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Best Cross Training Shoes For Men.

Recently I, John and Bill decided to start an aerobics club. Since I was previously involved in aerobics training while in school, I was tasked with buying 6 pairs of the very best cross training shoes for men I would get. Men, wish I knew!

At first, I didn’t think getting just some fairly good workout shoes for men would be this hard. Wah! I scoured far and wide.

From the best gym shoes for men to the best mens gym shoes and even in the Nike cross training shoes reviews; this was proving quite an adventure!

You see cross trainers were the best option for us since I knew that even if we decided to venture into weights, athletics or just simple workouts, I wouldn’t need to go back to the shops!

Well, to cut the long story short, I eventually delivered but I knew I won’t want anyone else to suffer like yours truly.

So I decided to do this guide – despite my editors’ opposition- to help out guys who might be looking for the best training shoes.

Editor's RatingImageName & LinkMaterial
Best High-EndVibram Men's KMD LS Cross Training Shoe.Polyester Fabric/Nylon Mesh
Best Mid-Rangeadidas Performance Men's Powerlift.2 Trainer.Synthetic Leather/Mesh
Best InexpensiveSkechers Sport Men's equalizer 2.0 True Balance.Textile

As usual, I will start with the top ten best cross training shoes for men;

 1. Vibram Men’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe.

Their sole makes them one of the best cross training shoes for men. It is enhanced to make you feel very natural and comfortable when exercising or practicing with a zero drop and circular lug for a greater grip on all terrain.

And it is impressive that you can use them almost everywhere- whether running outdoors, in the gym or in just simple aerobics.

best cross training shoes for men CHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Hybrid Polyester/Nylon mesh
  • Rubber soles
  • Circular lug for stronger grip
  • Ice-trek outsole
  • Zero drop
  • Machine washable
  • Air dry


  • Very comfortable on your feet
  • Since they are Zero drop shoes, you will be safer
  • You feel so natural just like when you would do when running barefoot
  • They grip excellently on all terrain
  • You just throw them into the machine to clean
  • After cleaning, you can air dry them to save time!
  • You can use them in the gym or even outside


  • They may best be the best in wet and cold conditions


The KMD sport LS is one of the best workout shoes whatever the activity. They make you feel powerful and in control daily as you enjoy your workouts.

2.   Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift. 2 Trainer Shoe.

Adidas has been trusted by some of the biggest sporting legends on matters footwear for many, many years.

If you carefully compare the Adidas men’s powerflift.2 trainer shoe against some of its competitors from other brands, you can see why.

First, they look chic with the three red stripes distinctly standing out like you expect with every other vintage Adidas.

Then, they are wide-sized for extra comfort when you zoom out for your next workout and while at it, you will forget you have them thanks to the light rubber sole.

Finally, this is made of leather upper so you will have it for more sporting sessions- just what you need as an ambitious sportsman. Overall, these are very good workout shoes for men

best cross training shoesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Mesh/Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Wide-sized for increased comfort
  • Synthetic leather-upper
  • Flexible welded 3-Stripes


  • Very lightweight
  • Affordably priced
  • Durable leather so you will use them for longer
  • Their engineering gives you increased leg drive plus stability
  • Enjoy increased comfort thanks to the wide-sizing
  • They look adorable while on your feet
  • Their flexibility makes them very nice in sports where angles matter such as weightlifting


  • You need to wear thick socks if you will be working out in cold environments


These are top cross trainer shoes. And don’t be fooled by their label- they are as good for your lady as they are for men!

It is time to raise the bar higher- whatever your sport with these powerlifting shoes!

3.  New Balance Men’s 623v3 Training Shoe.

You cannot crown any training shoes the best cross training shoes for men if they don’t give you the right balance when training for obvious reasons- balance in sports implies safety which means you are free of injuries.

Now, if you are thinking of balance, you need not look further than the balance Men’s 623v3 training shoe!

best workout shoes for menCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Double stitched
  • Wide design
  • Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Injection-molded EVA midsole
  • Non-marking outsole


  • The EVA midsole enable you to reach gold medal performance.
  • The outsole improves your balance and safety as you crush those long-standing records
  • It is a very light shoe
  • Excellent toe width
  • More flexible so you get a better movement even when walking
  • The internal has super support so you can wear them for longer- even last a full marathon
  • One of the best training shoes for guys with wide feet


  • Insole is thinner so you might have to upgrade it


These are great balance sneakers, and very good with wide foot. Try them if you want to achieve your goals!

4.  PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe.

It is the dream of every sportsperson to climb the mountain of sporting success and leave a legacy. True?

Let me now digress a little;

If you don’t know, Puma the cat dominates the mountains and is feared more than any other resident of the mountains.

Do you know why? They are so powerfully built and have scaring large paws such that their sight makes any pretender to the throne tremble with fear!

Here is the deal now;

The Puma Men’s Trazon 6 shoe is designed to make you a real lion out there! It is sleek, sturdy, powerful and still very pleasant on your feet – perfect to drive you up the ladder of sporting folklore!

best training shoes for menCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Midfoot saddle
  • Synthetic and Textile
  • Lace closure
  • Rubber outsole
  • T-toe construction
  • Breathable EcoOrthoLite
  • Sock liner
  • Cushioned midsole
  • EVA heel/pod
  • TPU shank


  • You look stylish while out there
  • The rubber outsole delivers one of the greatest grips
  • The t-toe construction gives you more safety as an athlete/runner
  • Fits all around your feet and won’t come off  during exercise
  • The midfoot saddle and cushioned midsole adds to these Pumas famed comfort
  • They are breathable so you never sweat or stink down under
  • You won’t feel the bumps as you run thanks to the higher-level shock absorption features
  • You are protected from foot injury with the TPU shank bringing foremost stability rare in most of the best shoes for cross training men
  • You can also use them as casuals or walking shoes


  • Runs somehow tight so be sure to order a slightly bigger size


Be graceful and comfortable as you strut with these very good cross training shoes. Being a puma, you will earn respect even as you set off on your way to becoming a serial winner

5.  adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer Shoe

You may not know it but maybe you have been struggling to bring out the sporting star in you because you are yet to commit to one of the weapons that matter most- the best cross training shoes for men.

Not only do you fail to shine but you may find exercise boring and unproductive.

Our advice? Get the latest sporting footwear invention from Adidas- the performance men’s powerlift.3 and see if you will finally ace it.

What we like most about this is the extra-wide design which makes it a fitting wear for guys with wide as well as normal feet

the best cross trainer shoesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Midfoot strap
  • Lockdown fit
  • Air-mesh collar
  • High-density midsole
  • Snug-fitting upper
  • Open forefoot
  • Synthetic textile
  • Extra wide design
  • Removable insole


  • The wide design allows your foot to distribute out wide
  • The midfoot strap renders top-grade foot support
  • The high-density midsole helps your stability and keeps you free from injuries
  • Fits perfectly so you can run or lift any weight without it coming out
  • You can introduce your favorite insole for extra comfort
  • You won’t slip as you work out thanks to the rubber sole
  • Top class breathability
  • You will love the greater toe freedom
  • Powerful, sturdy built
  • It’s one of the most durable top training shoes for men


  • Not easy to get a weakness


Just like its predecessor the Adidas men’s powerflift.2 trainer shoe, this will make you smile as you sweat it out as a wide-toe man.

In addition, you will have the high-density midsole keeping your stable and injury free as you vigorously train for the next contest

6. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 6.0 Cross-trainer Shoe.

If you want to leave everyone trailing in your wake, go for Reebok crossfit Nano 6.0 cross trainers. You will be amazed at how it suddenly raises your game.

Do you know why this is one of the best men’s cross trainers in the market right now? The excellent shock absorption and abrasion resistant features are not in many of its peers.

 It’s so good you will run, walk, play, lift all those pounds, as well as burn fat at the treadmill as frequently as you want with your feet leaving unscathed all the time.

best cross training shoeCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Kevlar-infused
  • Mesh upper
  • Anatomical design
  • Tri-blend foam midsole
  • Ropepro+ and sandpaper-textured
  • Lugged outsole


  • Kevlar fabric really resists impact so you will never feel the rough surfaces
  • Light as a feather- you feel very featherweight during exercises
  • Gives you extra power to leave everyone trailing in your wake as it’s very strong
  • Very snug you won’t you will never slide around
  • Number one foot stability thanks to the foam midsoles
  • Very durable


  • No major flaws found


Reebok is German and Germans are some of the best engineers you will ever work with. We have to give it to them – here they have done a marvelous job!

The anatomical design delivers such a flawless stability that we can hardly think of anything safer!

7. adidas Performance Men’s Speed Trainer 2 Training Shoe.

The legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was a perfectionist, and one of those hard-to-impress characters. His mantra was always to endorse the greatest- those who made the impossible possible!

Surprise! Do you know Adidas was one of the few brands that got his thumbs up?

Well, he would still be proud of them even now. They have continued to lay down the marker so much so that anything that comes from them seems a sure bet.

The Adidas speed trainer 2 is another hotshot and another top-rated cross trainer in the best workout shoes for men category.

best shoes for cross training menCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Synthetic overlays
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Grid underlayer
  • EVA midsole
  • Textile/Synthetic
  • Rubber soles
  • Air-mesh upper
  • Traction controlling durable outsole
  • Flex grooves


  • Stylish colors and design
  • Fantastic for activities that require lateral movement
  • Very light
  • Greater traction control- very good for all surfaces
  • The air mesh gives the top breathability
  • Super stability thanks to the EVA midsole


  • Be sure to get the size correctly. Preferably order slightly larger for a perfect fit.


This is another favorite for the best cross training shoes for men winners’ medal!

It’s one of those glorious Lightweight shoes designed for all weather trainings thanks to their breathability and wonderful traction.

8.  Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 – Settle The Score Lace Up Athletic Training Sneaker

Each time we are shopping, we have a habit of snooping around other reviews to see what they recommend. And more often than not, we always unearth a gem.

This time, we found the skechers men’s equalizer training sneaker when perusing through some of the top cross training shoes reviews.

best workout shoesCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Conventional laces
  • Textile
  • Mesh upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Memory foam insoles


  • Slip-resistant
  • Makes you feel too relaxed and comfortable while on your feet
  • Very breathable thanks to the mesh over your toes
  • Excellent for anyone with bunions and stubborn hammer toes
  • You can happily walk or stand the whole day
  • They look adorable on your feet
  • Hold up well on most surfaces


  • Not much complaint


This is a nice fit for you whenever you need to feel relaxed and cool during training. It’s upper and foam insoles take care of this!

9.  PUMA Men’s Cell Surin 2 FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

Having a modern look can do wonders to your confidence. Well, if you don’t know, confidence in sports matters a lot and could be the difference between winning and losing.

The Puma men’s Surin 2 cross-trainer shoe is one of the best cross trainer shoes if we were to talk about the trend in modern sports, where guys want to look the part while performing to the maximum.

You look sleek and feel modern in and after workouts!

best coolest shoes for cross trainingCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Light shoes
  • Sleek design
  • Cell


  • Gives you a great fresh modern look
  • Good ventilation
  • Very light
  • Snug fit gives your confidence to conquer all workouts
  • Cushioned comfortable soles
  • Excellent quality


  • May feel tight for the first few days but your feet will get used before long


Get a refreshing new look with the Puma Men’s Surin 2 cross-trainer shoes. We found it to be one of the sleekest, top performers in our compilation!

10. Reebok Men’s Royal Trainer Mt Cross-trainer Shoe.

Our round-up of the top ten best training shoes for men would not be complete if we don’t include the Reebok men’s royal Mt cross-trainer shoe.

The royal trainer has the features to always keep it up there with you as you keep fit or train, regardless of the session.

The highlight is the cushioned footbed which delivers utmost comfort as well as the durable outsole which makes these shoes to outlast most the other best cross training shoes for men.

cross training shoes reviewsCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • Cushioned footbed (thanks to the better memory-tech sock liners)
  • Synthetic
  • Leather upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Forefoot flex grooves
  • Low-cut design
  • Durable outsole
  • Back tab construction
  • High-abrasion outsole


  • It’s a very adaptive cross-trainer so it will always fit your needs
  • You enjoy the ultimate comfort thanks to the cushioned footbed
  • These cross trainers outlast even the best Nike cross training shoes out there
  • You get more mobile as a result of their low profile design
  • Excellent shock absorber
  • Superior breathability
  • Very high quality
  • You will find the heel pull very handy
  • Excellent arch support
  • Designed for use as wide shoes


  • Not the best for climbing or hikes


The comfort, the mobility and the longevity you get with the Reebok men’s royal Mt cross-trainer shoe will make to always desire it each time you are heading out for training.

Definitely ranking as a top-three candidate in the race for the best cross training shoe

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Cross Training Shoes For Men.

So, which of the best cross training shoes for men make the grade? I mean, what are the must haves and what are the deal breakers when buying a cross-trainer?

Here are some tips to help you;

  • Traction and grip

Maintaining balance is important as you navigate quick turns and changes in direction. If this is what your workouts and trainings involve, got for best mens training shoes with superb traction

  • Wide toe

If you are blessed with a wide toe, you will want to feel comfortable if you are to exercise for longer. You must, therefore, go for best cross training shoes for men that have a wide design

  • Snug fit

The best workout shoes should be snug but not tight or spacious. This is the only way you can have a great time in training

  • Arch Support

Outstanding arch support prevents foot pain or injuries

  • Breathability

You will always sweat during a workout but if it becomes messy in there, you have to stop your sessions. You will never experience this if you go for shoes with air mesh

  • Durability

All factors holding constant, it’s always a good idea to go for durable shoes. It saves you bucks and the headaches involved with constant shopping

  • Shoe Weight

You want to feel as light as a feather if you will succeed during your exercises.

  • Shoes Orthotics

If you have a foot condition such as foot bunions and hammer toes, the shoe inserts matter. Go for shoes with design to support your condition

  • Abrasion Resistance

Some of the good workout shoes for men are built to resist wear that comes with daily use and are therefore considered better quality

  • Shock Absorption

The top cross trainer shoes have impressive shock absorption even in rough surfaces. This keeps you free from injury

Master Tip!

Don’t let the beauty blind you! The top consideration when buying cross training shoes should be performance, comfort and your safety, not fashion.

However, you may be lucky to come across a fashionable cross trainer such as Puma men’s Surin 2 cross-trainer shoe which is also a top performer. In such a case, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds!


That’s about it. Pick your favorite from the best cross training shoes for men and witness your fortunes change for the better!

Remember a cross trainers’ power, performance, comfort and safety features are crucial if at all you will meet your goals!

PS: My editor was quite impressed with this guide and I’m happy that he will be sponsoring our aerobics club for three months! Yippee!

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