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Best Mouse Poison On The Market.

So, how do you smoke bothersome mice from your house once and for all? Well, simply get yourself the very best mouse poison on the market for  this mission.

Otherwise, these brutal critters will drive you nuts.

While it’s not an easy battle, it’s a winnable one.

This is because rats are very intelligent creatures- they know how to hide and can definitely play games with you.

But there are some very good poison baits. Moreover, they love toppling the little brats.

Type Of Rat Baits.

The most common two mice baits are;

  • Non-Toxic

These are natural products used to lure mice into traps.

  • Rodenticide Poison Baits

These kill the rodents. After swallowing, rodents die within several hours though they may also take longer.

  • Rat Poison Baits Are Usually Mounted In Bait Stations

Using poison for mouse is cheaper than traps

Poison baits don’t have to be checked daily so they are less labor-intensive and cheaper than trapping in the long run.

Then, you can use best mouse poison even in bigger areas and constructions like hangers, sheds etc., where traps would be inconvenient.

How Do Rodenticides Work?

Rodenticides are harmful to rodents (and sadly also to humans) in various ways.

  • Anticoagulants

The Active ingredients found in anticoagulants (e.g., warfarin, bromadiolone and diphacinone) disrupt a rodent’s ability to clot blood causing internal bleeding and death.

  • Non-anticoagulants 

Baits containing non-anticoagulants active ingredients act differently.  There are those that affect the central nervous system (like bromethalin).

Then, others like cholecalciferol increase the amount of calcium in the rodents’ blood, causing critical organs to fail-Heart, kidney, or liver

How The Active Ingredients In Rodenticides Works.


Rat poison ingredients also differ in terms of how they act.

  • First Generation

Poison such as warfarin and coumatetralyl kills your rodents slowly, and require several days of continuous feeding to be effective.

Majority of the current bait for mice and rats belong here.

  • Second Generation

These contain ingredients such as bromadiolone and brodifacoum. They kill rats after a single feeding.

Take Care When Using The Best Mouse Poison On The Market

Most rat poison is toxic and may kill any other animal including your cherished home pets (dogs and cats), raccoons, squirrels, and many other wild animals.

You must also be careful when using poison in a home with small kids so remember to follow the instructions 100%

So, Which Is The Best Mouse Poison On The Market?
As I said earlier on, mice are intelligent and sometimes learn your baits very fast. To get the best and quick results, you have to use the best mouse killer on the market.

Now, rather than hassling and wasting your hard earned money trying different rat poison concoctions, here is our review of a selection of the most effective mouse poison.

1.       D-Con Mouse Prufe II 4 Pack – 1.5 oz

Over time, house mice develop resistance to the famous warfarin formula.

A good alternative is therefore needed to exterminate such mice. The D-con Mouse prufe II (Check Price-Amazon) has proven to be one of the most effective poisons against such mice.

It contains the lethal brodifacoum formula and kills all rats in a single feeding

FeaturesWhat is the best mouse poison to use?

  • Unique wedge-shaped Pellets
  • d Multi-Pack Wedge (Pack of 4)
  • Active Ingredient: Brodifacoum


  • Not messy to place
  • Easy to swallow pellets
  • Fits even in hard-to-reach corners
  • Effective against warfarin-resistant mice


  • A bit expensive


Containing the deadly Brodifacoum formula, the D-con Mouse prufe II pellets completely obliterates all rats just one feeding

It’s one of the best mouse poison for home and reminds them you’re still the boss!

2.   Farnam Just One Bite Mouse Poison.

If you have used pellets for long, you rats start recognizing them at some point.

So rather than allow them to continue wreaking havoc, you change your weapon- for instance, you can ambush them with a bar!

Yes, the Farnam Just One Bite Mouse Poison (Check Price-Amazon) is packaged in bars- and they little die with just one bite!

It contains bromadiolone and delays death by 4 to 5 days to avoid bait shyness.

Again it’s a bomb against warfarin-resistant house mice, squirrels, Norway rats and roof rats

FeaturesWhat kills mice the best?

  • Packaging: Bars
  • Active ingredient: bromadiolone
  • Delays death by 4-5 days


  • No bait shyness
  • Kills with one bite
  • Effective on a wider variety of residents
  • Easy to apply- just lay the bar on the ground


  • Some clever rodents won’t touch bars


Containing bromadiolone, these venomous bars delay death by 4-5 days to eliminate bait shyness.

And it kills all mice and roof rats- without fear or favor!

3.   Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait Killer.

An easy way of sounding a death knell to your resident mice is to go for a poison that baits them with a nice, ‘delicious’ smell or one that’s very ‘tasty’.

The Havoc Rat & Mouse Killer (Check Price – Amazon) is a mixture of the murderous brodifacoum with highly some highly attractive bait ingredients.

Your rats compete as they take one bite after another. They soon start dropping dead, one after another!

FeaturesWhat is the best rat poison on the market?

  • Active Ingredient: Brodifacoum
  • Packaging: Granules in paper packs
  • Contains attractive bait ingredients
  • Single-feed


  • Comes ready-to-use
  • Attracts the rodents easily
  • Acts fast
  • Effective against warfarin resistant mice and rats


  • Can be harder to place in far corners


This tricks the mice with its ‘delicious’ bait ingredients mixed with the murderous Brodifacoum.

In a single night of feeding, all will lay dead- Norway rats, house mice, roof rats and all!

4.  D-Con Ready Mix Baitbits for Mouse, Mice & Rats.

D-con is a household name in rodent control. They again help you serve poetic justice to your little bastards with these Ready Mix Baitbits (Check Price-Amazon).

This time packed in a tray, this is yet another set of Brodifacoum based mouse pellets but.

It gives your furry creatures little time to think and puts them out with just one feed. And since they maybe bait shy, they will start dying after 3-6 days.

Their greatest advantage is that the mix baitbits are super-easy to apply and don’t leave any mess lying around.


  • Packaging: Ready Mix Baitbits (pellets) in a tray
  • Contains Brodifacoum
  • Death delays by 3-6 days


  • Kills Warfarin-Resistant rodents
  • Easy to apply
  • Eliminates bait shyness
  • Very effective


  • Slightly pricey


With these easy-to-apply brodifacoum mix baitbits, the rodents die in around 3-6 days.

And with one feed being enough, you will be happy to finally take revenge on your cheeky companions.

5. J.T. Eaton Peanut Butter Bait Block Rodenticide.

Rodents love peanut and you can easily pull them into a death trap using a peanut butter flavoured rat poison.

JT Eaton peanut butter Bait comprises of peanut-flavored mouse poison blocks specially formulated with Diphacinone.

Packed in resealable packs, these blocks quickly attract a multitude of rats and slowly massacre them, one by one.

Unlike ordinary mouse poison pellets, this is perfect for basement and garages


  • Packaging: block baits (in resealable pails)
  • Formulated with peanut butter flavor
  • Active ingredient: Diphacinone


  • Container is resealable after use
  • Large easy-to-use bricks
  • The mice seem to love it
  • It’s very effective


  • A rodent has to bite some daily for between 5-7 days to die
  • peanut butter is sticky and a little messy


This specially formulated, peanut butter flavored blocks attract and eliminate all mice and rats even in darker areas like basements and garages.

It’s based on Diphacinone and sends the mice to their early grave, just a few days after swallowing.

6.  Motomco Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx, 4 Lb

Bromethalin is classified is a non-anticoagulant compound and therefore chances of rodents developing resistance to it are highly diminished

Not only that- it’s very potent even where rodents are widely scattered or reluctant feeders.

Even better, even though it’s one of the strongest mouse poison, the animal dies several days later so again cases of bait shyness do not arise.

You get all the goodness of the Bromethalin from this Motomco Tomcat 
Bait Chunx (Check Price-Amazon)

The mice cannot resist this! The enhancers and human food-grade ingredients used in its making make it irresistible.

Featureshow does mouse poison work

  • Mixed with enhancers and other human food-grade ingredients
  • Packaging: all-weather bait chunks
  • Active ingredient: Bromethalin


  • Rats love this
  • Easy to use
  • Works great with a wider-variety of rodents like raccoons, squirrels etc.!
  • Rain/water proof


  • Not very versatile- for example, it won’t kill squirrels


Manufactured with enhancers and multiple human food-grade ingredients, this Bromethalin driven strong mouse poison is very irresistible for rats and mice.

It’s so fatal rats and mice prefer the toughest barnyard cat!

7.  2-Pack Tomcat Mouse Killer.

As you will learn later, when buying rat poison pellets, it’s important to consider the safety of your pets and kids.

The 2-Pack Tomcat Mouse Killer (Check Price-Amazon) eradicates all terrible rodents while leaving your pets and kid unscathed.

The cartridge makes penetration for kids and pets virtually impossible.

It’s also weather–proof and gives you best value for money with each bait block will kill up to 12 rats.

FeaturesBest Mouse Poison On The Market

  • Packaging: 16 Bait blocks in bags
  • Kid and Dog Resistant refillable cartridge
  • 1 block can kill a maximum of 12 mice
  • All-Weather
  • Active ingredient: Bromethalin


  • Top-level station security
  • Rain and waterproof
  • safe for kids and pets
  • Economical


  • Big mice may be unable to get into the bait station
  • Also attracts cockroaches


This type of poison block is weather proof and your pets and children will find it very hard to reach the blocks

It essentially creates a hell on earth for the mice while being a safe haven for your little ones and lovely pets.

8.   Tomcat Rat and Mouse Bait Pellet.

Bromadiolone is considered “low hazard” to animals and people.

One of the reasons for this is that since there’s a delay before symptoms show, you can always administer an antidote like Vitamin K1 in case of accidental poisoning.

The Tomcat Rat and Mouse Bait (Check Price-Amazon) has Bromadiolone as its main compound and is known to be the best mouse killer for roof rats, house mice and Norway rats

It eliminates the familiar failings of old-generation poison baits to quickly dispatch the unlucky rodents to their maker while giving you time to save non-target animals.

Features most effective mouse poison

  • Packaging: Pellets
  • Multiple feed
  • Active ingredient: Bromadiolone


  • One of the best rodent poison pellets
  • Safer with children and pets
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Easy to apply


  • Not weather-proof


The Tomcat Rat and mouse bait is a Bromadiolone powered mice poison pellets , which are safer for your pets but absolutely heroic against Norway rats, house mice, and roof rats.

With it, there will never be any sacred cows – it executes all!

9.  Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait.

Since it mimics their favorite grains and seeds, rodents come greedily munching on this as soon as you place it.

Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait (Check Price-Amazon)  is compounded with warfarin – a highly lethal anticoagulant popular for being environmentally friendly and low secondary toxicity.

It works wonders when placed inside trains, ships, or aircraft and also within 50 feet of infested buildings

Featuresbest mouse poison amazon

  • Active ingredient: Warfarin
  •  Packaging: Pellets
  • EPA approved


  • Great results killing voles
  • environmentally safe
  • Low secondary toxicity
  • Easy to place pellets


  • Rodents may develop resistance


Formulated the environmentally friendly and safer warfarin, this very good mouse bait works like a charm when placed inside transport vehicles and also within 50 feet of infested buildings.

So, if you feel it’s time to jettison the nagging voles with finality, this could be your reliable partner in crime!

10. Old Cobblers Farnam Mouse Killer.

Agricultural buildings carry a bigger percentage of critters first because there’s a lot of food in such places and then, there are plenty of hiding spots.

So, what is the best mouse poison for such heavily infested locations? What you need is rat poison that can kill mice both indoors and outdoors, one that’s also easy to mount.

Now, the Old Cobbler Farnam Mouse Killer (Check Price-Amazon) eliminates roof rats, Norway rats, and house mice from a single bite.

In addition, it Features a hole through the center to allow you easily mount it in your chosen bait station.

It’s formulated with bromadiolone.

FeaturesBest Mouse Poison On The Market

  • Recommended for agricultural buildings only
  • Death appears 4 – 5 days later
  • Packaging: Bars
  • Active ingredient: Bromadiolone
  • Treated with S-methoprene
  • Hole through the center


  • Broken easily for effective application
  • Awesome indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to mountain
  • Super-effective



  • It can harm your pets
  • Can also easily contaminate food


Rated as among the best poisons for mice for mice hiding in and around infested agricultural buildings, the old cobbler farnam mouse killer takes down stubborn mice unceremoniously.

Expect a true bloodbath from this bromadiolone formulated assassin.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Mouse Poison On The Market.

Mice can cause extensive damage and spread disease such as lyme disease, and Rickettsia Pox.

And we said you must exercise care when buying the poisons as they may harm your pets and kids.

Here are the fundamental factors to focus on when choosing the best mouse bait poison;

  • Single-Feeding or Multi-Feeding Poisons

As you review the poison baits, you will note that every product states whether it’s single or multi feeding bait.

Multi-feeding poisons are less toxic.  Rats can feed more than once time poison finally brings them down rat dies within 5 to 7 days

Single-feeding baits are much stronger and very toxic. They kill quickly.

These are mostly sold online, due to EPA restrictions.

Preferably, use them with an antidote to protect non-target animals.

  • The Price And Efficiency

You best poison for mice should be pocket-friendly and effective. Some are overpriced yet they are quickly recognized by rats and avoided like plague

  • Your Environment

Some rodenticides work best in certain environments, for example in dry weather.

  • Safety

How will you contain the poison? You need to keep it away from your children, pets, and other non-target animals.

Even if it comes with a pre-baited station, you still need to ensure that the bait stations meet a set minimum safety criteria

  • Local Regulations

The EPA has set certain regulations for stores selling rodenticides so you may find yourself limited to only a small group of locally authorised products.

Wrapping up

The best mouse poison on the market will rescue you from the rats menace and the single-feeding are the most toxic.

And since they can harm other non-targets, you should always remember to check the safety controls of each poison before buying.

Otherwise, poison baits are cheaper and more convenient than traps.

So, if you are really tired and angry with your annoying and destructive mice, your best bet remains the best poison for killing rats

For now, I wish you luck as you take the battle to the doorstep of your mice!

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