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Best Heavy Duty Pool Ladder 400 Lbs.

Personally I love swimming! Since love begets love, I have this feeling that swimming pools love entertaining me. I largely like pools with a well-built heavy duty pool ladder 400 lbs since I don’t struggle to get in or out when done!

And i have no shortage of good things to say about pools:

Taking the dive into the pool waters can transform your mood in a matter of seconds. Then, swimming is also a great way to burn the annoying fat that has everyone talking about you.

Still, as a low-impact exercise, swimming does untold good to your heart, lungs and blood circulation- you certainly feel younger, agiler and ready to roar again.

Best Inground and Above Ground Pool Steps For Heavy People.

Editor's RatingImageName & LinkWeight Capacity
1st Best Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Step System.400 lbs.
2nd Best Confer CCX-AG Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Base Steps.400 lbs.
3rd BestConfer Plastics Access Pool StepConfer Plastics Access Pool Step.400lbs
4th Best Confer In Ground Swimming Pool Curve Step System.400 lbs.

One of the best-kept secrets about it is that as a low-impact exercise, free-styling is a safe exercise for the pregnant and your over-weight buddies.

Now, to enjoy it, adding the right accessories to your luxurious swimming pool is crucial;

One of the more important is a sturdy grand entrance pool steps that can be used by big as well as other individuals.Best Inground And above Ground Pool Steps For Heavy People

It is true that a pool ladder 400 lb capacity will come to the aid of your big pals (never swim alone by the way!) provided you choose properly;

Go for heavy duty above ground pool steps if you have an above ground swimming pool or pick in ground pool steps if yours is an in ground swimming pool.

You know I am a good-hearted chap (honestly!), so I decided to share with you all I know about swimming pool ladders.

And I have broken it down into heavy duty above ground pool steps and pool steps for inground pool to make it easier for you!

So, dive in and let’s learn;

Best Above Ground Pool Ladders For Heavy People.

Above ground pools are the best if you are operating on a tight budget or you live in one of those cooler parts of the country.

And by the way, above ground pool ladder replacement parts are readily available so don’t fear to take the splurge!

Here is our top collection of above ground pool ladders

1. Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Step System.

If you want to have some good times in your pool, you need to do enter in style and swim at your own pace- feeling and relieving every great moment.

with the confer above ground pool system, a heavy duty pool ladder 400 lbs, you will make your grand entrance in style- ready to dive in with both feet.

All the while, it will stand watching over you- as if to ensure you are safe, up to the time you are done when it will again safely help to lift your tired body out of the waters!

This top class and one of the best above ground pool ladders;

It has smoothly curved steps, gentle handrails, a base stepping and finally an added corner step. Combined, these give you a wide, comfortable and strong sturdy above ground pool ladder

Best Heavy Duty Pool Ladder 400 Lbs CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Holds 400 pounds
  • 4-step staircase
  • Based on a molded, strong, resistant resin
  • Two-tone colors (grey and taupe)
  • Adjustable base pads
  • Gentle handrail
  • Base step added with a corner step
  • Big deck mounting brackets.
  • Sides panels fill in with pea gravel or sand


  • This is super strong- 400 pounds feeling like nothing to it
  • The handrails offer extra balance for kids and older folks
  • Doesn’t rust
  • Has adjusting base pads to help you fix it at the level you feel safe
  • Look elegant hanging out on the pool
  • You are able to snap it together easily
  • Its dimensions create a wide entrance space to your pool
  • Built to last- doesn’t fade or get beaten


  • The railings may pop out if pressurized from the sides


This is one of our favorite above ground pool ladders for heavy people. It is so well-made and so easy to assemble.

On top, it makes it so easy to get in and out of the pool. This is a must-have for your above ground pool.

2. Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Base Step.

In case you are just looking for steps, rather than the complete system we have reviewed above, this is another of the pool ladders above ground coming from confer.

The steps are beautiful and smooth, plus the giant base makes this good for even uneven floor space.

above ground pool ladders for heavy people CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Super strong
  • Holds 400 pounds.
  • Big base step
  • Treaded steps
  • Adjustable base pad
  • Fill panels with sand or gravel


  • Comes very well-packed
  • Extremely well made;
  • Absolutely much easier to assemble
  • The sand and decking anchor enable you to maximize its efficiency
  • Exceedingly durable


  • Did not notice anything major


When looking for an awesome set of steps, it’s hard to ignore this. It’s designed to offer you convenience and functionality, season in season out.

3. Confer Plastics Access Pool Step.

One of the best ways to psyche yourself up for the next swimming session it to listen to a nice jam that makes your blood pump and down in excitement.

If possible, get a water-resistant MP3 audio player and built up your best playlist- you will really be motivated to freestyle.

Of course, you won’t forget to install some great grand entrance steps for above ground pools, regardless of your swimming pool.

The confer plastics pool step has a layout that makes it breeze to enter and exit from your swimming pool and fits on any pool up to 56” deep.

The other interesting feature here is the anti-algae side openings which fight off any algae growth ensuring it remains spotless, many seasons later.

above ground pool ladders and stepsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Extra wide
  • Strong mounting brackets
  • Needs 40lbs of installation sand
  • Weight guide: 400lbs
  • Anti-algae side openings
  • Big, flat non-skid steps


  • It retains its original charm- no algae on the side
  • Quick assembly
  • Make pool entry and exit breeze
  • Can take bigger men- up to 400lbs
  • Can be safely used by kids, pets, and older folks
  • The steps are safe since they don’t skid and are big
  • Its mounting brackets help you fasten it strongly onto the deck


  • Its heavy to put into the pool after you fill the sand but if you get someone to help, everything will be ok


This is yet another incredible heavy duty pool ladder 400 lbs from confer.

The steps are wide enough and deep while the stairs do not float in your pool so you should enjoy this with your family

4. Vinyl Works Slide-Lock A-Frame Above Ground Pool Ladder.

One of the few pool ladders for above ground pools that has a sliding lock, the vinyl slide-lock pool ladder is packed full of quality.

The longer handrails, anti-skid steps, and the anti-entrapment block are just some of the more secure features that will make your entry and exit stress-free.

Plus, you can lock it to block access to your pool whenever you feel like. Lastly, you won’t need any maintenance since the whole system is based on resin!

pool ladders for above ground poolsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Fit pools between 48-56 inches
  • 300 lbs weight
  • Anti-entrapment barrier
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Slide-lock design


  • Can be adjusted to fit in pools between 48-56 inches
  • The slide locker gives you some added peace of mind
  • The engraved “no diving/no jumping” warning keep off jokers
  • Its slide lock design allows you to lock and block access to your pool
  • The anti-skid surfaces are great
  • Doesn’t need any maintenance – its built from resin
  • The extended handrails facilitate climbing
  • The anti-entrapment barrier ensures you will never get trapped in there


  • The lock is sold separately
  • Not perfect with guys above 300lbs


This meets all the expected safety standards thanks to the swimming through barrier, anti-entrapment feature, and the slide-lock design.
It is indeed one of the safest above ground pool ladders and steps ever!

5. Intex Deluxe Above Ground Pool Ladder with Removable Steps.

Intex above ground pool ladders works well with intex above ground swimming pools, one of the top-rated swimming pools globally.

What we like more about this deluxe pool ladder is the fact that you can remove the steps from the swimming pool area during winter or whenever the pool is not being used to avoid your little ones and pets from going there alone and hurting themselves.

grand entrance steps for above ground pools CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Luxurious pool ladder
  • Removable steps
  • Depth: 36 to 42-inches pools
  • Coated steel frame
  • Hi-impact plastic stepping
  • Snap and lock into place
  • Lightweight


  • Replacing them is quick and simple too
  • You can remove the steps from the pool to discourage young ones from going there alone
  • Designed to be quickly and simply assembled
  • Has very tender hi-impact plastic stepping
  • Will never rust
  • This is one of the more luxurious above ground swimming pool ladders
  • Safe with big people
  • Has more quality than most other pool ladders above ground heavy duty


  • Biggest guys might make it a little wobbly
  • The steps are not the widest


Here you get a pretty cool above ground pool stairs at a great price too!

I am sure you will also fall in love with the extra safety feature of removing the outside part of the ladder since it ensures that small kids and/or your animals can’t climb up and get an injury.

6. Intex Pool Ladder for 36-Inch Wall Height Above Ground Pools.

For a family with a small swimming pool in the backyard, this will nail it for you.

Fabricated from corrosion-free steel, and with smooth non-slip plastic steps, you will find it real value for your money in the intex 36-inch wall above ground pool.

Like every other intex above ground pool ladders, this is fun, exciting and creative.

above ground pool ladder replacement partsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • 36” pool height
  • Water blue colored steps
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Slip-resistant, top-impact plastic steps
  • Made from steel which is corrosion resistant
  • Rubber covers on edges


  • The steps don’t give you any skin irritations
  • The hi-impact slip resisting steps give it durability
  • The kids love it as they feel safer
  • This is lightweight so you can easily move it once done.
  • The water blue colored steps looks pure in water
  • Since steel frame is corrosion proof, you are assured of longevity


  • Not great with adults beyond 300lbs


For your small pool, these grand entrance pool steps will offer full support as you plunge in and out of the poolside.

The kids love its simplicity while guys who weigh up to 300lbs will find it safe.

It is one of those swimming pool ladders capable of upgrading your pool experience to a whole new level!

Best In Ground Pool Ladders For Heavy People.

If you live in places where the weather is warm for the bigger part of the year, in ground pools will do great!

Again, here is our top choice in ground swimming pool ladders

8. 46-56 Inch Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool In-Pool Ladder

Taking safety in the poolside seriously should be your top priority.

Imagine this: Close to 360,000 people die from drowning each year!

Let’s now talk about your pool;

With your swimming pool, safety starts with having a sturdy and secure in ground pool stairs. The confer swimming pool in-pool ladder is a heavy-duty resin based in-pool ladder that doesn’t compromise on safety, no matter the conditions.

You will be proud of the anti-entrapment barrier, the massive steps, the handrails…can we just say this makes you feel like a king?

Best in ground pool stepsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Adjustable to fit pool wall
  • Fill with water- no sand
  • Easy grip top handrails
  • Fits deck heights of 46-56”
  • Sturdy, 18-inch wide treads
  • Made from heavy-duty vinyl resin
  • Anti-entrapment barrier
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs


  • Its steps are wider compared with other ladders
  • You can adjust it to fit your pool wall
  • Has treaded steps
  • The platform ensure you don’t step on the pools side wall
  • The anti-entrapment barrier gives you added peace of mind
  • You don’t need sand as it sides quickly fill up with water when dipped in.
  • The vinyl resin gives it extra durability


  • The treads feel a little hard on your feet


The confer swimming pool in-pool ladder is an inground pool ladder that makes pool entry so effortless, you will just forget about everything else.

The massive steps, anti-entrapment built and its durability makes it a top choice ladder for inground pool

9. Confer In Ground Swimming Pool Curve Step System.

How would you like a heavy duty pool ladder 400 lbs in ground system that is not just a safety tool but also a place to wind down as you enjoy the little pool-side breeze?

That is how this confer in ground pool curve system is. The curve design makes it robust while the duo-tone color scheme makes it one of the most attractive pool steps for inground pool.

swimming pool ladders ingroundCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Made from chemical resistant resin
  • 3-step stairway
  • Has a base step and an added corner step
  • Holds 400 pounds
  • Steps can be curved inwards or out
  • Has adaptable base pads
  • Sand or pea gravel filled


  • Retains the beauty- the material never fades
  • Stable on sloped floors
  • The steps feel gentle on your feet
  • It’s tough and will last for many pool seasons
  • Provides a wider entrance to your pool
  • The handrails are smooth and easy to hold
  • Supports 400lbs guys without breaking a sweat


  • We don’t have much to protest about


You get ultimate convenience, elegance, safe access and a place to relax with confer in ground pool curve system.

We are honoured to appoint this top class swimming pool ladders inground a red-hot favorite for the gold in the in ground swimming pool ladders race- if we could have one, that is!

10. CONFER Heavy Duty Aboveground In-Pool Swimming Pool Ladder.

Are you aware that of the most recommended low-impact cardiovascular exercises is swimming?

I know you are curious to know why:

Well, it revs up your heart rate, gives your lungs a healthy dose of exercise and burns out more calories especially if you do it for at least 30 minutes.

Did you also know that swimming is considered to be the safest work-out for pregnant and overweight guys?

Now you know!

What else?

You may also not know that the confer heavy duty aboveground pool ladder is a lavish, tremendous in pool ladder starring an anti-entrapment barrier, easy to climb treads, and a convenient deck platform- all in a rock-solid construction.

It passes off as a wide pool ladder that will serve you safely for many, many years.

best in ground pool stairsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Requires no sand
  • 300lb weight rated
  • Heavy-duty inground pool steps
  • Totally flexible(heights starting 48″ to 54″)
  • Grey treads
  • Anti-entrapment barrier
  • Strong, solid construction
  • White, side rails
  • Protective ladder mat
  • Flat easy-climb treads
  • Includes a deck platform


  • The Ladder mat protects your pool over the winter
  • It’s very easy to assemble
  • Very sturdy
  • Delivers long-term durability for your pool guests
  • It is one of the top-most high quality sturdy pool ladders
  • The flat treads makes it breeze to climb
  • You can adjust it to perfect pool height
  • Fills up with water- no sand needed


  • May feel flimsy with guys over 300lbs


Not many in ground pool steps can run this close! It is made of super-strong, stable construction to give you many years of service.

It is one of those pool ladders inground that makes you smile from ear to ear!

11. Inter-Fab Inground Pool Steps -3-Step Ladder.

It is not just you who loves swimming!

Elephants are able to swim to 20 miles a day using the trunks as breathers! Yes, you heard me right!

But unlike the elephants, you need hardy in ground pool stairs to ensure you start off on the right note.

The Inter-Fab inground steps ladder constitutes of three excellent high-impact treads, twin bumpers to guarding the swimming pool walls, and is expertly finished in multiple colors.

best ladder for inground poolCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • 3, white Hi- impact plastic treads
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Has rubber bumpers
  • Color options: coppervein, light gray , earth, hammertone gray or white
  • Comes with escutcheons
  • bracket covers are chrome plated
  • Has anchors
  • 250-Pound maximum weight rating


  • The rubber bumpers protect the pool wall against wear and tear
  • The plastic treads are friendly to your toes
  • Rails are free from rusting
  • It comes in several colors giving you color freedom
  • Installation is pretty easy
  • This has an attractive look
  • Very sturdy


  • The stair mounts would be sturdier if metallic not plastic


The white hi-impact plastic treads, double rubber wall bumpers, rust-free stainless steel and color variety makes you brim with confidence each time you see this inground pool ladder in your pool.

If you have been looking for the one of the best, seize this one! You will find it a worthwhile option.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Heavy Duty Pool Ladder 400 Lbs For Heavy People.

You must know what matters when hunting for the best pool steps. Here is what you should be mindful about;

  • Quality

Those that come from resin, stainless steel or aluminium tend to last more.

  • Weight Capacity

You want a swimming pool ladder that has the steps to comfortably take in your weight.

  • Ease Of Assembly

Go for sturdy pool ladders that have straight-forward assembly

  • Flexibility

You find more joy with pool steps that can be adjusted to fit your swimming pool wall/height

  • Protective Features

Some of the grand entrance pool steps have extra security features like slide-locks, anti-entrapment features and ability to lock it so that kids and pets don’t a way into the pool in your absence.

  • Ease Of Movement

Personally, I prefer heavy duty pool ladder 400 lbs which I can pack off and move into the house during winter or when I am not in swimming ‘mode’.

While am using it, let it be light enough so I can move it to either of the pool sides.

  • Size Of Your Pool

Certainly, some of the swimming pool ladders like the intex 36-inch wall above ground pool are for small backyard pools.

In Conclusion;

It’s no longer a secret now! There is a tremendous heavy duty pool ladder 400 lbs waiting for you out there.

What you only need is to make the right move and voila- time in the pool will be a whole new enjoyable experience!

Whether you are looking for in ground swimming pool ladders or above ground pool ladders, we got you covered.

Just remember that your safety is all that matters. So if it’s safe, you are good to go!

Happy buying!

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