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Best Doughnut Pillow For Tailbone Injury – Best Coccyx Pillow.

Look: Most people think a doughnut pillow for tailbone injury is all about healing tailbone related problems.

But in my own experience, Donut pillows do much more:

Do you sit for long? Do you suffer from sciatica, or hemorrhoids, or have terrible post/pre-natal pain?

Or could you be coming from a painful surgery?

Smile; smile… comes your miracle worker- a medical donut!

Can you see why I said they do much, much more?

Now, let’s go back a little and try to understand what exactly a tailbone…

Somewhere at the very bottom tip of your spine, you will find what we call the Coccyx ….you know, that triangular arrangement of bones at the extreme end of your spinal cord…the area just after the sacrum…hope you have seen it..

It is this same spot that goes by the name tailbone…best medical donut pillow for tailbone pain

You know why it’s called a tailbone? Simply because doctors think it’s a vestigial tail.

Right…So, that’s the tailbone

Let’s now learn about Coccydynia (pain in your tailbone):

Anytime you have discomfort/ache in your tailbone area, then we say you have Coccydynia.

Tailbone/coccyx injury and hence the pain can be caused by a fracture, sciatica, bone dislocation, an infection, a bruise, falls, or even pilonidal cysts.

Damage to your joints or aging related wear and tear may also bring tailbone pain.  Normally, the pain worsens when sitting


When you get a tailbone injury, two things can happen…

Either, you mourn, cry and suffer till Armageddon happens or you stand up like a champion, and attack your nemesis……even if to just reduce your suffering.

Obviously, I would go for the latter…

And I would start with a doughnut pillow for tailbone        

Here’s the kicker:

A coccyx cushion is specially engineered to shut down the pain and make sitting as smooth as paradise.

Do they do anything else?

Yes! They also boost blood circulation around your legs- quite a nice advantage especially if you sit for many hours.

Are we together…..? Great!

Now, it’s time to show you how to end up with the best donut pillow for tailbone pain.

Editor's RatingImageName & LinkMake
Best High-EndAylio Coccyx Seat Cushion | Back Support.Contoured foam surface
Best Mid-RangeEverlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion.100 per cent Pure Memory Foam
Best InexpensiveDuro-Med 18-inch Molded Foam Ring Donut Seat.High-density foam

First, meet the best doughnut pillows tailbone pain:

1. Aylio Donut Seat Cushion Comfort Pillow.

I dislike traditional doughnut cushions because of their poor design which ends up creating more around my legs and the tailbone meaning my body can’t tolerate lengthy sitting.

The aylio donut seat pillow has a perfect ergonomic design and with it, I am able to work for as long as I wish without any pain.

It actually has some carefully placed contours: one at the front for more leg support and another at the back for better coccyx relief.

You soon achieve optimal sitting comfort, greater blood circulation and excellent posture.

Best Doughnut Pillow For Tailbone Injury | Best coccyx pillow CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON.


  • Firm foam
  • Ergonomic
  • Contoured donut shape
  • Soft velour cover
  • Measurements: 18″x16″x2.5″.


  • It is machine washable thus easy to clean
  • Can fit in your car, bus, train or air plane so you can take this donut shaped pillow on your travel
  • It doesn’t lose its shape even after heavy use.
  • Its material makes it softer and plusher
  • Takes care of a variety of tailbone and back problems


  • Costs slightly more


This orthopedic tailbone pillow is ergonomic and has unique contours which perform wonders in relieving pressure and quickly treats hemorrhoids, lower back pain, and pressure ulcers.

Its overall design makes it one of the best seat cushion for coccyx pain.

2.  Duro-Med Donut Seat Cushion Pillow.

Sadly, hemorrhoids are quite common in pregnancy and especially during the third trimester. In fact, Hemorrhoids are said to affect 20-50% of all expectant women.

The duro-med donut cushion is ring-shaped and so very helpful for a woman’s recovery after childbirth. It has also proven to be a life-saver for those suffering from hemorrhoids.

And yes, it’s discreet! The center hole is smartly hidden by a quality covering fabric so you will take it everywhere without anyone noting you…

It also works when you are looking at reducing pressure on your tailbone, back or when you know you will be sitting for extended hours on hard chairs.

It size and shape makes it an ideal donut for sitting at home, in your office or the car.

doughnut pillow for tailbone CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON.


  • High-density foam
  • Ring-shape
  • Polyester cotton cover (removable)
  • Fabric covered center hole
  • Measurements: 18.5 x 2.6 x 13.4 inches


  • Its ring-shape comfortably molds to your body contours for best support
  • Discreet to take anywhere since the center hole is covered by fabric
  • The polyester cotton cover is removable hence machine washable
  • Holds shape throughout intensive use
  • Versatile enough for your car, home, the train, or the office


  • Its measurement makes it suitable only for small to medium sized guys
  • The foam is firm but not as comfortable as some of its competitors


The duro-med donut cushion is rind-shaped and molds superbly to your body and delivers great relief for women recovering from Hemorrhoids and also to those who sit for longer.

Its discreet thanks to the hidden center hole and very portable. This is another delightful cushion for tailbone pain.

3.  Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion for Tailbone Pain.

Office workers spend most of their time sitting. In some cases for example journalists and editors like, we sit throughout the day.

Pals, I have some very bad news- scientists believe that many desk jockeys have already done irreparably damaged their bodies due to sitting down through the day.

For those not yet late, they recommend that you make an ergonomic doughnut pillow for tailbone injury a must have companion throughout your working life.

A popular choice for many workers could be the aylio coccyx cushion for tailbone.

Its rear cut-out built ensures it brings instant joy from relieved pressure points or tailbone pain.

It is also immense in blocking back tension, numbness, tingling, or weaknesses in your lower back, the buttocks, and your legs especially due to sciatica pain.

donut pillow for tailboneCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON.


  • U-shape, cut out design
  • Contoured  foam surface
  • Measurements: 18 x 14 x 3 inches
  • Ergonomic
  • Velvet fabric


  • Contoured surface maximizes support for the back, buttocks and thighs
  • Its ergonomic thus you get superb posture
  • Weighs just one pound so you can take it anywhere
  • Its hygienic as the velvet can be removed for  quick washing
  • It has chiropractic care in addition to spinal decompression


  • It flattens out soon after use


The ergonomic, u shaped, hygienic aylio coccyx cushion for tailbone offers remedy for those sitting for more time, suffering from sciatica pain or with tailbone pain.

If you were to pick this, you will also find it perfectly mobile- weighs just one pound and very comfortable so you will be investing in a life companion who will never let your down.

4.   Saridjo® Original Brown Donut Cushion.

An inflatable donut cushion is filled up with air to your desired firmness- that is up to the point where you feel most comfortable.

One of the greatest benefits of this tailbone cushion is the fact that you can always deflate it and carry it to wherever you want.

We have one of the inflatable donut cushions, also classified as one of the best cushion for tailbone pain – the saridjo original donut cushion.

It comes with an air pump and you get to inflate it to soft, medium or firm comfort zones. Then, it’s one of those coccyx cushions reinforced to support the big man- it can hold up to 330 lbs.

And you don’t have to worry about your loved ones safety- This doughnut pillow for tailbone injury is FDA approved.

This is especially good with patients with a higher risk of getting pressure sores.

doughnut pillows tailbone painCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON.


  • Size: 15 x 3 x 15 inches
  • Inflatable ring shape
  • FDA approved : Odor free, non-toxic
  • Air pump included
  • Adjustable comfort settings: FIRM, MEDIUM, SOFT
  • Fabric cover material and rubber
  • Maximum Weight supported: 330lbs
  • Standard valve
  • Foldable


  • FDA registered so safe to use with everyone in the family
  • You can adjust it to optimal comfort: choose soft, medium & firm!
  • Unlike other inflatable tailbone pillows, this is made of resilient cover which resists punctures and leakage.
  • Hygienic as its machine washable.
  • You can fit it everywhere- your office chair, plane seat, car seat, or in the wheelchair. Or just use it as a yoga pillow.
  • Super comfortable
  • Its travel convenient- you can fold and can fit in your back pack!
  • Delivers amazing supports as it conforms superbly to your body’s shape
  • Inflation is breeze thanks to the easy to use valve


  • If its punctured, it will become unusable


This inflatable ring shaped donut to sit on is super comfortable and very resilient. It comes with a higher capacity to support even big men and is foldable to make your travelling with it painless.

It is again versatile for use to treat many back ailments, discomforts and to relieve pressure and especially very good with pressure sores.

This is another terrific donut pillow for tailbone and a reliable combat weapon against pains.

5. Everlasting Luxury Seat Cushion For Tailbone.

Memory foam cushions for coccyx pain are created using visco-elastic foams usually used by NASA and have higher density compared to other coccyx cushions.

Then, memory foam easily retains the contours of your body shape on top of preventing the collection of pressure around your coccyx. Remember pressure on your tailbone is one of the leading causes of tailbone injury.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about over using memory foam pillows. This is because they are temperature-sensitive hence they always recover their original shape.

Those are the exact features you get with the everlasting luxury cushion for tailbone- a doctor recommended cushion for coccyx pain.

It is incredibly good in improving chronic/acute sciatica and back pain by reducing pressure in targeted areas surrounding your sciatic nerve.

It is as well excellent for cushioning all hard surfaces such as those found in plastic seats, airline seats, stadium chairs, and bleachers.

best donut pillow for tailbone pain CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON.


  • Ergonomic U-shape
  • Heat responsive
  • Bottom made of non-slip rubber
  • Measurements: 17 x 13.2 x 2.4 inches.
  • Removable velvet cover
  • 100 per cent Pure Memory Foam
  • Capacity: 100-300 pounds


  • It maintains its shape
  • Versatile design- you can use it everywhere even wheelchairs
  • It does not have any odors
  • It is super comfortable
  • Molds perfectly to your bottom’s shape for better support
  • Remains gripped to its position


  • There is no guarantee it will work with everyone
  • It maybe narrow for some people


The everlasting luxury cushion for tailbone is recommended for relieving back aches, and sciatica apart from being an efficient doughnut pillow for tailbone injury.

It is doctor endorsed and could be the memory foam donut pillow that provides you with an eternal solution to your bothersome pains.

6.  Milliard Foam Donut Pillow for Tailbone Pain.

Tailbone pain is made worse by sitting for longer durations of time, or when direct pressure is applied to your tailbone area.

The Milliard foam Donut Cushion has an open center deigned to deflect pressure away from the affected part of your body when you sit.

This allows your hurting coccyx, stubborn hemorrhoid or other regional pain to kind of ‘float’ over the seat thus ensuring almost zero pressure lands on the tailbone area itself.

It is also suitable for comfortable sitting when pregnant and also after childbirth.

The mesh cover is well ventilated meaning you won’t sweat down there or have too high and uncomfortable temperatures.

best pillow for tailbone pain CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON.


  • Ring shape
  • Durable ventilated 100% polyester mesh cover
  • Envelope closure (no zipper)
  • Higher density foam
  • Mesh (Air permeable) fabric
  • Size: 20″ x 15″
  • Firm construction


  • Flexes to match your body shape for maximum comfort and enduring support
  • Easily cleaned (machine washable)
  • Your body breathes and so no unhealthy body temperatures
  • It has a firm construction so it doesn’t flatten
  • It is extremely durable


  • The foam may be a tad too hard


This ring-shaped breathable donut pillow has a center opening that helps reflect away pressure from your tailbone area hence assisting you heal tailbone pain.

Pregnant women will also find it fantastic in when recovering –both before and after childbirth.

7.  Kieba Hemorrhoid Treatment Donut Tailbone Cushion.

In life, you sometimes get to meet some under-rated heroes. Guys who seem very good in what they do but never get the recognition their heroics deserve.

The kieba donut tailbone cushion is like this.

It’s a specially designed premium, effective and firm doughnut pillow for tailbone injury which superbly works silently to deliver mind blowing performances.

You can trust it to sort out pains and tension from common back problems, pressure ulcers, hemorrhoids, or to improve your posture when you are planning to sit for long.

Some of the interesting features you get here include a totally flat underside, with small rubber beads that creates traction on whatever surface it’s placed on.

It also has a breathable velour cover implying that it keeps unhealthy temperatures out of your coccyx area.

best cushion for tailbone painCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON.


  • Non-slip bottom
  • Ring shape
  • Velour cover
  • Size: 17.8 x 13.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Dense premium foam


  • It’s fairly durable
  • It has a non-slip bottom so it always stays in its place
  • Doesn’t deflate like some inflatable cushions
  • The premium foam makes it one of the most comfortable
  • Its breathable so no sweating or unhealthy temperatures
  • Will never flatten out due to prolonged use
  • The velour cover is removable to allow it to be cleaned using a machine


  • If injured, the foam may feel too hard


This is a ring shaped premium foam comfortable coccyx pillow which always delivers as a hemorrhoids /prostate cushion and also as a pregnancy cushion.

It’s hygienic and cannot slide from its position thanks to an enhanced traction.

I believe that this could surprise you with its silent powers

8. Premium Inflatable Donut Cushion For Tailbone Pain Relief.

Apart from the fact that you can deflate your inflatable cushion and move with it anywhere, air-filled pillows are also very adaptable.

Their flexibility comes from the trapped air, which adapts to your chair’s contours and also to the shape of your behinds.

The premium inflatable donut cushion seems to be designed purposely to give comfortable plus stress-free sitting.

It premium design supports your pelvic and lumbar region, thereby reducing fatigue that arises due to prolonged sitting

In the end, you will be free from tailbone discomfort, body trauma, surgical stress, and lower back pain.

BEST inflatable donut cushionCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON.


  • Anti-slip cloth cover
  • Bigger pump
  • PVC material
  • Size: 15 inches
  • Odor-free
  • Inflatable
  • Ring shaped


  • Its anti-slip cloth covering ensures it doesn’t slip out of position
  • Has a bigger pump which ensures you can fill it within seconds
  • You can tailor it to your optimal comfort
  • Its valve lasts longer
  • Like other inflatable coccyx cushions, it is foldable so travel convenient
  • Its rubber-free thus prevents sensitivity problems
  • It doesn’t make ugly sounds even when you are moving thanks to its superior design
  • Can be effortlessly deflated with just two fingers


  • May not support an overweight person
  • Can easily develop a leak if not handled well


This inflatable donut cushion excels in flexibility which makes it adapt to your chair, and your specific behinds.

In addition to making sure you feel very good when sitting, it will also treat your tailbone discomfort, body trauma, surgical stress, and lower back pain amongst others.

It could turn out to be great gift to self.

9.  Bonmedico® Orthopedic Donut Hemorrhoid Pillow.

The bonmedico orthopedic donut pillow is unique in that it’s a hybrid of memory foam and gel technology.

On one hand, gel orthopedic tailbone cushions are designed to maximize pressure relief by enabling your pressure points submerge inside the gel pack.

On the other hand, memory foam pillows are famous for conforming to your body contours for perfect support.

Regarded as one of the very best pillow for tailbone pain, the bonmedico orthopedic donut enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Additionally, you get a stable seating surface thanks to its advanced positioning characteristics.

Finally, the gel creates a nice cooling sensation on all your pain points making you to all but forget pain totally.

best coccyx cushionSEE PRICE ON AMAZON.


  • Measurement: 18.1in x 13in x 3.2in
  • Breathable mesh cover
  • High-tech memory foam/gel hybrid
  • Handy carrying case
  • Non-slip underside material


  • The carrying case makes it very portable
  • Very hygienic thanks to the machine washable cover
  • The non-slip belly holds it securely in place
  • The gel/memory foam combination gives it top quality
  • Customized for overweight people
  • You will love its cooling sensation


  • May flatten after some time
  • Its very firm- so you might not be able to sit it for long


If you are looking for the best of gel and memory foam worlds, the bonmedico orthopedic donut pillow is your go to doughnut pillow for tailbone injury.

You will get all the comfort you deserve and get relief from your coccyx problems.

10.  Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion.

The kieba coccyx seat cushion is another hybrid Ultra-premium medical donut

Its memory foam is layered with relaxing gel technology to for ultimate support and more comfort.

Unlike its peers, it has a larger design and is covered with more gel. It also has a firmer density further increasing support.

So what is it designed for?

It’s built to banish pain and all tension from your lower back, tailbone, hips, spinal cord, and your sciatic areas and quite a number of doctors seem to recommend it.



  • Premium memory foam mixed with gel technology
  • Firmer density
  • Larger design
  • breathable velour cover
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Therapeutic grade
  • Ergonomic
  • U-shape contoured pillow


  • Stabilizes temperature
  • Thicker hence extra support
  • More comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Holds up excellently even with bigger weights.
  • Seat cushion sticks to its position regardless of the surface.
  • Will never flatten out due to prolonged use


  • Doesn’t have a carry handle
  • May make you sit too high in your car when placed on your car seat


This U shaped orthopedic super grade memory foam-gel cushion adds relief and more comfort to your chairs and benches.

Its gel-enhanced technology also stabilizes temperature and relieves all pressure points while the breathable velour cover guarantees easy cleaning.

Considering that you can use it on any surface thanks to its non-slip bottom, we can conclude that you have with your another useful option in your hunt for the best donut pillow for tailbone pain

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Doughnut Pillow For Tailbone Injury.

Before you head to buy a coccyx cushion, it’s important to be familiar with what we consider to be some very key considerations

  • Comfort

If you are not comfortable, then you can say goodbye to your dream of healing. Neither will you sit for long.

  • Portability

If its fordable, comes with a carry case/handle and is light, then you have yourself a powerful travel companion

  • Effectiveness

Does it do what it says it does? If its sciatica pain, does it eliminate it? If its hemorrhoids, does it really treat them?

  • Durabilitybest hemorrhoid donut

Any tailbone worth its price should last reasonably long.

  • Does It Hold Out After Prolonged Use?

What happens if it’s used for more hours/days? Does it recover its shape? Some coccyx pillows never go back to their original shapes if used for long.

  • Safety

Preferably, it should be rubber free to avoid sensitivity issues. Being FDA approved means its tested and certified safe and healthy so it can be used even by your young ones.

  • Support For Bigger Guys

If you are a big person, you need to be sure it’s one of those tailbone cushions with capacity to hold out even against more weight.

  • Versatility

Can it be used everywhere? The best cushion for tailbone pain should have an ergonomic design or one that allows it to be used in your car seat, train, plane, office chair, in a bus……almost anywhere

  • Bottom line:

So, there you have it. The hunt for a doughnut pillow for tailbone injury should now be smoother and hopefully, you now know how to end up with the best donut pillow for tailbone pain.

Otherwise, we have seen that memory foam coccyx cushions are popular because of their ergonomic designs while inflatable tailbone pillows are perfectly adaptable.

Still, we have seen you can get some memory foam-gel hybrids and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Provided it’s comfortable, safe, durable, portable, and versatile, you will finally get relief from tailbone problems and be able to sit for more hours.

Bye and don’t forget to leave a comment or a question…

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