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Best Dining Room Table With Bench And Chairs Review.

A good dining room table with bench and chairs is very important in a dining room.

But why?

From time immemorial, a dining room is assumed to be the central point of any home.

It is here that people eat, hold birthdays (plus other parties), chat, play little games apart from being a place for kids to do their homework.

In fact for some countries like China, a dining area design and size is taken to be a good indicator of how well one is doing in life; they believe that it communicates one’s status and wealth.

Thus, making your dining space lively and comfortable is therefore very crucial for everyone who lives with you or comes visiting.

You can start by getting a great dining room sets with bench seating .

The good thing about dining sets is that nowadays you will find soooo many options- unlike a few years ago when they were a privilege to just a few richer guys.

However, you must also be able to play your cards better otherwise you may end up with a flimsy kitchen table with bench seat that breaks down first time or an ugly bench dining room table that destroys everyone’s mood.

So, what are the best dining room table with bench and chairs and what features should you pay close attention to when choosing?

Here is our top ten collection of the best wood dining table with bench and also kitchen tables with bench seating.

You will later shed light on the key issues to look at when hunting for dining room sets with bench



Coaster 5pc Dining Dining Room Table With Bench Set.

I hope you know that your dining table matters a lot to your people. For starters, some see it as a sign of being wealthy and prosperous.

Unsurprisingly, its color, shape plus size play very important roles: They speak volumes about your family and your house..

That is why I think you would do with a dining room table with bench and chairs which truly pronounces your personality and correctly represents your family.

Cappuccino finish adds all the elegance you need to make your interior decor say who you are in confidence!

The coaster dining room table with bench is an impressive 5 PC dining set with a comfortable 36-inch bench and a smart cappuccino finish.

It is a perfectly complementing table and bench set!

Best Dining Room Table With Bench And Chairs Review CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Made from Asian hardwood mixed with tropical wood and accented okume veneer
  • Darkish brown leatherette seats
  • Super-padded
  • Rectangular table
  • Square tapered legs
  • Sold as one table, three chairs, and a bench


  • This dining room sets with bench comes at a great price
  • It has good padding both on the seat and the back
  • The leatherette is much easier to wash than leather as it doesn’t absorb dirt or spills.
  • I find the cappuccino finish irresistible
  • The bench dining room table looks to be pretty durable
  • It’s has a modern, sleek look.
  • This  bench dining room table is very easy to carry around


  • This may not be a giant dining table, but if you are two or three, it should be enough
  • The chairs do make some sounds each time you try to move


This dark brown 5-PC dining table is has a quality cappuccino finish in addition to a fabulous 36-inch bench.

It looks ready to lift your mood at meal time even if you had one of those terrible days unless of course you are looking for a gigantic dinner table set.

Denise Austin Home Toluca 4-piece Wood Dining Set.

If your space is skinny, then you need kitchen tables with bench seating that can fit in there, serve its purpose and still leave some space for your movement.

The denise austin 4-piece wood dining set is great as bar stools and perfectly serve small spaces.

It’s designed to be assembled easily and crafted from high quality materials not to mention its gorgeous walnut color.

dining room sets with bench seatingCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Sold as 2 chairs, 1 bench, plus a table
  • Walnut with Black finishing
  • solid wood stools
  • Assembly ready
  • space saver design


  • The bench and the seats fit under the table so it saves space
  • It looks sturdy
  • It is one of the most comfortable kitchen table with bench and chairs
  • The walnut with black finishing color fabulously compliments any existing decor
  • Has a straight-forward set-up
  • It’s innovatively crafted to save your space


  • Only suitable for small spaces


This 4-piece dining room sets with bench seating can be an ideal dining seater in your kitchen.

With a dazzling walnut color, entertaining guests is a breeze.

Poundex Dining Table With Bench And Chairs.

Leather sofas are very good with allergy sufferers. Reason being that leather doesn’t  harbor pet danders, dust mites,  or other allergens.

Among all the leather dining room sets with bench seating that I met, I like the poundex dining table with chairs because of its rustic design which makes my dining room appear so lovely.

And with a capacity to seat upto 6 parties, you can be sure that everyone will get to share in the fun.

best dining set with bench CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Lower tier design
  • Solid wood frame
  • Rectangular shape
  • Hardwood
  • Black faux leather
  • Brown
  • V design chair-back supports


  • It has a 66″ rectangular shape making it perfect to seat up to parties of six
  • The chairs and all the bench seat are cushioned with upholstered faux (black) leather making them very comfortable
  • This table’s lower tier design means you can use it hold accent pieces or for storing your excess item
  • It complements your room’s decor outstandingly.
  • You can clean it by using any locally available mild cleaner- it’s not like some sets which require expensive special cleaning solutions
  • The black faux leather will never fade so the lustre will always be there
  • Like many best dining set with bench , this set is very strong


  • The table doesn’t have sufficient room for your legs and you may struggle if you want to stretch


You will be getting a handsome dining room table with bench seat that can hold up to parties of six.

The strong design makes it sturdy to hold up on every setting. Don’t forget the low tier design which is perfect for storage when needed.

East West Furniture 6-Piece Kitchen Table With Bench And Chairs.

When you land your dream dining room table with bench and chairs, I would advise you to add decorations just to liven things up.

I always add decors like  candles, vases, a smart table cloth or even any material that imitates leather.

With these, your table looks much more homely for you and your guests.

Something I like about the east west 6-piece kitchen table is that its naturally elegant and fashionable and wont require much additional decorations..

And while they say beauty doesn’t last, here it does considering that the whole design is based on Asian wood which happens to be both hardy and stylish.

dining room sets with bench seating CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • 6 piece: one rectangular table,  4 solid-wood chairs and a bench
  • 100% asian hardwood product
  • Deluxe oak finish
  • Straight legs


  • Easy to put together
  • The solid wood makes it very sturdy
  • The table feels extremely smooth
  • The finishing makes this a beauty wonder
  • Simplistic yet fully functional
  • I was impressed by how easy it was to assemble this bench style kitchen table


  • I didn’t see anything to complain about in this kitchen table with bench seat


This sets alight your living area with its innovative elegance plus a fashionable style. Its made from quality Asian wood that’s simply gorgeous and sturdy.

When you see how vibrant the deluxe oak finish looks, then you know you just won yourself a rare trophy!

Crown Mark Tyler 4-Piece Kitchen Table With Bench Seating.

I have spent quite some time researching dining table with bench and chairs and I have noted that many of them are of average height.

So, the tyler 4-pc kitchen table surprised me..

It has counter height so you will sit higher and get a first-hand view of the rest of the room

It can fit any dining room or in your breakfast nook. Then, its seats slope gently thus providing you with superior comfort..

kitchen tables with bench seatingCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Gently sloping seats
  • Transitional style
  • Two-tone finish
  • cognac added to its design.
  • Easy assembly


  • The stools fit perfectly under the table
  • The duo-tone finish of black and cognac gives it everlasting beauty
  • It has exceptional quality…one of the best dining table set with bench
  • This table and the bench tops are made of heavy solid wood making it sturdy.
  • Its set-up instructions are simple to follow.
  • This dining set’s counter-height enables you to sit higher
  • The benches and the stools are very comfortable for each average-size person


  • The chairs lack a back so they may not be the best for your extended dining.


If yours is a tiny kitchen/dining area, or you are looking for something to fit in your breakfast nook, this could be the dining room sets with bench that you have been looking for.

BHG White Dining Room Set with Bench.

Are you aware that the word “Table” comes from the Latin word “Tabula” which means a flat slice of board or a plank?

Now that you know, let’s come to the BHG white dining room set;

Sitting up to 6, it comprises of 4 chairs (armless), one bench and a table. Its pure white- remember white is the color of peace- so expect your guests to be as peaceful as doves as they wine and dine.

Finally, its overall design makes it versatile enough to be used in the kitchen or the dining room.

kitchen table with bench and chairs CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Assembly ready
  • Stained oak/ white painted finish
  • Turned legs
  • Natural, white dining set
  • Solid wood construction


  • This dining room set with bench is durable, warm and very inviting
  • The versatility makes this one of the best dining room table with bench seat
  • Has an awesome stained oak, white painted finishing that makes it the center of attention in the entire room
  • This table is crafted from actual wood, which is obviously much better than most of the MDF dining sets on sale
  • It feels very sturdy so I am sure it will never spoil your occasion by giving in under weight


  • While the chairs are of very good quality, their leg supports are supposed to be fixed to the legs. This makes the screws visible, slightly dimming the shine..


If at all you have been thinking of a 100% versatile dining room table with bench and chairs, this could be your trump card.

It is big enough to sit upto 6 whether  placed in the kitchen or your dining room. Most importantly, it’s durable and absolutely homely.

Better Homes 6-Piece Dining Room Table With Bench.

In those days,  it is said that only kings and the moneyed could sit on chairs that had backs!

So what happened if you were unlucky to be born poor?

Simple;  you were expected to sit on either a bench or better still, a stool. Very Weird!

Well, thank God we live in modern times where you can decide to own a sturdy, nice looking solid dining set like the better homes dining table with bench without having the kings’ soldiers nailing kicks and blows on your hapless body!

It has a black and oak finish, can sit 6 and has  clear instructions accompanied with pictures make it easy to assemble.

dining room table with bench and chairsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Easy assembly
  • 6-Piece Dining
  • Black and Oak
  • made from solid wood
  • Perfectly turned legs


  • The very clear instructions and accompanying photos make its assembly breeze
  • It comfortably sits up to 6
  • One of the heavier and super-cute dining tables with benches
  • It isn’t that expensive compared with some other dining room table with bench and chairs with similar features
  • Another nice looking and sturdy feeling dining room table with bench and chairs
  • The bench fits under the table to save your space.


  • We don’t have a potential deal breaker


This is a very pretty, solid, and good looking dining room table with bench and chairs which gives value your money.

You will love the easy assembly and the beauty it brings to your home.

In our best wood dining table with bench collection, it is definately a top-3 set.

4 Person – 5 Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set With Bench Seating.

This is a 5 piece dining set with bench that can sit for- very nice for a small family or party.

You will find the espresso finishing as awesome as usual and the leather on the seats very easy to clean.

The table top is of hardwood and very smoother than a baby’s face on touch.

Well, it probably could be another wonderful addition to your living room.

Best dining room table with bench seatCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Complete set: 1 table, 3 chairs, a bench
  • Hardwood table top
  • Easy-clean leather chairs
  • Espresso finish
  • Stable enough


  • The cushioning on the seats makes this very comfortable
  • This kitchen bench table is super-sturdy
  • It features beautiful wood and appealing black-leather covers
  • Very light so you can move it around easily
  • It’s overall quality is quite good
  • Comes at a good price.


  • Our only regret is that the manual is not very clear so you might spend longer in assembly.


This is fairly big and comfortable.

While it won’t claim my editor’s gold-medal rating, its espresso finish and the easy-to-clean black leather seats deliver beyond expectations.

It certainly deserves a spot in our very selective dining room table with bench and chairs list.

Zinus Farmhouse Dining Kitchen Table With Bench.

At times, you want to bring countryside charm into your house. You know that carefree relaxed feeling that you enjoy whenever you go to the country? Its cool..isn’t it?

Now, we have this zinus farmhouse dining kitchen table..It makes your kitchen look natural and charming just like the upcountry farmhouse.

It is a set of 3 featuring white painted legs plus base and a neutral tone on the surface.

Then, it got a sturdy wood construction which assures you of admirable durability and long-lasting usability.

best wood dining table with bench CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Made from pine wood
  • Two-tone paints: white/neutral
  • Country style look
  • Easily assembled in a few minutes
  • 3 PC Set: 2 benches and a table


  • Its sturdy wood construction assures durability and lengthy use
  • The set gives your kitchen some country style looks
  • You will have it up and ready in minutes
  • The table is very stable
  • It is nicely crafted


  • It will have some odor when new but thankfully it totally disappears after a few days


While not the most elegant of tables, the simple design is impressive, and you feel very comfortable sitting on it  while having meals.

It fits very well in small spaces and makes it look as charming as your farmhouse. We found this to be quite an interesting bench kitchen table.

Arlington Brushed Grey Acacia Wood Dining Table With Bench Set.

Acacia wood is famed for its ability to withstand weighty objects. …So, whenever you’re searching for a table and bench set that is heavy-duty, and very resistant to ordinary wear and tear, then go Arlington grey acacia dining table set.

It matches well with a rustic themed home (or indeed with every other home).

You get two benches on top of a table and since it has a natural grain coloring, this dining set superbly enhances the general appearance of your dining room.

bench dining room table CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Sold as: 2 Benches and 1 table
  • Color: Natural grain
  • Set-up ready
  • Brushed mahogany top
  • Matches with rustic themes


  • Very easy to build
  • Can sit 6 (very comfortably)
  • Absolutely very sturdy.
  • Expensive looking unique finish
  • The acacia used here is of very good quality
  • Greatly complements rustic decors


  • It has a rough, kind-of unfinished feeling on your hands but if you sand it, it whould be alright
  • The benches wont fit under the table


The way this light up your existing home themes and its general construct makes it very ideal for a casual get together.

The acacia leg color and brushed mahogany top will ensure that this table set will soon be the center piece in your kitchen.

When looking for the unique, this is one bench kitchen table you should be thinking of.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Dining Room Table With Bench And Chairs.

So, what how do you tell what works and what doesn’t? This is what you should zero-in on when hunting for dining room table with bench and chairs;

  • How many seaters

Sometimes it can be hard to predict how big your parties will always be. That said, ask yourself whether for you, its a 5-seater, 6 seater or even a 4 –seater that could do. We got all these on our list

  • Size of your dining/kitchen room

some of our dining sets, for example the tyler 4-pc kitchen table are for small spaces while others like the coaster dining room table with bench are for bigger rooms. So, how big is your space?

  • Functionality

If you go for a small, easy-breaking dining room sets with bench seating, you will have yourself to blame the moment you find that it breaks easily.

  • Comfort

Padding, cushioning and backrest all make dining set with benches very comfortable.

  • Ease of assembly

Avoid kitchen bench table with unclear instructions or with missing hardware.

  • Versatility

If it can be versatile enough to be used in your dining room as well as in the kitchen, perfect!

  • Beauty

Getting an adorable table and bench set could be brighten everything and uplifts the mood of your guests, making them stay longer and also to always come back.

  • Durability

Longer lasting bench style kitchen table is of course better if you were to look at the bigger picture.

The Bottom Line

A great way to make your dining room a favorite place for everyone is to invest in a prime dining room table with bench and chairs.

And you don’t have to search far and wide, Nay! Our selective collection of the top 10 dining room table with bench and chairs is just about enough.

Just be careful and remember that the functionality, comfort, strength, size of your dining area are just some of the more fundamental features to consider.

Others could include your decor and the dining sets beauty plus maybe pricing.

Knowing this and with our cherry-picked selection we gave you earlier,  you should be able to transform your dining room into a little paradise for everyone.

So, act and then wait for the ‘thank you(s)’ to start flowing.

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