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Best Loudest Alarm Clock On The Market For Heavy Sleepers.

You got to rise up and go to grind! If you can’t hear that alarm and you’re always late, get the best loudest alarm clock on the market today.

There are various alarm clocks for heavy sleepers or people with hearing difficulties that are extremely loud alarm clocks.Getting the best alarm clock should never be a hustle.

We have done a thorough research to reveal to you some of the best loud alarm clocks for heavy sleepers that are reliable, of quality and NEVER soothing!


What Is The Best Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers?

1.  Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb – Best Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

If the sound of sonic loud alarm clock will not shake off the deep sleep in you, be ready for the vibrating sound that hits your bed like electric touch, forcing you to step out.

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The combination and packaging that unify into making this best alarm clock for heavy sleepers can even revive the deaf.

As if the vibration and the sound were not enough, wait until it starts to reflect its pulsating lights that keep you alert.

The alarm clock which is referred as “The bomb” is a good fit for you if keeping time is your cup of tea.


  • Adjustable tone and volume
  • Explosive display which is red
  • Battery backup optionally can work with 220 adapters
  • Snooze diffuser
  • Sizeable red LCD
  • Dual alarm and designed with capability for 12/24 hour-time
  • Warranty of 1 year
  • Accents are red and black
  • 113 decibels
  • Packaged with modern 12-volt bed shaker
  • Red flashing lights alert


  • Large display and battery backup
  • Adjustment of tone and volume
  • 113 decibels additional loud alarm
  • Great in size weighing 1 pound


  • Lacks USB port to charge any gadget (Like a mobile phone)

Verdict: This a good loudest alarm clock worth your money

2.  Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers.

Phillips spent time working on this modern alarm type which for sure scares the sleep away. Phillips alarm clock look great on design, packaging especially the lighting part, sturdy and stylish touch.

Best Loudest Alarm Clock On The Market CLICK TO VIEW PRICE.

For this clock alarm, no experiencing a ‘blast’ sound in the morning, instead it lights up and melts your deep sleep away.

The darkness in the room disappears making you think it’s the windows permeating the daylight in the room.

It is the best alarm clock to wake up to with its stylish way of lighting first and the sound following later.


  • Snooze alarm that you tap and Fm radio
  • Can be used as bed a bed lamp
  • 90 days guaranteed
  • Different setup alarm for weekend and weekday
  • Creatively designed with a round shape
  • You have the option to adjust time before your alarm reaches
  • You can use the alarm clock display light alone or combine both light and the alarm


  • FM Radio and various natures sound to help you sleep or wake you up.
  • It has colored sunrise lighting
  • Clinically proven light that wakes you up making you feel refreshed for the new day
  • It has a very bright light that ensures you wake up going up to 300 lux
  • Battery backup


  • Complicated when operating
  • Buttons are not placed visibly especially waking up with the light blazing at you
  • Only one radio station can be saved

Verdict: This is an alarm clock for hard sleepers, well-packaged, and deserves to be in your bedroom to manage your sleep, though a bit expensive than the rest alarms above.

3.  Sonic Alert Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Vibrating Shaker.

This is a really loud alarm clock that can smash your head if you delay to staying dead in your sleep. Whether you are a student, going for work or just keeping a morning schedule then you have a good deal here.

Whether you are a student, going for work or just keeping a morning schedule then you have a good deal here.

best alarm clock for heavy sleepersCLICK TO CHECK PRICE

It is designed with a dual alarm which gives you the option to choose numerous wake-up-times.

Its powerful bed shaking feature and 113-decibel alarm make sure you stay out of bed no matter what.

The alarm resembles Sonic Bomb alarm clock with its adjustable volume and tone control.


  • Programming of multiple wake-up-time for different schedules if you like
  • Have a very good snooze function
  • LCD is clear enough for time and alarm settings
  • Battery Backup
  • 5 level dimmer for testing and functioning to make sure clock is properly set-up
  • 12 volts bed shaker


  • Nullifies all snoozed times
  • Has Green LED lights
  • Can be adjusted for both volume and tone
  • Dual alarm
  • Battery back –up


  • It has a tiny snooze button, sometimes hard to find when in need to press
  • Delicate (Therefore can easily break)

Verdict: This is super loud alarm clock very effective with the vibration and cheap especially if on budget.

4.  Screaming Meanie Timer and Alarm Clock with 120 dB.

Talk of the best alarm clocks for deep sleepers that can wake up your neighbors unexpectedly.

You cannot believe the alarm clock is using a 9-volt battery, but the noise it makes cannot let anyone sleeping nearby stay in bed.

best alarm clocks for deep sleepers CLICK TO CHECK PRICE

The volume level is incredible and on the outside, it is made with a hard material which is unbreakable.


  • It has 9-volt battery
  • Volume level is up to 3 (loudness)
  • Comes in different colors (So you can choose what excites your eyes)
  • Multipurpose alarm with an emergency alert


  • Glows in the dark
  • Loudness level goes up to number 3
  • Manageable size which is lightweight (0.3 ounces)


  • Complicated to use
  • Sounds like a smoke alarm

Verdict: It is extremely loud alarm clock worth your every dollar, which is a little bit cheaper than sonic type.

5.  SonicAlert Bunker Bomb Extra Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock

Soni Alert Bunker is a reliable loud alarm clock that fights any sleep in you without surrender. The packaging, size, design, and display area is a superb one and works impressively.

vibrating alarm clocks for heavy sleepers CLICK TO CHECK PRICE

Sonic bunker is a good choice for an outdoor activity, fit for you if going to camp, scout, mission, or any event that keeps you away from home.

The features of sonic bunker only slightly differ with that of a sonic bomb and between the two, there is a resemblance in terms of functionality.


  • Loud alarm and adjustable tone and volume
  • Easy to select when snoozing (user-friendly)
  • Can backup time and alarm settings for a period of one week
  • Powerful bed shaker vibration of up to 12-volt
  • Alarm duration which is user selectable up to 1-59 minutes


  • 113 decibels
  • Adjustable tone and volume
  • Snooze can be selected from 1 to 30 minutes
  • Battery backup
  • 12-volt bed shaker


  • None

Verdict: Effective extra loud alarm clock and affordable to fight your deep sleep

6. iluv – Dual Alarm Clock For Deep Sleepers.

Are you a stubborn sleeper who always fails to keep time during wake-up-time? Here is a medicine for you that stripe your ears and eyes until you run from your covers.

alarm clock for hard sleepersCLICK TO CHECK PRICE

Iluve Dual is an alarm clock guaranteed to wake you up is well designed such that it can stream music with it via wireless Bluetooth.

LCD is large enough and can be customized and have the alarm option you see fit. You can choose to customize Radio, buzzer or bed shaker.


  • Have multiple alarms
  • Shaker vibration is very unique
  • You can charge your apple gadget through lightning connector as you play music
  • The LCD is easy to read


  • FM Radio
  • Play music from Bluetooth
  • Very powerful pillow shaker


  • No battery back up

Verdict: It is a very loud alarm clock and has some added advantage apart from alarm part, and worth the price.

7. ihome Wacky Phrases Alarm Clock For Hard Sleepers.

Tiny but marvelous and loudest alarm clock ever that irritates your sleep until it dies immediately.

really loud alarm clockCLICK TO CHECK PRICE

This alarm clock is so unique from its design, incredible 7 different wacky phrases, and adjustable volume.The

The ihome wacky alarm has an auto repeat and auto shut, and the noise it makes sends shivers to the ears.

It can be set for 24-hours and the alarm cry is more than enough to wake you up.


  • Cool and vibrant action
  • Have 7 different wacky phrases
  • It has snooze and repeat alarm
  • Functions on 3AA batteries
  • Every snooze press produces different voice


  • Try me packaging
  • Adjustable volume
  • Night viewing colored backlight
  • Auto-repeat and Auto shut


  • The different wacky sound is from the same man

Verdict: This a unique alarm clock which is the most affordable of all the worlds loudest alarm clock on the market.

8. Clarity 600 Wake Assure Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker.

Clarity 600 wake belongs to cheap alarm clocks and just like its name, produces enough sound with clarity until you get out of bed.

super loud alarmCLICK TO VIEW PRICE

Heavy sleepers do not get lucky on this one, every morning they are kept on time.

The alarm has super sound and 85 decibels, bed shaker plus a flashlight that brightens your morning to stay out bed.


  • It has a snooze button
  • It has a bed shaker
  • Visual alarm indicator and LCD
  • It has a port which can be used for flasher accessory


  • Deep sleepers
  • Snooze button
  • 85-decibel alarm
  • LCD display which is super bright


  • The alarm cannot use light and vibrator without the sound

Verdict: This is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers with excellent pricing and effective in sound.

9. Clocky Alarm Clock Guaranteed To Wake You Up.

Of all alarm clocks, this is a super loud alarm incredibly impressive in design, small in size, and one that can irritate heavy sleepers to wake up by force.

what is the loudest alarm clock availableCLICK TO CHECK PRICE

It has two wheels and when vibrations sets, clocky alarm clock rolls under your bed to blast the noise even the most.

And you are hesitant to wake up, the alarm jumps 3 feet high as if angered by your persistence to stay under the cover.


  • It has a backlight which makes clocky visible at night
  • Beeps when running away
  • Jumps 3 feet high from a night stand
  • Disable snooze or snooze once


  • Has the sound of R2D2
  • Rolls around the floor
  • You can disable the wheels
  • Jump 3 feet high


  • The off button is visible and can easily be managed

Verdict: Extremely loud alarm clock worth your money if you want to stay amused every morning.

10. Reizen Jumbo Super Loud Alarm Clock.

Reizen Jumbo is really loud alarm clock with a visible screen and its explosive sound wakes up to heavy sleepers.

worlds loudest alarm clockCLICK TO CHECK PRICE

The alarm clock is a great remedy to those who are blind or have low vision.It has a low and high volume which allows you to choose the kind of volume the way you like.

Reizen has a red LED measuring 2-inch and with a 9-volt battery.


  • Snooze goes up to 9 minute
  • 9-volt battery backup
  • 2 inch Red LED
  • Easy to locate snooze button


  • Super loud
  • Snooze for 9 minutes
  • 9-volt battery backup
  • Brighter


  • Not loud enough

Verdict: This is a loud alarm clock and great purchase, not very pricey, therefore worth having.

Never look or ask what the loudest alarm clock available is as the list above, provides you with the world’s loudest alarm clocks you can get on the market.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Loudest Alarm Clock On The Market.

Finding the best alarm clock that provides answers to your deep sleep can be a daunting experience.

Bearing in mind, the market is flooded with lots of alarm clocks and for you to get the best type you have to employ highlighted guide below:

  • Quality of the alarm Clock

All alarm clocks are designed to perform the duty of producing the highest sound to wake deep sleepers.

But, among the many, you have to choose one that has the best performance in terms of sound, without any effect to the sleeper.

Here, you have to forget about the fancy design, and go for the best alarm clock to wake up and that which is easy to use.

  • Sound of the alarm Clock

Waking a deep sleeper can only happen through a super loud alarm clock.

Since the introduction of sonic type, many people find it appealing, but you have to get something that responds to your deep sleep.

You can go for the one that starts with a low sound then going up, the one that blasts with a beeping sound, the one with dull lights without interfering with your sleep process the whole night.

  • Additional Features

Modern alarms have added advantage to get your consciousness alive again in the morning.

Get a gadget incorporated with bed shaker where the sound fails to ‘bomb your sleep.


There you have all the details of the loudest alarm clock on the market and they deliver by waking heavy sleepers, though differently depending on how you feel the alarm responding to your deep sleep.

Go for the best loudest alarm clock that seals the deal with your deafening sleep. With these alarm clock, your morning schedules will always be punctual including other engagements that require the attention of time.

Finally, if your room is very dark, then consider an alarm clock that brightens your room from dim to a very blazing light effective enough to knock you off your bed.

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