you can imagine I am normally on the prowl for quality but simplified items.

When in my recent mission to replace my old sleeping neck brace, I was pretty surprised to meet the laerdel stifneck collar- a simplified, adjustable, space saving cervical neck brace with a burgeoning reputation for its motion restriction features.

It seems to be simplest adjusting collar in the whole market thus fits almost everyone.

cervical neck support CHECK PRICE.


  • Flexible size
  • Fitting locks
  • symmetrical aligns to size
  • Provides convenient access  for your pulse checks & other advanced procedures
  • Molded into collar


  • Fits almost all adults
  • Stays in place thanks to its locks
  • Alignment your neck perfectly to your size
  • One of the simplest to use
  • Total restricts all non-essential neck movements
  • Your airway is still accessible for any medical procedures


  • You feel uncomfortable if your wear it for more hours


This offers extended support and superb immobilization. Being adjustable, it can be won by people of all sizes and since it has a softer inside, it feels comfortable around your neck.

When talking simplicity, this is on a class of its own!

8. OTC Cervical Collar, Soft Foam, Neck Support Brace.

If you just want a neck brace for sleeping optimized for snoozing, then you could be looking for the OTC cervical collar

This is an affordable, tender neck brace that is very friendly to wear while sleeping. It is more suitable for muscle tension and minor cervical injuries.

Further to this, it minimizes hurried, hurting neck movements.

It has an anatomically contoured shape that fits your chin and jaw and a soft polyfoam padding for better relaxation.

cervical neck brace CHECK PRICE.


  • Soft polyfoam padding
  • Hook & pile closure
  • Anatomically contoured shape
  • Breathable stockinette covering
  • Custom fit
  • Available in multiple sizes: 2.5 Inches-3.5 Inches
  • Medium Depth Collar


  • It remains cool so you can wear it for longer
  • The breathable covering enhances your comfort
  • The back closure makes it quick and easy to wear
  • Its overall design makes it one of the most convenient sleeping aids
  • The anatomical design fits your chin and jaw exceptionally
  • Limits painful cervical motion


  • It is not hypoallergenic
  • The size chart can be confusing


The OTC cervical collar is an economical and gentle neck brace that is best with muscle tension and minor cervical injuries.

It is one of the more convenient to wear when sleeping and is also very good when you want to avoid rapid and painful cervical movements.

It’s simply one of the best soft neck collar for sleeping.     

9. Aspen Vista Cervical Collar Neck Brace.

Aspen Medical Products makes advanced spinal orthotics. This neck brace for sleeping has been recommended as safe, efficient, with superior comfort and it’s a neck brace that knows how to outrank others thanks to first grade outcomes.

You can adjust its height to fit thanks to the advanced height adjusting technology. The cotton padding wicks moisture from your skin while the clickable polyurethane foam ensures pressure is redistributed towards less painful spots.

Since you can easily remove the padding, you can always wash it for another use.

Overall, it’s designed to superbly support your head and neck in addition to limiting motion of your cervical spine.

Best Neck Brace For Sleeping SupportCHECK PRICE.


  • Clickable polyurethane foam
  • Adjustable neck collar
  • Extra-large tracheal aperture
  • FDA approved
  • Simple twist button
  • Cotton lined foam


  • More comfortable & cooler
  • Easy to wear and adjust height
  • You remain dry thanks to its moisture licking cotton
  • Limits cervical spine movement effectively
  • It also helps effective Skin Care
  • Comfortable to Wear all Day
  • Comes at a cheaper price.
  • Perfectly distributes pressure to less painful areas
  • Padding can be removed for simpler washing


  • It is not designed for pain relief


The Aspen Vista cervical Collar uses an innovative height adjusting technology, wicks moisture from your skin and balances spinal pressure distribution

It generally performs admirably in supporting your head, neck apart from excellently limiting your cervical spine motion.

10. Colpure Cervical Traction Device.

If you have neck arthritis, herniated/building disk in your neck, neck strains and muscle spasms, you can try neck traction (cervical traction)

It is a drug-free method of relieving neck pain for anyone suffering from the above ailments.

The good news is that nowadays, you don’t need to visit a physical therapist- you can attempt neck traction right in your house.

To do this, you need a traction device..

The colpure cervical traction device is one such equipment- you just inflate slowly using the provided hand pump then put it on.

From there, expect it to deliver awesome traction as it sets about stretching your neck and lifting it higher eventually eliminating pain and improving relaxation.

You can also expect it to level up your neck to perfect posture. This will help your healing and block any future neck injuries.

Also know that this device is fully adjustable meaning it can be used successfully by any man/woman.

For best results, do it 2-3 times a daily and let your sessions take about 30 minutes.

soft cervical collar cervical neck traction PillowCHECK PRICE.


  • Soft flannel
  • Hand pump
  • Traction device
  • Available in different colors e.g. Brown, blue etc
  • Adjustable


  • It acts fast to relief pain
  • It also increases blood circulation
  • Gives your neck best posture
  • Materials and colors are lovely
  • it’s absolutely easy to use
  • Simple to inflate
  • Quality leading traction ensure your comfort and satisfaction


  • Optimized for traction only


This cervical traction device normally helps to increasing blood circulation to your cervical spine, thereby oxygenating muscles, tendons, and nerves, thus decreasing any neck pain and promoting your relaxation.

It also blocks new injuries and helps the current ones heal quickly.

We have covered other traction devices but if you are after one of the greatest traction devices, then the colpure cervical traction device could be your perfect match

Buying Guide For The Best Neck Brace For Sleeping Support.

You will get yourself a ‘miracle’ cervical neck brace if you know what to focus on when comparing and contrasting the plethora of neck braces in the market today.

These are the questions to ask yourself when choosing:

  • Comfort

If it’s hard and harasses your neck, you won’t be able to wear it for long. So, chances of getting results are significantly diminished

  • Effectiveness

Does it keep its promise? That is, does it actually relieve pain, deliver support or traction ….or help you sleep? Or whatever it’s designed for?

  • Can It Be Adjusted?

Cervical color which are height and fit adjustable will fit much better than all the rest. And the better the fit, the more the comfort and the greater the results

  • Ease Of Transport

If are looking for a neck brace for sleeping even when on the move, consider those that are lightweight, squashable, compact but still functional.

  • What Else Does It Offer?

Some of the sleeping neck braces offer much, much more. There are some which detoxifies, boosts your blood circulation, better your immune system, and quickens healing among many other functions. So, apart from helping you sleep, what else does it bring?

I would pick a versatile brace any day.

  • Safety

Is it latex free? FDA approved products are generally taken to be safe for use with everyone in the family.

Also avoid those that cause your skin to react for those allergic

  • And What Did Your Doctor Recommend?

If it is a doctor who advises you to use a neck brace, remember to get his opinion on what he prefers. It’s very important to follow professional advice especially in cases of serious injuries.

In fact, if possible, always get professional help before trying to self-medicate unless it’s just a minor cervical issue.


Rather than remaining awake at night- for lack of sleep and pain- buy a neck brace for sleeping.

It relieves pain, minimizes tension, releases pressure from your spine, encourages proper posture, and quickens your necks’ recovery efforts.

While they may be uncomfortable sleep in and sometimes attracts un-necessary attention (people thinking you are sick), picking the right brace will deliver a very relaxed experience.

And you don’t have a reason not to- you have our buying guide and our top 10 neck braces to help you start.

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