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Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleeper.

So, What Is The Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers?

Being late may cost you big. It’s embarassing and rather sad. For heavy sleepers, sleep becomes a risky undertaking and unless you are smart enough to go for one of thebest alarm clock for heavy sleeper , you may find yourself moving from one crisis to another.

For heavy sleepers, sleep becomes a risky undertaking and unless you are smart enough to go for one of the best alarm clock for heavy sleeper, you may find yourself moving from one crisis to another.

1. Sonic Alert Loud Dual Alarm Clock SB200ss with Vibrating Shaker

While on your travels, you don’t want to miss your important commitments bacause of dear sleep.

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With the sonic dual alarm shaker, one of the best alarm clock for heavy sleeper, you will sleep soundly, knowing your trusted time keep is right beside you.


  • 113db super-loud alarm
  • Highly alterable tone and volume
  • Inbuilt powerful 12-volt shaker
  • Two alarms in one
  • Option to use a battery
  • 12/24 hour time switch
  • Dimmer feature
  • Flexible snooze function


  • Twin alarms enable you to set up more wake up times
  • Hard to ignore super noisy alarm
  • Choose vibrate, sound or both vibrate and sound
  • Big display enhances your vision ensuring you always get it your time set up right.
  • Very strong shaker- vibrates on your bed quite powerfully
  • Option for glittering flashing lights instead of vibrate/sound so that you don’t interrupt others
  • The battery backup makes it one of the best alarm clock to wake up to during your travels
  • Dimming feature so that you can slowly fall off to your sleep naturally


When setting the alarm, you can’t go backwards with the time settings


The dual alarm shaker is so loud it wakes up even the heaviest of sleepers. Trust it to awaken you in time for your next engagement.

2. Philips Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock & Sunset Fading Night Light.

As a heavy sleeper, maybe a feeling that it is already sunrise is all you need to finally disengage yourself from the resisting blankets. If that is the case, you will find this simulation enabled alarm from Philips quite appealing.

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  • Sunrise simulation settings
  • Numerous brightness options
  • UV free waking up light
  • Modern design
  • Cool dimming features
  • Extra-large LED display
  • Plug and play
  • FM Radio
  • Front touchscreen


  • Easy to set up by you- no expertise required
  • Supreme easy to stop snooze function
  • Sunrise simulation will motivate you to rush out of your bed
  • Enjoy natural bird sounds with this alarm
  • You can choose the lights instead of the sound as your alarm
  • The option to use touch during setup is a nice extra


  • The buttons are small and somehow located awkwardly


Rather than your really loud alarm clock, Philips wake-up light alarm clock goes natural to inspire your waking.

The natural light and brightness simulation makes it a unique alarm clock for hard sleepers

3.  Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker.

If you have been hustling to find the best alarm clock for heavy sleeper, it could be time to try the sonic alert bomb loud alarm.

It literary bombs you out of your bed with its heavy vibration and noisy sound.

best alarm clock for heavy sleepersCLICK TO CHECK PRICE


  • Battery backup
  • 113db boom sound
  • Large display
  • Impressive bed shaker
  • Adjustable tone as well as volume
  • Distinct alarm pattern
  • Sleep bar
  • Red flashing lights


  • The exemplary bed shaker will surely leave you out of bed even if you had snoozed the sound
  • Simple to turn on or off – you simply tap the sleep bar
  • Very loud 113 db sound makes will certainly awaken you from your deepest dream
  • Wakes even the hearing impaired
  • Red flashing lights supplements sound and the bed shaker
  • will never turn itself off- it leaves
  • The battery backup makes it still track time accurately even if the power goes off.
  • It’s very light and takes up very little space
  • Budget pricing


  • No major flaws


This is no doubt one of the world’s loudest alarm clock and will bring any search for the best alarm clock for heavy sleeper to its final close.

4. Wake Assure Alarm Clock 85dB.

For many looking for the loudest alarm clock on the market, this could come as a godsend. Its created with everybody who struggles to rise up in the morning in mind.

best alarm clock for heavy sleeperCLICK TO CHECK PRICE


  • Very loud speaker
  • Bed shaker
  • Auto snoozing
  • Adjustable sound control
  • Super 2″ screen


  • You can adjust the volume to maximum level
  • Ability to change to a different tune each morning
  • Bright and large screen makes alarm set breeze
  • Smart design adds beauty to your room
  • The shaker will save you if you don’t prefer the loud sound


  • May take you some time to master all controls


Clarity wake assure alarm clock is a sure bet for extra-heavy sleepers and those with hearing impairments. Its potent shaker makes it a favorite among the available vibrating alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

5. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, Instecho Rug Carpet Alarm Clock.

We stumbled upon this amazing invention at a time we thought we had seen enough. Can you imagine getting an exceptional alarm in a rug carpet? It is real!

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This really gets you Mr. Heavy sleeper! You see, the alarm only stops on sensing pressure so it keeps screaming at you until you come out of those warm bed sheets.


  • It’s a digital alarm
  • USB connectivity
  • Minimal design
  • Extra load 90-120db sound
  • Soft, tender material
  • Snooze function


  • You can always load your favorite MP3 alarm music via the USB
  • Best for everyone; rated safe for use by kids and teens
  • Has a very unique can’t snooze which only responds after sensing both feet
  • You can record and input inspiring messages so that you will start you can wake up a fully inspired soul
  • It’s designed to annoy and chase you out of bed
  • Can be used as an ordinary fluffy rug offering extra comfort.


  • It is not possible to adjust the volume
  • Could do with a rechargeable battery


Instecho has succeeded in creating an alarm clock guaranteed to wake you up. By the simple fact that you have to actually go and step on it to enable snooze, there is going to be no way out.

This will make you an absolute winner in your fight with sleep.

6.  Wake Up Light Alarm Clock – 7 Color Light – Sunrise Simulator With Night Light.

You may have other options but waking up to melody-like natural tunes and a simulated sunrise is a glorious way to start your day.

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Your hormones will be perfectly tuned and set to be in the mood to conquer the day.


  • Digital alarm
  • FM radio
  • 7 different loud settings
  • 7 brightness and color settings
  • USB cable
  • Volume ranges between 0 to 15db
  • Battery backup
  • Naturalistic sunrise simulator
  • Mini sun
  • Touchscreen


  • You can reduce the volume to 0 and choose to wake with the scenic sunrise light
  • If your eyes react to light, you can turn off all light display and remain with just the sound
  • You experience gentle, naturally transitioning rise up thanks to the simulated sunrise set to commence 30 minutes before the alarm.
  • The colourful light will beautifully illuminate the darkest of your rooms
  • The USB helps you add your favourite music as alarm tone
  • Option to rise up to your dearest FM station


  • Single alarm


A great effective product if your favor natural waking up, worth each coin.

7.  Sonic Alert SBD375SSEU/USA Sonic Boom Dual Alarm Vibrating Alarm Clock.

An encounter with one of loudest alarm clock ever will leave you pretty impressed and completely nullify any lingering fears of further struggling with waking up.



  • Dual alarm
  • 113db super-loud alarm
  • Volume is adjustable
  • Battery backup
  • Energy full 12v shaker
  • Color dimmer function
  • 8″ screen


  • You can adjust the sound to your best
  • It permits you to set different alarms thanks to the dual alarm
  • You will easily set and test your alarms just to be 100% sure
  • The backup battery ensures you don’t lose track of time in case of a blackout
  • The numbers appear larger with the relatively bid display
  • You can shift from 12hr to 24hr system and vice versa
  • A super loud alarm clock


  • Not equipped with a USB


This is rated as one of the best alarm clocks for deep sleepers due to its dual alarms and big sound guaranteed to free you from your bed sheets every morning.

8.  Peakeep 4″ Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock.

Do you fall dead in sleep? Are you a troubled heavy sleeper? Or is it that you struggle you’re your hearing?

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Perfect! If the peakeep twin bell features do not stun from your slumberland, then perhaps nothing would.


  • Executive looks
  • 3D numeric indicator
  • Silent arm movement
  • Sensationally loud
  • Manual lighting system
  • Uses 1 AA battery


  • Glows gently in darkness allowing you to monitor time in the middle of the night
  • No irritating tick-tock sound- you will soon forget it’s there as you fade into your sweet dreams
  • The bell alarm kicks off so loudly you will be scared out of your covers
  • Simple yet works impressively
  • Exclusive stereoscopic numbers appeals to all eyes
  • Lights are not pushed into your face- you manually enable them if you feel like it
  • Keeps ringing until Mr. dead arises


  • Doesn’t have an am or pm button so you have to remember to set it before jumping into your bed.


This is a sure-fire alarm clock that’s extremely easy to use, worth of a mention as one of our best alarm clock for heavy sleeper.

9.   Homtime Multi-function Alarm Clock.

A fitting addition to your home as a lazy sleeper is this multi-purpose alarm clock, thermometer and double USB port charging center for your mobile gadgets.

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  • Twin surge protected USB charging ports
  • Thermometer function
  • 2″ inch LCD display
  • AAA Battery backup
  • Snooze feature
  • 4 level light dimming
  • Gradual wake
  • Backlit display
  • 24-hour time system
  • Adjusting volume


  • You can use it as a thermometer, charger or alarm reducing the number of tools you need at home
  • Easy to set alarm thanks to the large display
  • You don’t lose the time settings even with power cut thanks to the battery
  • Steal few extra sleep minutes with the snooze
  • Fast charging for your devices
  • Dim the lights to desired levels at night
  • Wake slowly to gentle chord music
  • So small save acres of much-needed space
  • Adjust the volume to your optimal levels


  • No major complaints


A truly refreshing multipurpose tool invented to among the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers and could prove to be yet another weapon in the armor as you fight waking up difficulties

10. Sense Sleep System – Cotton

An intelligent tool running with one of the best alarm clock app for heavy sleepers, the sense is much more than an alarm.

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It monitors your sleep behavior and issues suggestions on how you can sleep better and greatly boost your chances of waking up feeling refreshed. It’s your sleep doctor on duty         .


  • Brilliant alarm
  • Innovative sleep pill
  • Calming sounds
  • Expert sensor system
  • Integrates with iOS and Android
  • Easy to replace batteries


  • Yours is just to sleep- nothing to wear or charge thanks to the sleep pill
  • Easily doze off with the ambient sounds
  • Pleasant morning call music
  • Tracks all the important metrics affecting your sleep behind the scenes and makes issues accurate insights on how to better enjoy bedtime and wake up time.
  • Check what happened at night from your Android or iOS sense app
  • Beautifully designed
  • Covers disturbing background noise with cool soothing music for you to doze off softly


  • Sleep data available only online
  • In some cases, the sleep pill reports inaccurate data


The sense is a trendy invention, good for people with sleep problems thanks to the excellent sleep insights as well as heavy sleepers who struggle to wake up feeling relaxed

What To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleeper

The manufacturers have tried their best to impress and reduce your pain when waking up. But, what exactly should you look for when settling for the best alarm clock for heavy sleeper?

Here we go;

  • The Sound

Waking you from your heavy sleep might require an alarm which can shout as loudly as it can. Choose an alarm clock which is endowed with a great speaker and perfectly adjustable volume

  • Backup battery

You don’t want your alarm clock to get lost when power goes off. Especially if you move a lot, a battery backup is a cool extra to have with your alarm

  • The Design

Some alarm clocks have innovative displays, customizable music, controllable snooze, cool aesthetics and flashing lights. Choose an alarm with your most needed feature

  • Ease of use

In the battle to win control of the market for the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers, some manufacturers have designed really simple to use alarms.

  • Safety

If you have kids and teens in the house, go for an alarm which is safe to use with everyone

  • Dimmer

Some of the alarms for heavy sleepers come with excellent light dimming to allow you control the glow during the night

  • Dual or single alarm

If you have a partner with a different waking pattern from you, go for a dual alarm system so that you don’t have to interfere with each other’s waking schedule.

  • Extras

For the same pricing, I would rather have an alarm with some useful extras like ability to load my own music, USB charging, backup battery, touch screen amongst others


So, there you have it. Your dream of owning the best alarm clock for heavy sleeper should no longer be a dream. At least not with this compilation!

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