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Best Baby Dolls That Can Go In Water.

If you ask them, babies would love to have baby dolls that can go in water

Of course, you can guess why….

Kids love dolls, and like to carry them everywhere … including to their bath.

The problem is that not all kinds of dolls are made for the dip!

First, do Dolls that can go in the bath help?

Yes, and very. You see, instead of your baby paying too much attention on how you are bathing them or the water, he tends to concentrate on playing with his/her bath time baby doll and washing it meaning you don’t struggle an inch in cleaning him.

A water baby doll can also be a great playing tool when he is bored.

So, this is what we did:

Since we want mommy and baby to experience daily fun and unending humor at bath time, we searched far and wide for baby dolls that can go in the bathtub.

We welcome you to sample our bath doll toys…you can rest assured that at the end of it all baby and mother will always look forward to the next bath time…

Editor's RatingImageName & LinkAge
Best High-EndLittle Mommy Bubbly Bathtime Doll.24 months - 6 years
Best Mid-RangeCorolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Girl Doll.18 months and up
Best InexpensiveLA Newborn 8 Piece Deluxe Bathtub Gift Set.24 months - 15 years

1.   Little Mommy Bubbly Bathtime Doll.

Fun and giggly humor during bath time is an ever-present with this adorable baby.

You just position her inside her pretty-pretty pink tub which comes with a superb working foam dispenser.

Then, use the accompanying bird-shaped cup to pour water and clean her.

You will see the Colors changing spots from clean then to dirty and again back as the water temperature changes.

And everything is cute here- when time to dry her comes, its adorable bird-themed towel will do the job.

 Little Mommy Bubbly Bathtime Check Latest Price Now.


  • Fully submersible
  • Pink tub
  • Color-changing spots
  • Foam dispenser
  • Bird-themed bathing towel
  • Bird shaped pouring cup


  • The bathtub is super sturdy
  • The foam dispenser works great.
  • It’s made of thicker plastic hence very durable
  • Overall, the doll is very pretty


  • Water sits in the doll after bath until pushed out
  • The Doll and its tub are significantly smaller. 


This fully submersible Water baby doll loves to have fun in the tub. It comes with a bird-like pouring cup, a cute pink tub, a functional foam dispenser and an adorable bird-themed bath towel.

You can bet on her to deliver a memorable bath time.

2.  LA NEWBORN 8 Piece Deluxe Bathtub Gift Set.

Not only do baby dolls promote social interaction in children, they also help fine-motor development.

Adding a Baby doll for bath to your kid play arsenal will further enhance faster skills growth as well bringing fun to bath time.

This doll is a smiling, real-life like 14″ vinyl ‘newborn’ baby doll and comes with a pink 8-piece deluxe bath tub.

Leaving hospital is an unforgettable one time only experience.

This doll replays it fully with her intricate dimples, life-like wrinkles, folds, and the unique 8-piece bathing time set.

It is designed by award winning doll designers from the company and is recommended for children aged 2 and above.

Best Baby Dolls That Can Go In WaterCheck Latest Price Now!


  • Realistic baby doll(she has a soft face, bright jovial eyes, and very cute toes)
  • Built from non-scented & washable vinyl
  • 8 piece bath set: pacifier, pink bathtub, bath towel, pretend wipe container, short-sleeve bodysuit, diaper, baby bottle, and shampoo
  • Joined at the hips, neck, and shoulders
  • Water-friendly
  • Soft/ smooth to touch
  • Legs and arms can be rotated.
  • 14″ long & weighs 1lb. 5 ounces
  • Age: 2 years or older


  • Water doesn’t inside the doll
  • Safe, soft & smooth to touch
  • Durable for years
  • Its cute accessories encourage imaginary play
  • Has an awesome little bathtub
  • Seems well made
  • Very real life like


  • It doesn’t move much so it’s hard to dress


This baby doll bathtub replays the hospital-leaving experience that kids love to recall with detailed dimples, life-like wrinkles, folds, and complete bath time accessories.

It features a real-like baby doll that kids love to bath.

3.  Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Girl Doll.

I don’t know whether you know this:

Kids care for their baby dolls exactly the same way their parents do.

When your little mommy wants to imitate you, she wants something that dries quickly and is fun to clean.

The Corolle’s Bébé Bath Baby Doll doesn’t soak and quickly air-dries once hanged.

She is a 12” cuddly water baby doll featuring sleepy eyes and a soft to touch, smooth vinyl skin.

Further, she is vanilla scented –just like all Corolle’s dolls and many kids consider it a favorite playmate when not in the tub.

baby dolls that can go in the bathtub Check Latest Price Now!


  • Made from vanilla-scented vinyl
  • Yellow rubber duck bathing toy
  • Air-dried by hanging
  • Authentically sculpted pretty face ( open % close eyes)
  • Age: 18 months and above
  • So lightweight


  • Fully posable
  • Adapted for your young child’s dexterity
  • Easy to dress
  • Smooth to touch
  • Perfect look, size, and feel
  • Nice smelling- vanilla scented


  • slightly costly


This Baby doll bath tub has the looks, the scent, the size and the weight that makes your kid to love and cherish it both in and out of the water.

It also has the perfect fill for cuddling and hugging.

4. JC Toys La Newborn Realistic Baby Doll Bathtub Gift Set.

Mommy and kid will always have a ball during bath time with this lovable, safety-tested and realistic baby doll.

it features a complete 8 piece bathing gift set which has a removable diaper, an adorable pink bathtub, pretend baby wash, comb, hooded bath towel, rattle pretend hospital bracelet and rubber ducky.

Then, it’s made from WASHABLE vinyl and is very durable.

It is fully immiscible and is recommended for kids age 2 and above.

Best water babies doll ChecK Latest Price Now!


  • Soft tender face & bright happy eyes & irresistibly cute toes
  • Created from non-scented, washable vinyl
  • Water-friendly too
  • Age: 2 years and older
  • 8 piece gift set: adorable pink bathtub, rubber ducky, hooded bath towel, removable diaper, pretend hospital bracelet, comb, rubber ducky pretend baby wash and rattle
  • Jointed at shoulders, hips, plus neck
  • Rotating legs & arms
  • 13″ long & weighs 1lb


  • Cute face
  • So real looking
  • Can be washed
  • So real looking
  • Perfect size for kids’ little arms to grasp
  • Diaper bag is very soft to touch
  • Not heavy for the baby to carry


  • It’s somehow expensive


This is another realistic baby doll -perfect for fun bath time.

Featuring a very soft tender face, bright happy eyes plus irresistibly cute toes, this is definitely one of the top water baby dolls

5. JC Toys Lots To Lots To Love Baby Doll For Bathtub.

JC have again goes out of their way to create a fully posable, 14 inch exciting baby doll.

Its 100% vinyl made and fills the room with lovely melodies and laughter during bath time.

Your baby will enjoy washing her to sparkling cleanliness in its sturdy bath. It further comes with a faucet and working shower.

The flower shaped levers and fun sounds take water fun to a whole new level..

Best water baby dolls Check Latest Price Now!


  • Water friendly
  • Unscented
  • 100% vinyl
  • Flower shaped levers
  • Fully adjustable
  • Faucet and a working shower
  • Waterproof electronic module(plays sound and fun music)
  • Gift set: bath & doll, bath shirt, diaper, soap dish, soft towel, pretend baby wash and soap


  • As cute as it can get
  • The quality is good
  • Hardly any assembly required
  • Easy to clean and dress-up
  • Very Sturdy


  • The sounds are can be annoying
  • The pump/sprayer doesn’t function as well as expected


If you are looking for baby dolls that can go in water and still floods everyone with endless playtime fun, the multi-functional lots to love baby doll should be one of your top picks.

Kids smile ear to ear seeing how the shower and the faucet stylishly spray water!

6.  Adora BathTime Owl 13″ Girl Washable Play Doll.

Whatever the season, children love water play.

The Adora BathTime owl is a lively 13″ doll that takes to water like a fish.

It makes a huge impression whether it spends time in a bath, pool or anywhere else provided it gets wet.

It also comes swim-ready with its own wash cloth and an adorable animal themed bath robe that reveals a cute swimsuit printed body.

And with its rare ‘QuikDri’ body, it gets ready for another fun round within record time. 

Dolls that can go in the bathCheck Latest Price Now!


  • 100% Machine Washable
  • Vinyl Baby Doll
  • “QuickDri” body
  • Embroidered washcloth!
  • 13-inch
  • Owl themed bathrobe
  • light-skinned & brown eyes
  • Recommended age: 1+ years


  • Hygienic fun as its machine Washable
  • Its softer body feels comfortable in baby arms
  • Doesn’t smell at all.
  • The robe is super adorable
  • Dries easily


  • The doll and its accessories do not seem very durable
  • Head lacks support and hangs awkwardly


Let your baby play again and again with this water-fun hungry, quick-drying ‘QuikDri’ bath baby doll

The 13″ doll comes swim-ready with an own wash cloth and an adorable bath robe- it’s simply a top-notch blend of finger-licking sweetness and warm love for your infant.

7.  Little Baby 13″ Bathtime Doll Bath Set for Kids.

What about a baby doll set that comes packed with everything you usually need for a daily bath-tub treat?

This is made from a real-like molded vinyl, and can be completely immersed in its added bathtub.
There is the loofah sponge, a hooded towel, play soaps, lotion, and bathrobe with hoodie, yellow duckie, soap dish, and shampoo containers

Water is sprayed by the moving showerhead.

Finally. the Doll has a well-articulated neck, legs, arms, and its eyes open/close like a real person.

Bath time baby dollCheck Latest Price Now!


  • 13″ doll
  • Tons of bathing accessories
  • Purple bathtub
  • Vinyl made
  • Working, moveable showerhead


  • Has moving arms and legs
  • Adorable baby doll
  • Its sprayer works superbly
  • Comes with all bath accessories
  • Inexpensive product


  • For a growing kid, it may appear tiny!
  • The button on the water pump is hard to press for some babies


This 13-inches doll comes ready for a fulfilling bath-tub treatment with all the bathing essentials packed inside the package.

It also has well-articulated body parts and its eyes open/close- it’s just like a real baby!

8.  Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Raspberry Water Babies Doll.

Just when we thought they are done, Corolle pulls another smart product from their bag of baby dolls that can go in water with this stirring water playmate.

This steals the show with its ability to assist children learn the changing characteristics of water in various water bodies.

Your little angel will know that In her bath, he will always meet soapy water.

She will also know that chlorinated water dominates swimming pools.

Finally, when in the sea, your kid will know that things get salty

She dries quickly, has a posable soft body and has a sweet vanilla scent.

Best baby dolls that can go in waterCheck Latest Price Now!


  • Vanilla-scented
  • Hanging tab
  • Lightweight
  • Air-dried
  • Made of soft vinyl


  • It’s in Perfect size for rocking and cuddling
  • Air-dries
  • It’s Lightweight for easy movement
  • Has a Nice vanilla smell
  • Has a posable soft body


The head soaks and water lingers in there unless you aggressively drain it.


This is one of the water babies doll and out of water playmate that makes introduces children to various bodies of water- bath, pool and the sea.

Its size rocks and has all the hallmarks of a memorable fun mate.

9.  Adora BathTime Kitty 13″ Girl Washable Play Doll.

For smashing success, you need not only a waterproof baby doll but also a Bath time doll which basks in splish-splash world of a bath-tub or the pool

This could be none other than the adora bathtime kitty play doll. With an ability to open and close her eyes, your little one will want to bath her time and again seeing that they are ‘equals’

Just like all adora dolls, it has an own washing cloth, a kitty themed bathing robe, cute swimsuit and the exclusive ‘QuikDri’ body.

Best water baby dolls Check Current Price Now!


  • 100% machine washable
  • Tiny little noses
  • Belly buttons
  • Open/close eyes
  • “Quikdri™” body
  • Colorful kitty bathrobe and washing cloth


  • Promotes creative play
  • Durable
  • It can suck on their thumb
  • Has a light powder scent
  • Perfect size for cuddling/hugging
  • easily opens and closes her eyes
  • Lightweight for super-portability
  • Dries in a short time
  • The kitty robe attracts any daughter who loves kitties
  • Has a cute belly button


  • Looks a little smaller
  • You may find the powder smell irritating


This is a perfect 13″ sized doll for a satisfying splish-splash experience in the bathtub, pool-side or in any water fun!

She opens/closes her eyes, dries in record time and has all outstanding qualities to make your kid keep bathing her all day long.

10.  First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys.

Rather than settle for an ordinary Little mommy bath baby doll, you can go one step higher let her hang out with her favorite Disney character during bath time

Imagine the fun created by these Water babies doll?

The first years Disney baby toys is a set of Disney Squirt Toys packed in 3’s-Ariel, sebastian and flounder!

These Packs are cute, very colorful, and compact for her little hands.

Almost all Kids love their squirting action and the fun of playing with these little mermaid characters..

Best waterproof baby dollCheck Latest Price Now!


  • Pack of 3 squirt toys
  • Toys squirt water
  • Colorful design
  • Compact size
  • BPA free


  • Fits little hands
  • holding up well
  • 3 different toys to break any monotony
  • Kids love squirting action
  • Captivating colors visually engages your baby
  • Their textured design encourages interaction.


  • The water hole isn’t that big so more effort is required to squirt it.


These 3-pack Disney Squirt Toys are cute, colorful, and captivating Little Mermaid characters.

And kids madly love their squirting action   

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Baby Dolls That Can Go In Water.

Having covered quite a number of baby dolls that can go in water, the question that remains is that of which Bathtime baby doll you should pick…

What you do is very simple. Just look at the following determinants and see which one ticks all the boxes;

  • Age

Most manufacturers specify a certain recommended age for their baby dolls.

While in some instances you will find kids younger or older still finding a specific doll ok, it’s always good to stick to the age recommendation for the best results

  • Durability

Since most baby dolls aren’t that cheap, do for a Bathtime baby doll designed with longevity in mind.

You can check out its dominant material and hems.

  • Budget

I am a fervent bargain hunter and I like sticking to budgets. I, therefore, avoid those dolls which will cost me an arm and a leg.

  • Hygiene And Safety

Some of the baby dolls that can go in water soak in water and eventually mold. Others are difficult to clean and/or have a foul smell.

For me, I pick an easy-drying, machine washable bath time doll. This ensures standard hygiene standards.

I am also careful to avoid dolls made of harmful components such as lead. I, therefore, prefer safety tested and certified water babies doll

  • Extras

Some water babies change colors, make funny sounds and have other interesting features that makes the whole experience even more fun.

Needless to say, I will always be on the lookout for such.

  • Bathing accessories

I favor baby doll sets which come packed with everything I need to care for it. These include feeding items, clothing, towels, lotions, and combs.

Final Thoughts:

The baby dolls that can go in water come in very handy for your little one if she will at all enjoy her time in the tub.

Water baby dolls also make mommy happier during bath time.

But it important is to remember that not every Bathtub baby doll will impress. Only pick a Doll bath set which is durable, safe, adorable, and with all bathing accessories.

Also, go for only for a Bath time baby doll that’s within your budget range and non-molding.

We have already covered some of the trending baby dolls that can go in water so you have a starting point.

Otherwise, that’s all for now.

I wish you all the best as you go for your best Baby born bath time doll.

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